Saturday, July 31, 2010

dear readers

i'm worried.

see, i'm leaving for new york super early and my everyday routine of sitting out on my NEW FRONT PORCH looking at our super cute tree...
outdoor view

and playing with my colorful, bushy porch flowers that remind me of troll dolls (remember those?? my best friend ali and i used to seat belt trolls on our car antennae's. don't ask why.)
porch flowers

and freaking out everytime i see MORE YUMMY STRAWBERRIES on our strawberry plants
ripe berries

is coming to an abrupt halt!!!

because i will be gone until thursday afternoon.

and i'm afraid dear readers..

that boyfriend will forget to water my pretty bushy troll flowers... and my gorgeously delicious strawberry plants. there are so many berries just waiting to berry!!! look at them all!!!!
millions of berries waiting to berry

this pretty flower will be a strawberry soon! that is.. if boyfriend doesn't forget about it and let it die. ha
strawberry blossom

so we have to remind him.

and not let him forget!!!

because if i come home to dead trolls and dead strawberries... well... i'll probably cry a tear or two. or three. and there's no crying in strawberry growing!!!!

so um.. hi boyfriend. please remember to water the plants for me.
and eat the ripe berries!! look how yummy!!!!!
perfect berry

and don't forget to play with our frog!! i haven't seen him in days!
house frog

thank you times infinity!!! :) xoxo


Katie said...

Have a great trip! :)

Jill said...

Tell him if he doesn't, the highly prized hunting gear that will be used in a few months just might......"gee honey, I don't know what happened to it, maybe you MISPLACED it!"

We have our vays........MWHAHAHAHA!

Alison said...

I must have a strawberry plant NOW! Yum!!!

Have fun in NY! :)