Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's a good thing i don't have a job

because my social life is through the roof right now. ha

the other weekend my sister came to visit us and it was the first real visit, with actual time spent here since we moved in two and a half years ago. we had!!! i love my sister.. she is awesome! we worked out together.. ate frozen yogurt.. complained about the weather (sorry boyfriend).. ate delicious cheese and honey... and we went out dancing!!!! which was my favorite part definitely. we danced our asses off for over 3 hours. I LIVE FOR THAT!!!! plus, it was just so fun because my sister was married when i was like 13, so this was the first time i've been out with her while she's been single and stuff. which may sound terrible, but it just made it more fun.

this is us right before we headed out for the night.
and the pic where i am a total dork, but you love me anyway

sisters cropped
i know, we look like a couple of fucking jolly rancher candies. suck it.

then last weekend we headed to reno for blake's baseball tournament with my famous bomber babes. which was amazing because i was there with these hot bitches.
brenda, jennster, susan, teri

teri, jackie, brenda, jennster
and my super hot boyfriend
renobomber 152
we did things like hang out at the pool... and drink.. and swim..
bud lite w/lime!
and we played beach volleyball!!!
bomber boys and parents playing volleyball at the pool
and then we had to evacuate the pool area immediately because of the crazy ass lightning and thunder storms in the area. which was awesome cause i never get to see lightning.. and well, it was still hot as hell outside so who cares what the weather is doing if it's still hot out?! ha
storm's a brewin- everyone out of the pool
that weekend was amazing. my mom and her super nice boyfriend (should he be a manfriend if he's a grown up and not really a boy?) was there to watch blake play baseball for the first time ever!!!!
renobomber 148
my sister came too!!! which was awesome cause she hasn't seen him play ball since we moved from so cal 5 years ago.
renobomber 155
and my gf cat who lives in the area showed up too!!!!
catjacks & jennster
blake was so excited to have them come watch him play. blake loves having fans. :) my mom and sister got to see him pitch almost a full game and my mom and my gf cat were there when he hit a homerun!!!
can we just pause for a moment though and mention the fact that i am a complete and total idiot because i forgot to take any pictures of blake and my mom together?!?! who does that?!?!?

anyway... i leave for new york on saturday for almost a week. i got my wish to getaway and visit my gf's!! it's at a cost though- i mean, i must really love my girlfriends if i'm going to fly across the damn country on the big bus in the sky. i hate flying southwest from burbank to oakland, i can't believe i'm flying on it from here to new york. good lord. pray for me. it's going to take me 10 hours to get there. but you know what? it's totally worth it. because the flight was free. and because i get to see some of my closest friends. and i get to go to new york. I LOVE VISITING NEW YORK!!!!!!!!! i super love parts of my life a whole heck of a lot. yay for seeing these crazy ladies who i haven't seen since we took blake to new york in 2008!!!
the girls

i come back from new york on thursday afternoon and my girlfriend cat (from above) will be at my house the next day. and then becks will be at my house the following day. and once they all abandon me on tuesday, it will almost be time for blake to start junior high/middle school!!!! which is super exciting and super scary. i think it's more scary. eeeeeek. and once blake starts school, i feel like i am going to have to get super serious about finding a job. not that i haven't been super serious, but maybe i'll start applying at places i don't really want to work at?? which means maybe i'll apply at taco bell or something. which would suck. i don't know. doesn't this type of stuff work itself out?!

it has been great to have a summer with the boy.. although i feel like all i've done is bitch about the money i don't have and the things we can't do. but it's better than no summer with him at all.
jennster & blakey


Alison said...

Your sister's hot. :) The pictures of you two are 100% adorable (and hot).

Yay for Blake's homerun! Yay for middle school!

Have fun in NY with the girls and back home with Cat and Becky. I'm so jealous. Get your jobless ass down here! :)

NancyC said...

I love the posting and the pictures. One had a red "X" on it so couldn't see that one.

I think it is great that Cat got to see Blake play and absolutely yay to Blake for that homerun!

I am jealous that you get to have fun in New York with some of the girls. One of these days I'm going to meet you all in person!

judy in ky said...

Have fun in NYC! I'm jealous cause I love it there! I hope you show us pics.