Monday, August 02, 2010

having a blast

don't know what to say other than



kind of don't want to ever go back.

kind of.

i have amazing friends i don't get to see often enough and i more than love being surrounded by their life and family and friends.

i've gotten some great shots so far... i crashed fo's jr high school reunion where i met some seriously fantastic people and had way more fun than i ever thought i'd have.
at fo's jr high reunion


then i crashed her old co-workers birthday bash

me and the tray fam went to the lake today and had lunch. i want a new jersey lake house! but only in the summer.


look at this face. he is a total faker, but i am totally in love with this child.

how cute is this pic between daughter and daddy?

hoping and praying his eyes stay that blue!

i was told to "PUT ON THE BUNNY EARS!" and to "WEAR YOUR GLASSES!!" so i complied cause i'm a giver like that.
cammy and ster in bunny ears

tray & jennster at lunch on the lake

then tray and i went for some drinks and the bartender's were crazy and i had 1 drink with cotton candy in it and another drink with a GUMMY SHARK in it for shark week. HA! i felt like i was at the fair.. or the carnival.. you know, if those places asked you to jump on top of the bar and introduce yourself to everyone there.


that's all for now bitches!
me w/the guys


Katie said...

glad you are having a good time!

Alison said...

The dog? I want one just like that! The short little legs kill me, they're so damn cute!

Gorgeous pictures!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

um, you DO wanna come back because I'm gonna be there this weekend bitch!