Wednesday, November 11, 2009


no more bitching about the lack of pictures lately. it's not that i haven't been taking any... it's just that i haven't been uploading them! SO! some of these are old, but TOO BAD.

suck it.

i decorated the house for halloween! i had a cute boo sign, and a scary graveyard (not too scary). yes, our house has rocks and gravel shit out front. it's time for paver stones, but i haven't picked any out yet. i'm lazy. and broke. and plus i thought it suited the graveyard anyway!

then blake dressed up as a zombie. he was scary. and looked very happy. see?

one day boyfriend and i went for a ride in his truck. that's me getting in. or something. i blame the blurry picture on the photographer.

we went to visit boyfriend's parents in bodega bay. and if you ever go there, you have to go to the crab shack thing. they have DELISH crab sandwiches!! and this guy lives in the front yard of someone's house. he makes me smile. it's possible that i might be tempted to steal him if he wasn't as big as i was.

then remember how i told you that we went to a baseball tournament?

he is all sorts of awesome. just like his mama.
up to bat

and i might have mentioned venturing into old town sac? and eating crab? and how i said that post would have been so much better with pictures? yeah. shut it.

i really liked these lanterns. and i loved the charm of old town. i kept waiting for someone on a horse to bust out of a saloon shooting his gun or something. but that never happened. they should really spice things up over there.
old town sac

the only thing that can explain the fact that i took pictures of pigeons for fucks sake is the fact that i had too much to drink. which means, i had ONE cocktail.

but also probably the funnest.


Heather@WHMB said...

Awesome pics. Loved the bib!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Thank you! LOL

Kelly said...

I liked the penguin!

Nuclear49 said...

The Truck ride pic was nice.

Alison said...

You are so cute. :)

Katie said...

great boo sign! Love the pictures :)

Andie said...

I love the lanterns too. I bet they look really cool at night. Perhaps I should come there and visit. LOL

and I love your "let's get crackin" picture. LOVE it.