Monday, November 09, 2009

crazy dreams & old town sac

i had an insane dream last night where a freaking alligator was literally trying to kill me. but you better bet your ass that i grabbed that fucking thing by his snout and swung him around and threw him crazy far. then i ran like hell.

but what did that alligator full of vengeance do? he found me. and i was with 3 other girls running in a pitch black warehouse type place and i saw the shadow of the gator and i screamed to the girl that he was behind her but she didn't hear me.. or didn't something.. beacause he mauled her and killed her. and i was racked with guilt because the stupid thing was trying to kill me, but he must have thought she was me, and now this poor innocent girl was dead, when it was supposed to be me.

yes, in my dream, this alligator was personally trying to attack and kill me.

issues much?

this weekend we were in sac town for blake's baseball tournament. boyfriend and i went down to old sac, and i can't even remember the last time i was there. i wanted to take pictures of everything, but i was so fucking hungry, i couldn't think about doing anything else except stuffing my face with food. so we walked along the wood planks.. and i tried to break my ankle more than once. we passed what seemed like 50 candy stores that probably all sold the same things. it was still really really cute. i found it very charming and i realize that this story would be so much better with pictures, but i suck k? thanks for reminding me.

anyway, we found ourselves right on the river's edge waiting to be seated at joe's crab shack. that place was packed and played loud music and the waitresses danced to "come on ride the train.. you can ride it.. woot woot." it was weird. cute, but weird. especially since they just did the same little dance routine over and over again. bottom line, the song was too long. now they know. you're welcome. while we waited for our table, i might have asked the bartender if they had diet cranberry so i could have a vodka cran. she might have told me that that was the weirdest question she's ever been asked. i might have responded with "really? THAT was the weirdest question you've ever been asked??!?!" and then thought she doesn't get out much. or that she bartends in a place that really isn't a bar. because really? that question... while kind of annoying.. not really that weird. i bet so cal bars have diet cran. hahaha. i bet they don't.

the crab was good. but what kind of seafood place doesn't have any bread? i really wanted (needed) some bread (to soak up the vodka) because i was starving. not sure i'd go back there again. nothing was wrong with it, but nothing was too special about it either. i dunno. i might have been too freaking hungry to appreciate it properly. once the pot of crab sat in front of me, i honestly don't remember ever looking up again until it was time to go. oh, it's still light outside. who knew? i take my crab eating very seriously.

know what would be great with this story? pictures.

yeah, i know.

so how was your weekend?


agirlnamedmel said...

now i totally want crab and a stoli raz w/cran.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i was about to ask. pictures? hmph

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

You and your random dreams...

I will have to ask a bartender about Diet Cran next time I go somewhere, here in So Cal, muahahahahhaha!

and now, because of you bitch, I'm hungry!

Unknown said...

Crab sounds good but the real reason I am commenting is that the last time I was in old sac was clear back in 79. I bet it is unrecognizable to me now.

Katie said...

ohhh old town sac, how I love/hate you all that the same time

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I lived in sac for a couple years right after college. It does seem odd to me that you were eating at Joe's Crab shack when sac is LANDLOCKED with no crabs to be found for miles. Well, I'm sure people in sac HAVE crabs ... in fact, one of my girlfriends caught them from a guy who lived in old town ... but you know what I'm saying.