Thursday, April 23, 2009

this is why you may or may not want to hang out with me in real life..

whenever blake has a travel baseball tournament, i get super excited. blake's travel ball team is beyond awesome. and i don't mean the players or the team (although they're pretty alright too)... no, i'm talking about the parents. i freaking LOVE when i get to go spend a weekend with these people. i look forward to hanging out with my super hot, totally playful, generous, crazy fun bomber babes. they are so awesome!

you can usually find us in the bar. it's true. in between games though, so don't get all in a huffy about how our poor kids are playing baseball and the mommies are up in the bar getting wasted. we get wasted AFTER the games, thankyouverymuch. ha. no really, we head up to the bar and hang out. they peer pressure me into drinking and then i always tell them "i never drink unless i'm with you bitches" which i'm sure by now they think is a total lie, since i'm always drinking with them! they just don't get the fact that PEER PRESSURE IS HARD MAN!

so anyway, the last tournament i might have drank four one too many and got super, super silly. i might have let susan video tape my ass while i tried not to fall over danced. and that video might be on youtube somewhere. i also might have completely forced this guy to tell me how much he loved my butt sexually harassed this stranger simply for the fact that he was a hot black man. and so that meant he had to love my ghetto booty. i also might have threatened asked him to take a picture with me.

don't say i never gave you anything. mmmmk?
reggie and jennster


Jan said...

Hmmmm...if I didn't know you aren't in Texas (you aren't, right? Right???), I'd say that was my brother-in-law's brother you're molesting there.

It bears a striking resemblance to him, any way.

And the booty? Totally ghetto, especially for a white girl. :P

steenky bee said...

He looks sort of scared of you. Total Oakland booty, but in a good way. Like, the bitchy girl Justin Timberlake is dating way, not the J-Lo I need to much attention and am married to an emaciated vampire way.

Unknown said...

I am SO glad I chose now to come back to blogging. Or I may not have seen this picture and not felt so badly about getting super wasted and acting like a moron all the time myself LOL

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Ooooh he's a hunk! LOVED St. Lucia chick! Thanks for all the tips and thanks for guest blogging for me while I was gone! I will be posting pics over the next few days as I bore my readers to tears with my vacation adventures!

Nora said...

You were the hottest mama at the bball game. That guy needs another "s" on his hat.