Monday, April 27, 2009

i believe in the church of baseball

i was raised on baseball. dodger baseball. looking back at when i was kid, i feel like i spent a good majority of my time at dodger stadium. my dad pretty much raised me to bleed dodger blue... and eat dodger dogs. (dodger dogs hang off the bun cause they are so long and as a kid my dad used to bite the dog on each end for me cause i wouldn't eat the non bun parts.) it felt like dodger baseball was ingrained into my dna the same way that my green eyes were. i used to sing "forever dodger blue" loud and proud at every game i went too. i remember having a huge crush on steve garvey. my mom had a crush on him too, but since i liked him, i told her that she could have dusty baker instead. see how nice i was, even as a small ster?

i can't remember a time in my life when baseball wasn't a part of it. i understand it better than any other sport (playing softball for 12 years didn't hurt that part i'm sure)... and to me, it's the only sport that matters. don't get me wrong, i'm a total tomboy, so i love sports in general and will watch pretty much any of them. but baseball? that's where my heart is. i respect the sport. the passion that comes with loving it. the want to just play ball. the loathing of the politics involved with it, because it is a business. but still, i appreciate it. i understand the mentality of it. the superstitions. the way the game is played. the CRACK of the bat hitting the ball. and i'm not joking when i tell you that i could sit there and smell a baseball all day long. i'm that sick. :)

for me, baseball is a way of life. it always has been. i can't imagine giving up on something i have always loved so much. even during the times where your heart breaks and aches because you feel like we have strayed so far from what the game is really about. and you just want to scream "LET THEM PLAY BALL" because you know that's all the real lovers of baseball want to do.

is it wrong to love a sport so much?


Nora said...

wow..This post took me back. When I was little my dad made me go to all the Atlanta Braves games. I hated it though and always rooted for the visiting team just to annoy him and hope he wouldn't make me go again. Secretly, I would cheer for Brett Butler and Dale Murphy because they were hot.

What nice memories(even if I didn't appreciate it then). Thinking back, I guess now I'm glad my dad forced me to leave my barbies and go check out hot guys in tight pants.

Anonymous said...

Hockey! Especially right now.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

We are genetically linked. I also grew up Dodger Blue, but now I'm Angel Red. And you already know I'm very passionate about baseball ... spent all weekend at a tourney in San Clemente as a matter of fact. I'm right there with ya ....

Anonymous said...

My Dad watches baseball with the sound turned off because he doesn't like to listen to the announcers. I had to endure this all week when he and I went to visit my sister in Texas. Needless to say, several nights I was in bed by 9:30. There was only so much I could take. :) (I do love him dearly!)

Jarrard said...

I attended the church of football, but had to transfer my membership to the church of soccer lately.
My son is an awesome soccer player, but my heart is with football..... It broke a little when he decided he wanted to go back to soccer. He was always the star of the team and I didn't understand how he could stop playing.
I always told him it was his decision and when he came to me and said he was tired of broken bones at the end of the season and just wasn't in to any longer I had to concede.
I never told him how much I wanted to push him to stay so he took a couple of seasons off and joined the church of soccer again - the sport that he quit to play football in which my heart broke a little then as well.
Watching him play soccer is incredible - he is a strategic thinker and a team player and I am so proud of him.
The good thing about the church of soccer is there is very little stand, sit, kneel - rinse and repeat so my legs are not so sore come Sunday evening.

Kristabella said...

I am a huge sports fan. Hell, most of my adult life has been spent working in sports. I lean more towards football as my first love, but also love baseball. Nothing beats sitting in the stands at Wrigley on a warm summer afternoon with a cold beer in your hand.

Piece of Work said...

It is so hard for me to understand why people enjoy baseball. I love sports, especially college basketball, but baseball is so slow and boring to me. As a kid, my dad was always taking me to Phillies games, and I loved going, but as an adult-- man, the games last soooo long! And nothing happens so much of the time. I'd rather go see a baseball game than a hockey game I guess, but that's not saying much.
But I am just as fanatical about college hoops as you are about baseball, so the obsession I totally get, even if the object of your obsession escapes me! Go Giants! (kidding, kidding.) :)