Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Oh em, mother f'n gee y'all!!!!  We are currently in the Amazon Top 100!!!!!!!  Who knows how long we'll stay there? It could change in an hour and it will all be a distant memory, but as of right now... WE !!!  ARE!!!  THERE!!!

And so I wanted to tell you THANK YOU!  so much!!!

Thank you for writing those reviews on amazon and barnes & noble... for telling your friends they "must read" this book, for posting about it on facebook, for tweeting, for writing it on bathroom walls.  oops.  lol

Just thank you.  Sincerely.  Your good reviews, your excited word spreading, it's all I can ask for as an author.  :)

Now i have to go babysit my friend's kid for a few hours. My life is tres glamorous.  lol

ps- we WILL be having a dean carter discussion soon. and I want y'all back here for it!  :) 

Keep those reviews, posts and emails to me coming- I love hearing from you guys!  Every.single.one of you! 



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