Sunday, October 21, 2012

what i'm writing now!

So a bunch of you are just now finding me and my books... which is flipping AWESOME, don't get me wrong.



I can't tell y'all that enough!!! :)

But before you found me, I'd already written two books. And one of those books is a YA series (in dreams)... it's not a cliffhanger type of series, it's just a series in the sense that the characters' story continues... or actually PREtinues. I know that's not a word. But basically, the second book in the series takes us to the past, in a past life where we experience the connection the characters have to each other and why we're drawn to particular people, or why we hate them for no reason, etc. Basically, it will make In Dreams a much stronger book once you have all their past to take into consideration.

So I really need to work on that story. I'd intended to release it this year, but at this point, there is no way that's going to happen. But I want to write it. I want to finish it. And in all honesty, I think i'll pick it up again tomorrow (it's half way done. eh, maybe a third).

And then I want to seriously think about writing a 2nd book in The Perfect Game. But I want it to make sense. I want it to be for the right reasons- and I want to feel PULLED toward the next story I want to tell for those characters.

Basically, I want to have a good story. And I don't want to rush it, or force it, or write something because everyone is demanding me too. I want to write it because my heart is demanding me too. Because Dean, Melissa, Jack & Cassie won't take no for an answer. lol I just want to do it justice.

But it has to make sense. And right now, I can barely think outside of the story I just wrote, so it's hard for me to think outside of the box creatively in continuing this story, or spinning it off. So just bear with me.

I promise that when that lightning idea for TPG 2 strikes me, you'll be the first to know!

Until then...keep reading books you love, and reviewing them, and telling people to read them. "Reading is dreaming with open eyes"

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