Tuesday, August 31, 2010

too much time on my hands

i am knee deep in the book i'm writing. i am loving almost everything about the story. i do get bored with parts that aren't overly exciting... and i wonder if i'm the only one who gets like that? are other writer's completely enthralled with their every word throughout the entire process?? if they are getting bored with something, do they stop writing? i just think that the book can't be EDGE OF THE SEAT WITH ROMANCE AND EXCITEMENT the whole time. you know? i'm sort of in love with my characters and i think that's a good thing. like, IN LOVE. ha

i have too much time on my hands. this whole not working thing has my brain in overdrive. or my mind. or my emotions. whatever, they just don't stop. they think constantly about the things i want, where i want to go, what i want to do, how i'm living my life, how i'm not living my life, the things that need to change. it's not pretty in here people. so then i question- am i feeling this way because my mind isn't engaged in work. or would work only be a distraction for how i'm truly feeling? are these feelings and thoughts and emotions genuine to me..... or are they born out of boredom? i guess that's my job to figure it all out.

in the meantime, i'll be outside.. getting a mother f'n tan on these sweet ass legs.. and writing until my heart explodes.

and loving every minute of it.

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Grand Pooba said...

Ok, I must be behind because I didn't know you were writing a book! Good for you, that's awesome!

As far as your thoughts, I think whether they are born out of boredom or not, I still say they are your thoughts right? At least that's how I look at things when my mind gets away from me, I don't think my thoughts can lie to me I guess. But it does get confusing, I can imagine especially for you with all the changes in your life right now!

Now get your sweet ass legs out there in the sun!