Sunday, August 29, 2010

i know someone with a disease

last summer, after her trip to italy, my good friend (and bomber babe) susan started not feeling well. her arm felt like it was on fire and she had no clue what was going on. she was constantly in pain.

A LOT of pain.

and it wasn't getting better.

she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). they think she's had it for years, but that the flare ups would happen so mildly, that she wouldn't even realize they were flare ups. this time, it was unbearable.

our sons are on the same travel ball team. i talk about susan on here all the time. she's one of the reasons i love playing travel baseball so much. she is literally, one of the best people i know. after her diagnosis, let me tell you, the fun began. an umbrella is her constant staple at all tournaments now. she can't stay out in the heat for too long, because it will cause her pain.
we mist her.
we fan her.
we shade her.
whatever we can do to keep her comfortable, we're willing to do it because not having her in the stands with us is completely not acceptable. we love her too much.

one of the best things about her is by far, her attitude. from the moment she was diagnosed, she knew she wanted to fight it. she was willing to try anything. she never wanted this disease to beat her, she has always wanted to beat this disease. she wanted to get her pain down to as bearable of a level as possible. so she has shots once a week that literally knock her on her ass for the entire next day. i know. i've visited during one of those days. she has no energy and it's literally a struggle for her to do anything . it's weird seeing her like that in all honesty. you see, normally she glows. she is a big ball of light with a gorgeous smile. she lights up a room when she walks in it. she commands it. she is vivacious, courageous, strong, independent, beautiful, kind, generous, giving, thoughtful, smart, determined, successful and fun!!!!

i could not love this person anymore than i already do and i cannot imagine my life without her in it. i am reminded how much i love everything about her, everytime i see her.

the whole point is that we're doing a bike ride for MS. and i just joined the team. listen, i know i'm late in joining (the ride is in like 3 weeks or some shit)... it's just that i kind of hate committing to stuff... especially if it's too far in advance. i have no idea what life will throw at me. HA

but i finally did it!!!! okay? i'm on the team!!! cruisin' for susan!! :)

and now of course, i have to raise money. so i'm posting a link to my page and if you'd like to donate (i don't care if you donate one dollar), that would be super rad. and if you don't want too, that's okay too.

listen, you don't have to buy my friendship or love, but i'd like to at least give you the option. :)

mom and son 2
susan and her son

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SUEB0B said...

Good on you. My sis had MS, but she hated the MS Society (the one where she lived sucked), so I donate to
Accelerated Cure for MS

Tell Susan to check out
which is an amazing resource for people with different serious, chronic diseases.