Monday, July 26, 2010

i want to crush my phone like the pos it is

remember when i had my verizon fiasco? you know, the one where i cried in their store? the one where THEY broke MY perfectly working phone and wouldn't give me a replacement one without a charge of at least $80 dollars out of my own pocket? i'm sure you're as scarred as i am over that one.

i ended up having to call customer service to see what could be done. i was without a phone for 4 days. oooh, how did i live? customer service told me that they could send me a refurbished phone, but it could only have a certain dollar value. the lady on the line sent me the "best" one of her choices.

i can't even begin to describe to you how much i fucking LOATHE.THIS.PHONE. first of all, it is in no way comparable to the phone i had before. the phone verizon broke. it doesn't have the same features. it is a pain in the ass to use. the screen is probably a third of the size, the phone is half the size and it's slower than that commercial where the swim race guys jump into a pool of caramel. i pretty much cannot stand everything about this stupid phone that i swear was made for children and not grown ups.

you have to understand that i am an electronics snob. i LOVE my cell phones. i LOVE my tv's. i love my stereo equipment. i research the hell out of things that i want to buy and once i've decided what will be perfect for me, i want it and nothing else. and i can't be talked out of it. my cell phone is a reflection of me and my taste, style, and preferences. i don't give a shit if you think my cell phone is stupid or there's a better one on the market- the phone i bought is the phone i wanted.. after testing, researching, comparing, reading reviews, blogs, forums, etc.

so the fact that i have to walk around with this phone on me, is not only embarassing, it's infuriating. everytime it rings or beeps for a new text message i want to throw it at the wall. and in all honesty, i have NEVER in my life left a phone, forgotten a phone, don't know where my phone is, more times than i have since this phone has come into my life. case in point, this weekend my sister, mom and girlfriend were all going to meet us at blake's baseball tournament. I LEFT MY PHONE IN OUR HOTEL ROOM SO I COULDN'T GET AHOLD OF ANYONE!!!! i would never normally do something like that. it is because i can't stand this phone so much subconsciously that i am always ditching it.

so while i want to thank verizon for doing what they should of done in the first place, which was issuing me a new phone.. i also want to say thanks a lot... for giving me a phone that is clearly less superior than my previous phone.. that takes me about 10 hours to send a text message because i cannot deal with the keypad thing.. that doesn't have the capability to video things.. and that was literally, made for children with tiny fingers and hands. i mean, why else would the background be a kids bedroom with a lava lamp??? cause the thing was MADE FOR KIDS.

and i also want to thank verizon for having complete and total unhelpful assholes working in their actual stores. thanks for NEVER having your new phones in stock. for telling me that the htc incredible STILL has a 1 month's wait. i don't know how i will go to new york with this stupid phone i currently have. i need my incredible to travel with. i feel like i can't function with this phone i have now. UGH!!!

verizon.. i have never been more mad at you before. i think i feel even more wronged because i have been such a loyal customer for so long. i don't understand why companies don't care about people anymore. they don't care about their employees.. their customers.. as long as they are making money. i feel like i should have been taken care of better. your store should have fixed what THEY broke. they shouldn't have blamed me for what happened- and sided with their employee when he clearly did not divulge certain information. your manager should learn how to manage and take some customer service classes. i feel completely uncared about. i have RARELY complained to you (unless my phone snapped in half or whatnot) in the past.. i have been a customer since you bought my old cell phone company probably like 11 or so years ago. i want to feel like i matter. i want to be treated like you CARE that this happened to my phone. i don't want to be told to pay money. or it's time for me to upgrade, so i should just do that instead. but we don't have the phone you want anyway, so go fuck yourself. i realize i'm just one person in your grand world of many cell phone users and customers. but the thing is- that should matter to you.

and it doesn't.

i'm sick of it.

this world needs to change.


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

Agreed. And ATT is no better. They stiffed me last year and wouldn't help me out after I've never asked for a thing and have been a customer since I was 19. It's unreal.

Also, love the new header.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I haven't had such a bad verizon experience (though I have been pretty frustrated before), but I have had a phone I ABSOLUTELY HATED. I can't blame anyone but me for that because I looked through the available phones online and chose it, but it SUCKED. I'm not a techno expert...don't have web access, email, etc. I just like to have a phone that works and a qwerty keyboard for texting. This one (can't remember style) was much more geared toward being a PDA than just a phone. I accidently dropped it in the river off a dock and though I didn't appreciate having to pay to replace the phone, but was SO GLAD to be rid of it.

Katie said...

let's start our own carrier. It will be called This Shit Works!

Grand Pooba said...

Boooo! I can't live without my phone. I would stop breathing.

I'll kick Verizon's ass for you.

Jax said...

Uuuugh that is so infuriating! And yopu feel so helpless! I HATE IT! It's like car repairs.. you have NO idea what's happening, but you know you need the damn car and they know how to fix it. But there's a communication breakdown. SO ANNOYING. I'm sorry girl. I'm irritated on your behalf. Very much so. I've been there with Sprint before. I dont think there IS a good company.