Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dead skin- on your face. and probably on yours too!

i don't get facials and things like that because the two times i think i have done it, my face has completely freaked out on me and looked beyond wretched for days after. so i don't like them and i tend to steer clear of them.

i have never tried micro-dermabrasian before, so when i was contacted to try this new at home personal microdermabrasian kit.. i said yes immediately. and then i got a little scared. or more than a little scared. because it's MY FACE!!! MY ONE AND ONLY FACE!!! and what if i end up ripping all the skin off of it or something?! or what if it was too tough or hard on my face and i ended up with red blotches and stuff all over? what if my face would never be the same again?!??!!? i mean there is only so much makeup can do!!!!!!!

then i calmed down.

it came in the mail and i thought the packaging was weird. i mean, i liked it, except the part where the plug outlet thing goes into. it had a hole in the bottom so it couldn't stay put with the rest of the product and well.. what the heck man? that was the only part that didn't really make any sense to me. because in theory, i'd like to keep the whole thing together and the plug is a main component (the thing won't work without being plugged in) but i didn't want to HAVE to keep the box. you know? this foam stuff was pretty solid and durable and if i could keep it in that without the box, that would be my preference.
the kit
the kit came with a dvd to watch and i must tell you that before you try this machine.. you NEED/HAVE to watch the dvd (it's also online). it's super helpful and made me a lot less scared about putting what seems essentially like sandpaper all over my face. you can also use this on your hands, chest, elbows, and neck.

i washed and dried my face so there was no makeup or lotion or anything on it. and um.. here was my face pre first microderm. yes, that is me with absolutely nothing on my face. no makeup of any kind. no lotion. no moisturizing creams. nothing. yay.
before first treatment
the tool was super easy to use!! at first it's a little shocking because it sucks at your face and skin like a little vaccuum and i will admit that it does burn a little while it's doing whatever it is that it's doing to your skin. but that could also be because i wasn't moving quick enough and stayed in one area for too long. anyway, as i moved the vaccuum along my face, it made white lines and put lots of white skin (which i am assuming are the dead skin cells) in pretty much a pile at the end of my face. i tried to take a picture of the pile of dead skin on my face, but it wouldn't show the way i wanted it too.

there are 3 different types of discs to choose from to use on your face. i was sent the blue type (sensitive skin and recommended for first time users) and then green (medium coarseness). there is also red for a more coarse use. i used the blue all 3 times i used the machine. but the next time, i'm going to try the green because i think my face can take it.

after i was done, the machine looked like this. .
the machine after face use
all the white dust looking stuff is actually dead skin cells FROM MY FACE. sweet.

so here is my face after the first use. this is still my face with absolutely no makeup, but i did put on lotion. do you see a difference? me either.
after 1st use- no makeup
the whole point though is that with all these dead skin cells on our face that won't get off- our face won't properly absorb any lotions or creams because the dead cells block it from happening. so since this will take the dead skin cells off of your face, your face can absorb moisture the way it should..

it's now been 3 weeks and i've used the product 3 times. i honestly can't say if it's done anything to my face that is extremely noticeable. i don't feel like my wrinkles are lessened or that my face looks better or smoother. BUT i will say this- everytime after using the tool, my skin looks and feels better than it ever has. the lotion goes on in a more moisturizing way. and my makeup looks flawless and super pretty. my skin looks smooth and amazing. i LOVE the way my face looks after using this tool. but that is literally just the day i've used it. i don't feel like that look and feel lasts as each day passes. i do think that my skin tone is evening out and i am looking forward to that happening more with my continued use.

i am going to keep using it, because i'm not sure that 3 uses is enough to make a difference. i might need 6 uses.. or more than that? so i'm just going to keep using it once a week and see what happens!!! which means i'll be buying more replacement discs (only 15 bucks) pretty soon!!! using this tool is fun and i wish i could use it more than once a week.


Grand Pooba said...

Um maybe it's because your skin is already FABULOUS! Seriously, I wish I had your skin. (And natural beauty, there's no way in hell I could ever post a pic of me with no make up on. People mistake me for a man. It's bad.)

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if you see a difference after more usage. Because maybe it would be worth the money.

j.sterling said...

pooba- shut your face. my skin is not fabulous. at all. i mean, i think it's alright, but i think the biggest change to my skin would be if i ate healthy 100% of the time. so since that's never going to happen, i have to do things like this to it!
i actually really like this tool. i think it works and i like using it. it's fun. and if in time, it lessens my wrinkles and evens out my skin tone- all the better!!!!

Jennifer said...

If I had one I would try it on the back of my hands. At 43 my hands look old. I wish I had used sunscreen on them all these years.

Katie said...

that's interesting.... not sure I would be brave enough to do it though!