Friday, January 30, 2009

how are you remarkable?

someone asked me the other day what i've accomplished in my life that i considered "remarkable." and of course i went off on some huge diatribe about how i think that remarkable is a really, really, awe inspiring word. and i didn't think that anything i'd done in my life could be classified as "remarkable."

i mean, i think i've done lots of awesome things. i've had amazing jobs and met incredible people and have had a really cool life so far. but i guess i just feel like the word remarkable insinuates that you've overcome these unbelievable odds to accomplish something... or you did something when the entire world said you couldn't... or you've inspired greatness in others..

and i just don't see how anything i've done in my life, couldn't have been done by someone else. i don't think that i've done anything that others couldn't do.

i guess i don't see myself as remarkable.

but maybe i should.

i do see myself as awesome. and hot. but not necessarily remarkable.

and then that opens a whole other can of questions. like WHY don't i see myself as remarkable? why don't i think being a succesful single mother is a remarkable thing? maybe because i didn't feel like it was so hard, so nothing remarkable could be that easy (not that it was entirely easy, but everyday was not this life or death kind of struggle and i think there are lots of single moms who had/have it far worse, and far harder than i ever did).

and so i was wondering if people saw themselves as remarkable. so i ask you... do you feel that you've accomplished remarkable things? if you think you've done something remarkable, i want to hear about it! and if you don't think you have, i want to hear that too!


Anonymous said...

How am I remarkable?

I guarantee you I am the only person you'll ever know who's been kicked off the PTA board.

I'm also the only person you'll ever know who's currently being sued for giving someone a disease they don't have.

My life is NEVER boring ;)

Unknown said...

Remarkable? No, I don't see myself or any accomplishments as remarkable. It's just stuff I've done because I've had to, needed to, or wanted to.

Single moms are always remarkable, don't sell yourself short there.

Anonymous said...

Some people might say I'm remarkable because I seem to have an innate understanding of biology and all things related. I don't particularly see this as remarkable, it's just something I know, like some people know how to play a piano, or golf, or swim, or do advanced mathematics. Somehow, it just makes sense.

But then, people who have the innate ability to understand advanced math are pretty remarkable to me, so I guess I'm remarkable?

SUEB0B said...

I think I am totally average. Really. And I'm a bit sick of our "all the children are above average" culture where everyone who goes to their job every day or who wins a sports event is a "hero" and everyone is an "amazing [something]" - mom, dad, teacher, student...blah blah blah.

Issa said...

I think even people like Mother Teresa who did remarkable things, probably wouldn't have been able to come up with something. Too her, it was just what she did.

I think I'm pretty normal. I don't think that being normal is a bad thing either. That being said, I once made the world spin backwards....or it was Superman. I forget. :)

Chris O said...

Other people are remarkable. My husband because he is a police officer and deals with all that and is still the nicest person I know. My sister who moved to Norway to marry a man and had to learn a new language and new customs and knowing no one but her husband. I know so many remarkable people but me?

I had 16 mothers tell me recently how wonderful I am because I am their daughters' Girl Scout leader and I'm dedicated to all of these girls. Where as I feel honored to spend time with these girls and young women who are all so remarkable in their outlook that everything and anything is possible. Maybe I'm remarkable because of my own children who are great people but I don't know.

I think being remarkable is how others perceive you not how you perceive yourself. You should always be reaching for higher, pushing yourself to do more. But I guess an occasional pat on the back is okay too.

Andie said...

everyone is remarkable in some way or another.

Chibi said...

Hell, most days I wouldn't even consider myself awesome! But then, I'm hard on myself like that.

Joe said...

I don't see myself that way, but I find it pretty easy to see others in that light.

I think it comes from knowing our own shortcomings all too well and from beating ourselves up for them. But to the outsider?

Well, I'll guarantee that to them we all sometimes look remarkable.

Anonymous said...

I think as a society, we've learned to be very self-congratulatory when most of us are remarkably unremarkable. Myself included. Haha.

Kristabella said...

I don't think it has to be something no one else could do to be remarkable. I think so many of us everyday people are remarkable in our own ways. I think you're remarkable for being a single mother. That is NOT easy.