Wednesday, May 28, 2008

since i've offended every little league parent out there

let me continue with my rant from yesterday to CLARIFY, hopefully more eloquently, than my prior emotional and riled up state.

i want to make it very clear that i feel like little league serves a purpose. i do. there is a true need for baseball in the form of little league. every child should have the right to play baseball if they want too. and they shouldn't have to be amazing players to play it either. if a kid wants to play baseball for the first time in his life at age 11, he should be able too. there should be a place for that. i don't think little league should be abolished, or shut down, or any over the top crap like that. every child should have the right to play baseball in a fun atmostphere if they so choose.

but on that same token, the same children should have the right to play baseball in a competitive, more serious environment, if they so choose. where i believe that little league serves a purpose, i also believe that leagues like pony ball do as well. my frustration stems mostly from the fact that we don't have that option where we currently live. it's little league or no baseball. i know for a fact that many of the little league coaches are frustrated as well, but it's beyond their control. it's no one's fault, it's just the way it is.

and with that, i'm done.

i will say that i am super pysched for the traveling ball club. i love that the coaches are hard, they yell, and they coach tough. they are my saving grace. as long as blake gets to stay on the team that is. *crosses fingers*

he looks good in dark blue, no? :)


Anonymous said...

Very much so!

Alison said...

How handsome he is!

I'm Still Me said...

Your frustration with Little League is one that I can relate to. It doesn't matter what field that a person is challenged in, it is a huge let down/pisser if they move to a place that offers nothing on par with what one had. I hope the traveling team works out!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

He looks very sharp in the dark blue.

And for what it's worth, I understood the previous post to be about your specific situation - not Little League in general.

I still think you should take over the league and straighten it out. I'm sure you would be great!

j.sterling said...

RWA- even the president of the local little league is completely bound by the organizations rules and regulations. in short, they have very little control. and i love our current president- he rocks!

carrie said...

I didn't take offense to anything you said - I only hope there is something that can work out for Blake and it sounds like the travelling team is the way to go for you.

This must be like "select" is up here, I'm thinking?

Either way, I fully expect to see Blake's name in lights one day and I can say, "Oh, I read his mom's blog when he was little boy!"

norcalgirl28 said...

Okay, I've had time to process this and really think it through. First, I don't even know if I was offended, all I was thinking about were the hours and hours of absolute frustration, teaching, coaching and time that Frank and I have put in the league over the past six years. I think I was taking it too personally as we had invested so much of our lives in this league.
Second, that being said, I thought of Drew's select soccer team. There is no way he could go back to house now. He would be bored to tears and running all over everybody. So, with that in mind, I do understand. If we moved somewhere and there was just a house soccer team and no select traveling team I would be really upset because there wouldn't be anything to constantly challenge Drew in soccer the way he has been for years.

j.sterling said...

YES! that is exactly what i mean!!!!!! that is totally relatable for you with select soccer, etc. see, you understand! :) that is exactly what i'm getting at- options for the kids who want to be better, play harder, etc.

you know i wasn't trying to offend or slam anyone- it wasn't meant to be personal, but i understand how you could take it that way since you guys have been so involved in the league.

Anonymous said...

I haven't entered into the little league realm yet so I can't comment on that, although a recent post about cheerleading sure sparked enough misunderstanding around the blogosphere to last me till my kids are married with their own kids. People love to read shit and take everything out of context and then get their panties in a wad over it. So annoying.

Blake looks very handsome in blue and damn if he doesn't look JUST like his mama!