Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Isn't Goodbye

Hey y'all!  I know it's been a really long time, but I hope that if you're stumbling across my blog for some reason (you were researching a topic and came across a post from here, you used to follow me back in the day when I was a super cool blogger lol, or you just plain missed me) that you'll see that I've started writing contemporary romance novels!

I no longer blog here, as I'm sure you can understand, but if you want to talk to me about something, I'm still available via email and would love to hear from you! Please, email me anytime, about anything. What does being a Self-Published/Indie author mean? In a nutshell it means that I'm in charge of handling every aspect of my career from branding, to marketing, promotion, publicity, advertising, etc. All my time is spent working on my books and making sure people like you know that they even exist. It's a lot more time consuming than you might think!

So with that being said, I hope you'll follow me over on my author page and support me there the same way you've always supported me here. Being a blogger for so many years afforded me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and it opened my eyes to so many possibilities. We, as women, are pretty damn powerful and determined (Blogher ring a bell?). 

Being an author has done the same- I'm still surrounded by powerful women who are driven to succeed and refuse to give up on their dreams. They constantly amaze me and I am honored to be in their company. 

Thank you again for always loving me. I truly hope you'll head over to my author website and check out what I've been doing for the last 4+ years. I think you'll be proud of me.  :) 

xox jenn

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