Tuesday, December 25, 2012

After Christmas The Perfect Game SALE!

Okay!  So in celebration of all the new kindles, ipads, ipad mini's and nooks out there... i've lost my freaking marbles and made The Perfect Game only 99 cents!

99 pennies.
50 cents (you'll get the reference after you read the book) and 49 more.


99 cents!?

Yeah.  SO GO GET IT!  please?  

Have an amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket?  Let's spend 99 of those cents on this book!  LOL

But really, tell your friends... tell your neighbors... tell your enemies.  unless they really suck  :)

AND THANK YOU!  Thank you so much for helping me have the most successful year i've ever had in my professional life.

And if we rock TPG back up the charts, who knows what will happen in the future!  

Links?  Here you go.

the amazing amazon

the bombastic barnes & noble

Thank you for spreading the word. I can't do it alone and I really can't do it without you. I appreciate your help, your amazingness and your general awesomeness so much. I hope you know that.  :)

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