Friday, May 25, 2012

somebody that i used to know

no. i'm still NOT sick of this song.  i love it.

and all of these things are rad.. not that you'll watch all of them, cause maybe you can't listen to the song a hundred times in a row. lol

2 cute kids lip synching... the girl makes me laugh. she looks so sour all the time. lol

walk off the earth's amazing rendition!

this wouldn't be complete without adding GLEE's version!


Monday, May 21, 2012

talk about leaving y'all hanging

so... in regards to the house.

we've lost it.

it's official.

the auction is legal and we did not have a course of action.  i did speak to a real estate attorney, but our goal was NOT to keep the house.  i mean, we had resigned to losing it in the first place-  so the reality was... what were we fighting for?  that Bank of America sucks huge donkey balls and they are negligent and horrible people?!  sure.  but how do you put a financial $$$ price on that? 

how do you put a financial price on your credit score dropping from what would be a short sale to a foreclosure?

basically, the guy said it wouldn't be worth it. it would probably cost us more money and time to fight this- than what we were fighting for.  it would be one thing if we were fighting their negiligence to keep the house and we had lost it.

but we weren't.

so there is nothing we can really do.

was bofa in the wrong?  absolutely.  is the company completely screwed up?  yes.  did they give conflicting information?  yes.  did they NOT do something they said they were going to do?  yes.

so now we move on.

we've found ONE place (literally) that would allow us to take the dogs, so we're desperately hoping to sign a lease on it tomorrow.  it's been more than stressful the last couple of weeks.

my advice to you if you are going through this?  make sure you know 100% that your short sale specialist IS putting the postponment through for your auction date.  make sure your realtor gives you ACCURATE information in a timely manner.  and make sure you have a contact at the bank to talk to. 

it's been horrible.

but i'm so fucking over it.

i cannot wait for this chapter to FINALLY be closed so i can move the fuck on already.  i'm so sick of this limbo, crappy real estate, horrible bank, bullshit.

i can't wait to move.  i wish it was so cal, but that's another post.

but really, i can't wait to get out of this house!  :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

auction vs short sale

does anyone know if your house can be BOTH approved for a short sale and also go into an auction???  because that's what happened to us-  and i've heard from numerous people that it's illegal. 

our house was approved for a short sale. our specialist put in for the auction postponment.  clearly, the auction person didn't get the memo.  the people who bought our house are real estate agents who KNEW we were in the middle of a short sale.

so i'm wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this before- can we fight it?  i'm super fucking pissed that we're going to have a foreclosure on our credit, as opposed to a short sale....

also, i want the people who INTENDED TO BUY OUR HOME to be the ones who actually get it and live in it! you know? 

this whole situation is so fucking up. 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

house auction UPDATE

I tried to get in touch with my apparent "short sale specialist" yesterday and all morning this morning. He never answers the phone. I left him voice mails yesterday. I called his boss. 

No one answers.

So instead of just sitting around, I decided to go to the auction that my house was supposed to be in. I didn't know where it was. I thought it was at the courthouse, but I don't think this town has a courthouse. It was at the community center in a very specific part of the parking lot.


There were only about 8 people there. Maybe. 

And me.

Some of them knew who I was because they've driven by my house before to stake it out. And my car was in the driveway.  And now my car was there.

One of the guys asked me if I was the owner.  He said, "I know you have an offer. I don't understand. Maybe it's postponed and you just don't know yet? But your house is the one I was sent to bid on."


The auction guy read the list of postponments.  Our house wasn't on it.

But it was the FIRST! HOUSE! UP! FOR! AUCTION!

So at least we win something, right?!

That's when things got real fun.  And by fun I really mean that I lost my shit and couldn't stop crying.

There was a bidding war going on over this here house. I think there were 4 of them going back and forth- raising their bids by $100 dollars at a time. Really?  Cut to the chase people. 

So by the time it all stopped, someone else owned my house. So I cried some more.  And then asked the auction guy if this was the end all of it all because we're trying to do a short sale and we have an offer that we've put in and I don't understand if this auction is "binding" or not?!?!?

He said he didn't know.

So I cried some more. And then everyone watched me with sad eyes.

At least they looked like they cared.

And now I'm sitting here, staring at the most gorgeous dog i've ever owned in my life, wondering what the fuck comes next?  I'm not joking when I tell you that i've been looking for places to rent for the last YEAR. 

I'm having a problem finding a place that will allow dogs.  Dog haters. 

I think I'm going to throw up now.

Just kidding.  But I am going to work out. Can you run on the treadmill and cry at the same time?  I'll let you know.

at 11am the house goes to AUCTION

i think i told y'all that i got a notice on the front door about the house going into auction, the day we had our HUGE open house? 

the auction date was set for may 3rd at 11:00am.

today is may 3rd.

it's almost 11:00am.

as of right now, they still haven't POSTPONED the auction.

even though we've accepted an offer on our house. we're doing a short sale.


i've been dealing with this for the last 2 weeks. they said they couldn't make a postponment decision until monday, april 30th.  that was 3 days ago.  and a decision still hasn't been made.  and the house is still on the auction list.


do i go to the courthouse today and watch as someone bids on my house???  why haven't they freaking postponed it??

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

an interview with cooper donovan

I ran across this interview that Cooper Donovan did for someone a few months ago, but I don't think it was ever published. So I've decided to put it up here!  I hope I don't get in trouble for posting it? I'm pretty sure they're never going to put it on their blog anyway, so here goes!  lol :) 

Hi. My name is Cooper Donovan and I’m one of the love interests in the book, In Dreams.  I’m the hot one.  HA! Just kidding.  I mean, sure I guess I’m hot, but so are all the guys in this book.  (You’re welcome girls/ladies)
In Dreams is a story about a group of friends that includes myself and Katherine Johns.  She’s amazing by the way.  I met her and Taylor in class one day, and I’ll be honest-  I was taken with Katherine immediately.  There’s something that ignites inside you when you meet that person you just know you’re supposed to be with.   And that’s how I felt whenever I looked at her.  But she was always distant with me.  All I wanted to do was get to know her better, spend time with her, be around her, but she always kept me at arms length and I could never figure out why. 
Until I did. 
You see, Katherine was having dreams about a guy she didn’t know.  She dreamt about him multiple times.  I didn’t even know he existed because she only told her roommate Taylor (who’s dating my best friend and hockey teammate, Danny) about the dreams. 
So this dream guy was messing everything up for me, but I refused to give up.  When you want something, or someone, you don’t let them go without a fight.  And I’m no quitter, so I wasn’t going to just let Katherine walk away from me.  I tried my best to be the incredibly patient and understanding guy waiting in the wings.  But it sucked.  It was hard not knowing what was going on with her.  I mean, we’re in college, we’re supposed to be having fun, going to parties, hockey games and stuff, not dealing with crazy paranormal complications.  Crap. I sound bitter.  I’m not bitter.  I swear it. 
I don’t even know how to tell you everything without ruining our whole story for you.  Let’s just say, when Katherine found out who the guy was from her dreams, well, it changed everything for everyone.  Especially Katherine.  And when I found out- I can’t even put into words how I felt.  It was the single most complicated and conflicting emotion I’ve ever experienced. There was no way I could compete with him. 
There is so much more to our story. So many things we experienced.  Love, tragedy, heartbreak, death.  I hope you’ll read about it.  Me and my jeep look forward to seeing you in the pages of our story.

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?

There are times I wish I wasn’t so patient and understanding. I wish I could have yelled at Katherine, been a little mean and maybe thrown her up against a wall and started making out with her or something.  You know, manly stuff like that. 

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?

Probably the things I mentioned above.  I would have liked to have been a little more assertive at times, but then again, I understand why I wasn’t.  I mean, it wouldn’t have worked out the same if I was a total jerk (which I’m not by the way).

What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?

Best- I like to think I’m one of the good guys- the guy you WANT to bring home to mom, you know? 
Least- Sometimes I think I’m too nice, but hey... it’s who I am. 

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?
I honestly think the hardest part of the book didn’t have anything to do with me. Because this story was so personal and emotional for my creator, all the times she was broken down in tears writing, it was for the other guy in the story. I think the hardest part for her… was writing him. 

Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book.  If not, do you wish you could continue your story?

There is a prequel, which I think is pretty cool.  The readers will get to go back in time with all of us- to one of our past lives.  It was a pretty intense and emotional lifetime.  Even thinking about it now has me choked up a little bit.  But I think the readers will be amazed at what we’ve all been through together.  And I think it will help them understand some of the things that might have left them confused from the first book (why we have instant connections, or certain feelings when we first meet someone, and stuff).  It's an emotional story for sure.