Friday, April 20, 2012

because i'm clearly crazy

You guys? Really, you guys? Are you listening? Cause this is serious.

In Dreams keeps me up at night.

It's true.

You have to understand that I had no idea what I was getting into when I wrote that book. I just wanted to write the story. I wanted to "tell" that story. Those characters... that story... that book... it's part of my heart. So when I put it out and it got well, that killed a small part of me.

But what I couldn't see then... that I can see now... is that I didn't write that book very well. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that story and I think it is AMAZEBALLS! But, I'm not sure I actually told it very well.

We all know how after the bad reviews started rolling in, that I found an editor and she did grammar and formatting edits for me. That was enough- at first.

But it's not enough anymore.

It's completely f'ed up that everytime someone tells me they are reading In Dreams, I cringe inside and assume they'll hate it. I'm genuinely SHOCKED when they say they liked it. SHOCKED. That's how screwed up I am from all these negative reviews. Not to mention from everything i've learned so far about writing.

I mean, if you read In Dreams and then you read Chance Encounters- I would hope you could see the difference in the storytelling. I've grown. Even if it's just a little- I've grown. But mostly, my editor keeps me focused. She challenges me and pushes me to be better. To write more descriptively. To stop telling and SHOW people. To stop changing point of view every 2 sentences. Apparently that's hard for me, cause um... I write the way I see things in my head. And I think she was spot on when she told me that I write like a director- I write my book like a screenplay.

I can't tell you how much sense that makes to me.

So anyway- the point i'm trying to make is... there is absolutely NO REASON ON THIS GREEN EARTH that In Dreams should stay the way it is. I feel like I owe it to my story, to my characters and to myself- to do some rewrites on it to fix the issues.

The story itself isn't going to change. But there are things that need to be addressed. And I guess the bottom line is, at this point, I want to change them. I want to fix it. Because I want people to read it and not think it sucks.

Otherwise, I'm always going to have this book out in the world that I think is only ok. That I know I could have written better, if i'd only known then what I know now. It hangs over my head and I literally think about it in my sleep.

So that's it. Before I start on Before the Dreams, I'm going to rewrite In Dreams. And it's going to be awesome. lol

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's finally here! The big release day! :)

Chance Encounters is LIVE and AVAILABLE for purchase on Amazon! Here's the link.

ps- I know the thumbnail looks WRETCHED. I saved the photo with the wrong color format. I've tried to upload the newer version, but Amazon takes awhile to update those things sometimes. So I apologize in advance that the cover looks crazy. It makes me sad too cause I think the cover is SOOOO pretty!

I've uploaded the book to Barnes & Noble for you Nookers out there- I swear I only know of 1 of you. LOL As soon as that's LIVE, i'll post the link. :)

updated- nook is live!

The paperback's aren't quite ready yet. I still need to get a proof copy and comb through it line by line to make sure it prints okay. As soon as it's available for order, i'll let you know. But this is the link to the store. I won't be doing anymore orders through myself anymore. It's too time consuming, so for now, this is the only place where you can get a paperback copy of the book.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope you'll get a copy of the book and I hope you like it! If you do, please please please don't forget to leave me a review on Amazon. It's super helpful and it really does matter. :)

You guys are the best! xoxoxo jenn

Chance Encounters Cover Reveal!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i JUST got an iphone. suck it

i don't wanna hear your crap about how late i am to the game and how could i ONLY be getting an iphone now... just hear me out.

it's pissing me off. see, i had an android for the last 2 years- and you know what, i like the android platform A LOT. you can download a ton of things so that your phone will look the way you want it. i really liked the customization of the android.

but this phone? this freaking apple (aka, we own you) phone? sure, i can customize it- as long as it's under THEIR guidelines. which sucks. i don't like the way it looks. it irritates me.

i want a clock widget. not a clock wallpaper. a widget. that just lives on the top of my main home screen. like my old phone.

and this clock!

why is that so hard? why doesn't apple have a freaking widget that you can download and put on your phone? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

also- i want a freaking calendar that looks like my old one. i want to see what i have coming up. but NO. stupid apple doesn't have that either.
i want this calendar hot on my iphone

these stupid phones have been around for years- you mean to tell me that NO ONE wants the simple things that i do????

and please don't get me started on the whole non ability to lock individual apps/folders. in android, you could lock your contacts seperate from your phone. you could lock your email. you could lock your text messages. you could lock whatever you CHOSE to lock- because it's YOUR phone.

i am completely security paranoid and want my contacts locked. i want my emails locked. i want my settings locked. but i can only lock my phone. which is stupid.

anyone "jailbreak" their iphone? does it screw it all up? should i do it? lol should i take the phone back?

i'm seriously about to lose my mind. i sort of heart the android system.

but on a positive note- facetime totally rules!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

chance encounters coming THURSDAY!!!!!

i'm really excited to tell you that my 2nd book will be LIVE and IN PERSON (lol) on Thursday! at least, live in the e-book sense. the paperback store will be delayed a week or so.

i'm getting really excited becuase the early feedback is super positive and people are really getting out of the story what i wanted them to when i wrote it.

i worked really hard on this. i mean, i struggled with the edits. my editor pushed and pushed me to write better (she's a goddess)- and i did. and the results are really great. i think it's a HUGE jump in writing from my first book to this one.

and i'm really proud of that. :)

and that means that Before the Dreams will be even MORE awesome than I ever imagined!!!!

so i'm getting antsy for thursday. and i just really hope that everyone who reads this love story, enjoys it. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

we accepted an offer

okay! so we accepted an offer for our house on Tuesday night. It is now Friday. Our auction date is on May 3rd. That's coming up rather quickly, wouldn't you say?

I'm starting to get a little freaked out. I have NO IDEA where we're going to go. I mean, i've been looking for a house to rent that will take our TWO! BIG! DOGGIES! but um... it's a little hard.

I know it will all work out, but omg, what if it doesn't?!?! what if we have to leave our house and we have nowhere to go- WHERE DO WE GO???


where would we go?

that's a little scary.

this part really fucking sucks.

know what else sucks? that to do the short sale, we have to give them a shit load of paperwork... AGAIN. i'm SO TIRED of providing the SAME EXACT paperwork to the bank over and over and over again. it's freaking irritating.

2 months bank statements
2 months paycheck stubs
last 2 years tax returns
write a harship letter

argh mc argh-er-son.

i really hope they accept the short sale and delay the foreclosure and the auction date. plus, i'd really like the family whose offer we accepted to be able to get the home. you know?

okay.. carry on with your friday. :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

It's short sale time!

Okay- i know there are quite a few of you who have been following along on my house journey. and i know i tend to keep y'all hanging for months on end, but it's just that nothing is going on during that time. except for me stressing about WHEN bad things are going to start happening and the waiting. good lord, the W-A-I-T-I-N-G.

that's the worst part.

we officially put our house on the market this past friday. on saturday morning, i awoke to a notice of TRUSTEE SALE on my door. which means, the house has an auction date. the date is set for may 3rd, which is exactly 1 year since we stopped paying our mortgage.

our realtor says she should be able to stop the auction date because we have offers on our house. we'll accept one of the offers and then send it off to the bank.

i think pushing the auction date is easier than stopping the actual foreclosure process. i guess we'll see.

things i did in regards to putting the house up for short sale:
-did not allow a lock box on the house since we still live here and we have dogs. i never thought about it when i walked through other people's homes to see if we wanted to buy it. but it's sort of invasive to have people in your things. looking at your bed, your photos, your stuff. i don't like it. so i insisted on being here when/if people were coming by. and that has been another adventure all on its own!
-did not allow a huge "for sale" sign in our yard. that shit is embarrassing and i don't want to have to answer all the neighbors questions. i feel like we just moved here for pete's sake!

there have been HUGE amounts of traffic in our house. it's listed for $175,000 LESS than we bought it for. and when we bought it, we thought we got a great deal. *suckers* on friday i had 21 appointments to view the house. on saturday i had about half of that. my phone won't stop ringing today and i'm so over this i can't even tell you.

so that's where we're at. short sale. we choose/accept an offer tomorrow to send over to the bank. and then i'll let you know how that goes- what happens, etc.

any questions? feel free to ask them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer anything i can. i think comments are the best cause you might have a question that someone else wants to know too. :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

my new book cover!!!

I am so excited to finally show y'all this cover! It's literally been months in the making. If you only had any idea how crazy and how much work it is to freaking shoot a cover- and get every little detail right.

My cover designer is truly an angel. One talented, crazy hot, angel. lol

Just so you can appreciate a little bit- these photographs were taken at 2 different times... in 2 different parts of California (northern & then southern)... in 2 different seasons... at 2 different times of the day... with people who were nowhere near each other when each photo was shot.

So without further adieu (i think i just like saying that word ha)... I give you, Chance Encounters. Coming April 19th!

Chance Encounters Cover Reveal!

I hope you like it as much as I do. And if you don't- this is one of those times where you should lie to me and tell you do. lol

Thursday, April 05, 2012

the best books you aren't reading (but should be)

Since becoming a writer. Yes, let's call myself a writer instead of author. Author sounds so professional and insinuates that the person doing the writing actually knows what the hell they're doing.

I clearly, have no clue what I'm doing.

Anyway- since i've started writing books, i've read more than i've ever read in my life! I mean, i've always read books, but now I feel like if i'm not writing, i'm reading. And I have found some seriously amazing books by other Indie Authors. They're authors. I'm just a writer. lol

Are you reading these books? If you're not- you should be. Because they're awesome. And the women who write them are even MORE awesome! Just when I thought i'd found everyone in the world I was going to love- i've gone and fallen for these super fun, rad personalitied, awesome story-telling chicks! There's always room in my life for more girls! who! rock! :) <3

The Star Crossed Series by my seperated at birth, dialogue writing sister-friend, Rachel Higginson. You should start with the first book. It's free!!!! How can you not read a free book? Well, it could suck. But this series... doesn't suck! lol

And then there's this book. Which holy crap- not only and I in love with the characters, i'm in love with their author too. She likes when I say things like that about her. You should be reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover. seriously, you need to read this book. you won't be sorry. it's amazing. truly.

i'm fixin to talk a little shit


listen, it's one thing if you don't like my book. which, trust me, plenty of you haven't. and that's fine. i swear. *pinky swear*

i have A LOT to learn still! i wrote a book because i wanted too. because my guts were SCREAMING at me to get it out- to tell this story- to start writing it. and once i started, i couldn't stop. i love my story. i love my characters. could i have written it better- of course!!!! a bajillion times, OF COURSE! but i didn't know then, what i know now. and i promise to write each book better and better and better! i promise to grow. :)

moving on to my point... which is this; i think it's incredibly classless when a fellow indie author gives another writer a shitty review- or a 1 star (which means "i didn't like it") on a public site.

i don't give a shit if you didn't like my book. i honestly don't care if you thought it was the worst thing you've ever read in your life. or if i'm so talentless, you ask yourself how i even know how to turn on a computer each morning...

simply put- i think it's in extremely poor taste to say how little you liked another writer's work. especially when you (of all people) know how much goes into writing and telling a story. listen, i've read plenty of books by my fellow indie writer's that i haven't liked. plenty of stories that have been BLATANT rip offs of other works- whether it's movies or books. but i would NEVER go so far as to give them a 1 star rating, or a shitty review. my policy is, if i don't like a book by a fellow indie author, i won't rate it at all. if i don't have something positive and glowing to say- then i don't.

it's just how i am. pretty much if i don't have anything nice to say, i won't say anything at all.
i'm not in the business of tearing other writer's down or making them feel bad about what they've written.

also, i'm not necessarily their target audience- i'm a peer.

i understand that this particular author was simply being honest. i totally get that and don't have a problem that they didn't like my book. it's not about that. i think i'm offended that i consider this a profession and.... i don't know.... i just wouldn't do that to another author because i think it's extremely rude. and unprofessional in a way.

and holy hell, when have i ever used the word unprofessional?!? omg, what is happening to me?

so yeah- i'm shutting up now.. but i'll end things on a positive note.
i've met SO MANY fantastic and amazing indie authors. they are an incredible group of people for the most part- who are more than willing to help one another and give each other a boost. i never knew this world existed until i became a part of it. i am so grateful for the good ones. :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

pillow talk

no really, i need to talk about pillows.

i swear we've had this conversation before- but it was probably 5 years ago.

people, i'm freaking dying at night. i don't want to go to bed because i know how uncomfortable i'll be. my pillow- IT HURTS MY HEAD AND MY NECK. i have a tempurpedic mattress topper, and i have 2 pretty expensive pillows to choose from.

they both suck.

they both hurt.

i wake up with splitting headaches i can't cure. literally.

i sleep on my back and my side.

HELP ME! do you sleep on your back or your side? lol what pillow do you use? do you love it? have you ever had pillow issues and you had to get a new pillow because your head hurt every morning????

for reals people- this is a huge problem. if i can't sleep throughout the night and then wake up in pain all day- well, i'm going to be a really miserable person to live with at some point. lol