Saturday, August 27, 2011

so i crashed a funeral today

don't judge.

and i mean, i didn't really crash some random strangers funeral... i went with my girlfriend who didn't want to go alone (totally don't blame her at all. funerals alone SUCK!!!)

what i found the most interesting though, since i obviously didn't know the person who had passed... was that it doesn't really matter if i knew her or not.

human emotion is human emotion, no matter what.

people expressing how wonderful and amazing an individual was- is so touching regardless of who it's coming from, and who it's about. i found myself in awe of how many lives one life can affect. and how deeply one person can affect another.

human life is human life. people touch each other every single day. and we are so blessed when we have others in our lives who give us so much positivity, encouragement and love.

i found myself bawling at one point during the service because an ex-student got up to speak about his old teacher. he talked about how he had never expected a caucasian teacher to take such an interest in an african american child, during a time when racial tensions and issues divided a nation. he was moved by her. he was inspired by her. he said she made him feel less like a student and more like family. he didn't know why she chose him, all he knew was that he was so incredibly grateful she had. he credited her with giving him the courage to be who he is today... for inspiring his fearlessness... for taking chances...

i was beyond moved.

i was inspired by his words. his emotions. his being.

and i found myself hoping that someone would be able to say something half as nice as that about me when i leave this earth.

we never know what kind of profound impact someone may have on us.

we never know what kind of impact we can have on another.

i say we go out and impact each other with magic! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

holy shit

the post below is a clear example of how much of a complete psycho i am.

i mean, first i make this huge, exhausting case for the end of all voice mail as we know it... and then i end the fucking post telling people that i love their voice mails... that drunk ones make me laugh... and the ones from people i rarely hear from are the bestest and i keep them forever... MAKING MY WHOLE ENTIRE POST NULL AND VOID!!!!!


oh look! pictures! of new york! and random shit! you know, like my brain.


these aren't pictures of my brain.

they're just random stuff... like how my brain is all random and crazy and insane. argh, just go look!

west point

west point dance invite


barn in cooperstown

read the sign

the otsego hotel

hi, i'm the one who can't stand voice mail

i hate voice mail.

i mean, not your voice mail. yours is lovely. i should clarify that i mean, i can't stand CHECKING voice mail on my cell phone.

it irritates the living crap out of me. clearly, i've seen that you called. do you realllllly have to leave me a message that says you called? no shit.

it's right there.

on my missed call notification.

unless you have some super hot sighting of ryan gosling in the street in front of my house, there is really no reason to leave me a voice mail (and in all honesty, by the time i check the freaking thing, he'll be long gone anyway). can't you text me the information you need to convey?

it's just SO.MUCH.EASIER.

i don't say this because i'm lazy.

i say this because i enjoy being efficient. and checking my voice mail is ridiculously time consuming.

it takes forever.

i have to call it. then the stupid annoying lady bosses me around with all these directions i've heard 100 times before. the worst part is when i'm just trying to get the message you just HAD to leave for me, and i hear her say, "you have 2 messages that will be erased... first message from..." and then i have to deal with all of that crap just to get to your stupid message that says, "HEY. CALL ME."

i think to punish you...

i won't call you back.

for like a week.

you hear me voice mail leavers?

you're all on time out.

and i know you, friends of mine... you're all tempted to call me and leave me voice mails now just cause i told you not too. well don't get pissed at me when you tell me something "important" and i don't check it for a week.

that is seriously how much i hate checking my voice mail. and why i don't leave voice mails for other people. i assume y'all can't stand the amount of time it takes to check your voice mail either. if i call you and you don't answer, i trust that you saw i called. and if i just HAVE to tell you something, i'll text it to you. or if i NEED to talk to you, i'll text you to tell you to freaking call me cause i need to talk to you.

so i guess i don't really dislike my voice mail... i just dislike the amount of time it takes to check. i like things quick and easy.. you know, like my men.


10:01pm... um- edited to add.. this isn't entirely true cause um, i like hearing some of your voices. and i'd be sad if i didn't have voicemails from my drunk friends, my hot friends, etc... there is a reason i have three voicemails saved. it's cause they rule.

10:15pm pss- i think i just had a bad night. i had like 4 voice mails to check and 3 ones to get through to hear them. and then each voice mail was REALLLLLLY long.

10:21pm ppss- carry on people. call me. leave voice mail. do whatever. i just may not listen to it for a few days... but if it's good, i might just keep it forever!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my book & pretty pictures

i know, i know.. all i talk about is my book right? well it's REDUCED! it's only $2.99 right now for a limited time on amazon and smashwords! so if you were on the fence about getting it- get off the fence and buy the thing! :)

and thanks!! i have a blog post that talks about self publishing and what an idiot i am over on my author site. how can you resist reading something where i'm a complete jackass?! you can't. which is why you're going to click on that link and read my ramblings some more. right? thanks! lol

now here are some pretty pictures of a horsie to keep you happy while i head to the post office to mail off signed paperbacks!








you're welcome.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

let's talk grilled cheese sammies!

i just have to tell you that while in cooperstown, i had THE BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (sorry mom)!!!!!!!

first of all... look at the size of the freaking bread!!!!!!!! screw no carbs, i was all over this thing!
that is seriously the THICKEST bread i've ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!

but look at this thing. oh.em.gee. doesn't it look amazing?!?!! and i haven't even opened it yet!

OH DEAR GOD! for the love of all that is holy, LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEESE!!!!! and it's white cheese! white american cheese! i've never had a grilled cheese with white american cheese before. *dies*
holy deliciousness!  omg!  look at all that cheese!
that freaking grilled cheese was literally the best i've ever had in my life! has diners, drive in and dive's been to this diner in cooperstown?! if they haven't, they should go. like now.
i mean NOW.
oh yeah, and bring me with em.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the scandal at cooperstown!

first of all, cooperstown (aside from being the home to the baseball hall of fame) is also the home of the cooperstown dreams park. some lucky kids get the opportunity to play baseball there during 13 weeks of tournaments. if you don't play when you're 12, you won't ever get the chance again. the concept is super cool.

SO, if you keep up with my facebook posts then you know that out of 104 teams, we made it to the championship game during the week we were there!

pretty awesome, right?

we definitely thought so.

now here's where things get dicey. and i must mention that the rumor mill runs rampant at that park. i can't even tell you the amount of crazy things i heard that week.

the other "team" that made it into the championship game wasn't even a team before the tournament. they were put together by the man who OWNS cooperstown dreams field. this team had kids from 5 different states on it. our boys were like, "they didn't even know each other's names." apparently, the team was put together so that the owner's grandson could play on a winning team. another thing i heard was that they flew the pitcher in that day to pitch in the championship game. i don't know if that's true or not, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

let me side note really quickly with a, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!! your grandson HAS to win, or what? he feels just like the other 103 teams that played there and didn't win?!? what the hell are you teaching that kid? you have a sucky team that won't go very far.. don't worry kid, i'll BUILD one for you, and pay for the team to come there. i mean, what a freaking joke. it's one thing to care about your family, but it's another thing to seriously go overboard with the whole "winning" and "losing" concept. personally, i think that guy is sort of an asshole who needs to learn how to lose. not to mention the fact that he's probably not helping his grandson with any real character building experiences.... aside from having to deal with other kids hating him for being so spoiled. i suppose that builds character somewhere down the line.

now let me just say that teams being built like that- is not this totally crazy, far out concept. teams do it all the time. and if someone called me up and said, "hey jenn, we want to fly blake out to play on this team in florida- and all expenses are paid for." you'd find me hard pressed to say NO. so i get the concept. i understand the idea. and i'm not opposed to it, necessarily.....

but what i do think is...

there is a TIME and a PLACE for teams like that to be playing against one another. but that's the key- multiple teams like that- all sorts of built and put together teams to be playing against each other.

cooperstown dreams park tournament is NOT the time, NOR the place for something like that to happen.

you have to understand that the teams that go to those tournaments, are local little league times... or teams who play travel baseball together all the time. some of the teams are really great. and some aren't so great. but they're all there for the same reason- to play baseball in a really cool environment. to do the thing they enjoy doing. to play with heart. it isn't all about winning. it's about the experience.

so to have the freaking owner build a team to basically CRUSH all the other competetion, was just pathetic. no team that played that team stood a chance. we knew going into the game that there was no way in hell we were going to win. i don't care about that part- what i mean is, we didn't have to win the game, but it sure as hell would have been nice to at least have a GOOD game. there was no hope for a good game against this team of 6 foot 12 year olds, with a pitcher who threw 80 miles an hour.

yes people, 80 miles an hour for a 12 year old is NOT normal. that is crazy fast. the kid was ridiculously talented.

but how was that game fun for anyone? it wasn't fun to watch. it couldn't have been fun to play. not even for the team who crushed everyone. and really, didn't they do exactly what they were put together to do? oooooh, you guys got to the championship game? how shocking. you won the game? ooh, even bigger shocker.

i just think it was a really shitty move. not to mention pathetic.

what happened at that tournament should go against everything that park should be about. and the fact that it was the owner who did it, makes it even more jaw dropping. actually, that's the part that makes me ANGRY. that he knew what he was doing. what he was doing TO 103 other teams. he needs to see that he wasn't doing something great and nice for his grandson, but he was doing something selfish and mean to about 1200 other kids. his "gesture" was at the expense of everyone else there. and it wasn't fair. it wasn't a fair fight. and i just think it's wrong on every level, regardless of us being in the championship or not.

i know i wasn't the only one to feel that way because the ENTIRE stadium that night was rooting against that prebuilt team, and for us. they would have rooted against that team no matter what- everyone was so pissed off about the whole thing.

anyway, the true champions that night were this group of kids. at least in my eyes.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

my book is OUT!

my dear blog readers.. .the time has come! FINALLY!!!! my book is out! and available for purchase!!!! now the (other) hard part starts. getting people to BUY the damn thing! ha.. i need your help. if you buy it, read it, and love it... tell your friends! tell the neighbors kids down the street! tell people in public bathrooms! haha.. but really, my book will go nowhere without your big fat mouths telling people about it!!! so i need you. and i thank you. and appreciate you. self publishing is a lot of work- i'd love to feel like it was worth it, you know? xoxoxo

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