Thursday, July 28, 2011

holy self publishing!

i honestly had NO idea what i was getting into when i chose (read, could not for the life of me get a freaking agent) to self publish.

this entire process has been more time consuming than i ever could have imagined. i totally get now why amanda hocking says that she just wants to focus on writing, instead of finding an editor, designing a cover, formatting for paperback, creating the store for selling it, etc.

i've had my unedited book done for months. my editor FINALLY completed her round of revisions. and since then, i've been working on the final tweaks of the cover, and formatting it for paperback. currently, i'm waiting for the paperback review to say everything LOOKS okay for print- then i have to order a print. then if that looks good, i'm all set to sell!!!! but everyone says that the chances are pretty good that you'll find errors and things that need fixing (spacing out of order, paragraphs screwed up) in your book proof and you'll need to do everything





i have had to buy the original photograph used for my cover

shoot my own photographs and incorporate into the cover

spend HOURS upon HOURS designing the cover- merging the photographs- hoping they don't look like shit.

then RE-designing and then RE-designing again until my eyes felt like they were bleeding. literally. they hurt to stay open.

i have spent hours formatting my book for paperback release. you don't think about things like having the chapter start on the proper side of the book, do you? well you will now. :)

then to have it on kindle, is a whole completely OTHER set of formatting. that took me forever.

and if y'all have a different type of e-reader (nook, i-book, etc).. i had to format that for EPUB.

still with me?

not to mention that all of those formattings are associated with seperate websites. so now i have 3 sites i'm using for all of my book formats. each site has to have its own page and store. so all of that set up has been.... you guessed it, TIME CONSUMING!

not to mention my website. updating it. trying to stay involved when i feel like i haven't taken my head out of my laptop for days.

have i mentioned that through all of this- i haven't written (aside from editing) anything in MONTHS?! i'm dying. i'm dying to write the rest of the other 2 novels that are half finished. but i can't concentrate and work on those while i have all these other things to do associated with the release of 1 book.

good lord people, it's a shit ton of work.

and then not to mention the fact that since i am publishing myself- and i have to use an online site to print my books, etc. they charge by the page. and so my book has to be a certain price, or i will LITERALLY make .02 off of each copy sold. which sucks because i've worked hard, and i am continuing to work hard. you know? so the way i have it priced gets me a few bucks for each copy i sell. which still sounds crazy, but i refuse to charge $15 bucks for a freaking paperback! i won't do it, because if i was the reader, i wouldn't buy it.

so yeah. i'm waiting to order my book proof. but i'm one step closer than i was yesterday to releasing my book! :)


Unknown said...

Hey! I'm so glad I found your blog via Twitter because I am leaning toward going down this road and am trying to do all my research because it is all very overwhelming! Did you go through Lulu, Author House, etc. to help with the publishing process?

j.sterling said...

hi ariel!!!! congrats and GOOD LUCK!!! :)

okay, so for my paperback release, i'm working with createspace (super helpful team there, as well as a great community resource). so far, super happy with them! :)

for my kindle, obviously, amazon.

and then smashwords for the epub books (nook, i-book, etc)

Luv 2 Read said...

As a reader, I've never really thought about all that goes into writing, publishing and selling just one book. (I mean, you know there's a process of course, but you don't know what it is or anything like that.)
Wow! Sounds like alot of hard work. Hang in there, and I hope you do end up making a decent profit from all your hard work and creativity. :) You can count on at least one sale of it from this reader. :)

P.S. Will it be in bookstores, too?

j.sterling said...

luv 2 read- i freaking LOVE you!!! you have been amazing! and you helped make my cover SUPER-IFIC!!!! :)

it's crazy how hard self publishing is. i guess, not HARD really, just that everything takes a LOT of time to do. and nothing is as quick as you want it to be.

i don't think it will be in bookstores. i mean, i'm not working with any publishers that put it in stores. are there any bookstores anymore? haha, bad joke. i need to sleep with the ceo of target so that he'll put my books on their shelves! :)

Cassy said...

Good luck! I work with CreateSpace for my paperbacks, and with XinXii for my eBooks (PDF, ePUB, mobi).