Monday, July 11, 2011

HOW word of mouth really works

um. i'd like to say i feel like a sucker right now, but...

i don't.

but all you marketing people, you should pay attention. because THIS is truly how word of mouth works.

here we have DRINK NEURO.

now, i have seen them in the grocery stores a lot lately. i paid them attention to them at first because i liked their bright, fun colors. and i liked the shape of the bottle. it was different. SEE- PACKAGING TOTALLY WORKS. but we know this already, because i posted years ago about buying herbal essence because their new bottles were pretty! remember that?! yeah. packaing.sucker.

so... carry on to me forgetting about the drinks. or not wanting to try them because they were pricey. even though i would LOOK at them everytime i passed them in the store, i was never really pulled to BUY any of them.

cut to twitter. and my buddy Matt posting about this stupid drink on it.

so then i was like, "hmmmm, what is this drink all about? maybe i'll REALLY check it out the next time i go to the store."

but then i let that thought go and sort of forgot about it.

cut (again, yes. we're doing a lot of cutting. it's fun for me.) to an impromptu get together a few days later at a friends house. and her teenage daughter (who i LOVE, WORSHIP and ADORE!) starts talking about the dang neuro drinks! she says how they are her most favorite drinks ever, she drinks them all the time, she LOVES them, they are so good, etc.

and that my folks, was all it took.

2 people who i know talking about the same brand of drink within about a 3 day time period.

so what happened next?

if you guessed that i went to the store and bought one of each drinks that they were carrying...




so far i've tried 3 of them (sleep, sonic and sun). and up to now, THIS one is my most fave.

(yeah. that's me. sitting IN the sun, drinking SUN for the full affect. brilliant i tell you. how someone hasn't hired me is beyond all reason.)

it's freaking delicious!!! and i half wonder if i love it the most because it was the first one i tried? i dunno, all i do know is that it's really yummy.

and i didn't even want to buy it to be honest. i thought it sounded stupid. but the boy wanted it. he said i HAD to get it. so of course i love the one the most that was the least appealing to me. HA!

go figure that one out geniuses. :)

was there a lesson to be learned here? probably for marketers everywhere. and matt, i hope you get buttloads of cases of neuro sleep (and send the NEURO SUN's to meeeee) for free!

and um, if you're in the market for a new drink... you should try them out. and i should mention that i did drink a sleep before bed (i thought the taste was EH. i mean, not awful by any means, just not super yummy like SUN) and i feel like i slept more soundly than i have in weeks. but that could be the exhaustion setting in? or maybe the drink really does work?

if you try them, let me know! if you already love em, tell me which one's your most favorite! and you think i'm a total sucker, you can tell me that in the comments section right before i tell you to go blow yourself. ha


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen these yet.
They're non-alcoholic, right?
I mean I take it they are, with the
story you posted.

j.sterling said...

anon- NON alcoholic is correct! some of them say not to give to kids under 12 though- might be the ingredients in them (i assume)..

anyway! try em! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, because you just said they were good, I'm going to try them. That's how word of mouth marketing works too! LOL

Melizzard said...

You're absolutely right - this is how word of mouth works.. and 100% because you weren't being paid to do it. If you had been "sponsored" I never would have ordered them. They aren't sold in the South yet evidently but Amazon is sending me a multi pack with free shipping. Can't wait to see the husband's eyes roll when they arrive.

j.sterling said...

melizzard- you totally rule!!!! :)
what kind did you order, or does it come with ALL of the flavors?!?! so far, i still like SUN the best, with BLISS a close second! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen these here yet, but was wondering if they come in sugar free?

j.sterling said...

dear sugar free anon...
i don't think they do, BUT they have VERY LITTLE sugar in them! the whole bottle is only 35 calories and there's a total of 9g of carbs/sugar in the whole thing! i think the only one with more sugar/calories is the sport one. and then they also have a water- and well, that's 0 everything. lol

Anonymous said...

If I see 'em, I'll be sure to check 'em out!

Anon #1
(not anon #2 or #3...LOL!)