Wednesday, May 04, 2011

oh, HI!

it's so weird.. what the warm weather does to me.

first of all, i freaking LOVE it. i mean, L-O-V-E!!!!! it makes me so incredibly happy to wake up and have it be warm. to walk outside and not shiver in the freezing air that greets me.


but it's funny, how when it's warm out.... i not only get really happy.... i want to have all the windows down in my car... i want to BLAST music that screams SUMMERTIME fun! i want to shake my blonde hair everywhere... i love my sunglasses and my tan. and i get all cocky in a way.

which is so weird, but really... the heat makes me feel all badass. don't ask why. nothing has changed from a cold day to a hot one- but i get all.. WOO HOO, LOOK AT ME AND MY FINE SELF!

things could be worse.

but the most interesting thing i've found about the warm weather, is how i subconsciously want to write. my books i mean.

i think it's because i started writing my first book (in dreams) last summer. and so there is something about when the weather is hot that makes my creative juices boil. i have been coming apart at the seams lately. bursting with ideas, creativity, thoughts, and stories for my books!

i want to write.

because it's warm.

which is all sorts of awesome.

and probably weird. lol

anyway, hope y'all are doing awesome. hope it's warm where you are! xoxo


Grand Pooba said...

I am so jealous, I want warmth!! Come on, didn't your mother teach you to share??

judy in ky said...

I'm jealous too. We have had chilly, cloudy rain for weeks now. Even when the sun does shine I can't get a tan... I just burn and blister. So, you are very lucky.

A said...

If it's warm you want, try Florida. :)
Well, I guess you would get HOT instead of warm.
90 degrees HOT.
(Talk about creative juices boiling. LOL)
I'm not complaining though, cos' I HATE cold weather.