Friday, May 13, 2011

is my kid the only one

who comes home from school as if he hasn't eaten all day?

i mean, i remember coming home from school and wanting a snack... needing like a bite of something to eat.  but the boy? he gets home and wants a full freaking meal!  I mean, he wants dinner.... and then dinner again later.  i'm not kidding. 

the first thing out of his mouth after he literally BLASTS through the front door and YELLS either "hi mom" or "hi ster" is always..... "i'm starving, what can i have?"

if course he hates everything we have in the house, even if HE picked it!  but when he does find food he wants, it seriously is like a complete replica of what i packed him for lunch. whyyyyyyyy is he so hungry?

what the heck?  are your kids this hungry after school?  what do you feed the monsters?


Jill said...

Ours eats everything in the refer from top to bottom. I go to the store 3 times a week. You can't fill the kid up its like a bottomless pit! Then he goes to work and comes home and sits down to dinner. I don't where it goes either he is not fat or even close. He went through 2 gallons of milk this week by himself so cheer up yours is younger.....HAHAHA!

toots said...

He's a boy. The end.

Alison said...

Nicholas is ALWAYS hungry. I am really worried about our future grocery bill.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the kiddies yet but the husband eats EVERYTHING!!! For example he will eat an entire TJ's pizza himself and can eat an entire gallon box of goldfish in 2 nights. So, apparently they never change. =)

judy in ky said...


Table4Five said...

We go through so many gallons of milk in a week that it would be cheaper to just buy a COW. Ryan and Nathan come home from school and eat like they are starving to death. When they just had lunch like 3 hours earlier. Everyone warned me that boys did that, but I had no idea how much!