Tuesday, November 23, 2010


so we all know how overly excited i get for movies for come out. and then typically, i'm disappointed. i have to preface this post by letting y'all know that i have not read a single harry potter book. i really do want too. but i just haven't... yet. and maybe that's most of my problem. ha


i was beyond thrilled to see this movie. beyond thrilled. i even convinced boyfriend to go during opening weekend and tolerate the whispering and annoyances of constantly chatting teenage girls (who i eventually had to turn around and tell to shut the hell up).

so, the movie. i don't know. it was kind of.... boring? i was kind of bored. i mean, i'm not used to a harry potter movie with very little action, and that's what that one was. also, it's not as much fun if they aren't at hogwarts. it's weird seeing all those characters in "normal" places like the beach and sitting in sand with tall grass blowing around them. it's like my brain can't process that this is a harry potter movie or something. i seriously wonder how necessary this was to have that be an entire movie all on its own. couldn't we have fit all of that information into 45 minutes and then tacked it onto the last movie? a three hour movie isn't unheard of these days, so what the hell? how much of that drawn out, let's sit in a tent some more, was needed?

i feel like a lot of things were explained, but still.. not a lot happened. and what was up with the super emotional burial of dobie... but the completely looked over, and barely mentioned death of mad eye moody? in the opening fight scenes in the sky, why didn't we see more? why weren't we shown how he died? they only briefly mentioned it (which i didn't even understand WHO they said died for the first three times they said it) and then just moved along. i thought that kind of sucked. i would have liked to have seen the fight scene, or whatever it was that killed him. and then had people actually care, or be upset that he was killed. sure it was sad that dobie died, but i haven't seen that character in so long, i kind of cared less.

another thing? harry potter isn't as fun when it's just the three characters the whole time. in all honesty, they aren't that entertaining all by themselves (although there was good humor and ron is awesome). i missed neville... and everyone else. it's more fun when it's a group of them... and um, what the hell was up with the freaking harry/hermoime porn kissing scene?? jesus. talk about uncomfortable. why did they have to be naked when they were fake making out?!?! ew.

also... i feel like scenes that were shown in the movie trailer, didn't even happen in this movie. or am i totally wrong?

so yeah. i'm still excited for the next movie, but mostly because it's supposed to be action the whole time. which clearly, i need.

did you love the movie? would i love it more had i read the books?


Anonymous said...

this is the only book I havent read yet.....and I dont plan to see this until vid only cause the boys could careless now about harry and the last movie dissapointed me

and I cant even imagine a Potter movie without Hogwarts.

freakin cat said...

anonymous was frm ME CATTTTTTTTTTTTT

emily said...

I can't stress how badly you need to read the books. It would have been terrible to combine both parts. The second half is a completely action packed and intense.
As for the boringness, the kids had to be alone to deal with the task of killing Voldemort. And I thought Yates did a fantastic job of portraying how lonely they felt. No one except the elf got a proper burial until all is done and settled. There wasn't time to be sad or slow down.

Issa said...

I think you need to read the books. Just because there is sooooooo much they didn't go into. Maybe read them all after the movies are done?

I agree in a lot of ways. But it really set up the ending. The book was like that too. They did a better job this movie than on any of the others, as far as following the book. Dobby was important friend. Mad-eye was too. But even in the book, they don't have time to anything for him. Because they literally leave in two days. Also? They can't admit he's dead. Or how he died. If that makes sense.

But the way Dobby dies, changes something big for the next part of the book. And movie. Promise.

Also, just know the next half will be all action. You will adore it. :)

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