Monday, November 22, 2010

discounts! for your face!

skin care rx... the website where i buy my face wash products (the m2 product line)... and where i get my replacement discs for my home micro-dermabrasian kit (which i still totally love by the way) is having a sale. well, it's a private sale for friends and family only. you know the kind. anyway, i wanted to pass along these savings to you, because for as long as i've been involved with this website, i've never seen a 25% discount before. i've never seen more than 15% to be honest.

so head on over to the skinmedica and put in the code: FF25
*Excludes some brands.
Expires Dec. 1, 2010

i'm heading over there right now because i'm out of 1 thing and i really want to try some kinerase product!!! :)