Sunday, October 10, 2010

what was lost

... is still lost.

it's funny how things work out. or how things happen. we got a last minute call on saturday asking if blake could play up (on the older travel ball team) for a game that was almost 2 hours away. we pretty much dropped what we were doing.. (which was nothing) and headed out.

blake played great and hit the crap out of the ball, but that's so not the point of this post. after the game was over, we sat in the snack bar and blake ate some pizza. we got up to leave and he completely forgot his baseball bag. i didn't notice he didn't have it either...

until we got home.

i told him not to leave his bag in the car. and then he looked at me and said it wasn't in the car. i told him to think about if he remembered grabbing it from the snack bar or not. he said he didn't.

so his bag, with his baseball jacket and about 3 or so gloves in it... was left at the ballfield. a tournament ballfield, where everyone is there for the same reason. to play baseball.

but no one has turned the bag in yet.

and i'm shocked because it's not like he left it in a public park or something. he left it in a baseball stadium, where you have to pay to get in, and where everyone there is playing in games. they already have baseball equipment! so i don't understand where the bag went.

and everyone keeps telling me that i'm a complete idiot because "of course" someone stole it, but my mind... or maybe it's my heart... it won't let me go there. i keep thinking that maybe a coach grabbed it thinking it was one of his kids bags, and now he's stuck with it, because it isn't one of his kids bags. or maybe a parent grabbed it on accident. everything in my mind is an accident. i would never think that someone would blatantly steal a child's property. who wants to rob a kid of his glove??? and his bag??? who does that?

i know, i know, i'm naive.. or stupid.. or think too highly of people.

i just think it sucks. i'm really hoping that it still turns up. because i would never take a bag i saw lying on a chair at the tournament. i would assume the kid was still around... or that he forgot it and he'll be back to look for it right where he left it. i wouldn't take it. if anything, i'd turn it into lost & found, but in all honesty, i most likely wouldn't touch it at all.

it makes me really sad to think that someone might have stolen it purposely. but i'll hold out hope, until it all runs out, that it will still show up. because i believe in the goodness of people..


A said...

I like to believe the same way you do.
Here's an example: Just yesterday, my dad lost something at the store. He didn't realize til we were in line, items on the conveyer belt. I back-tracked our steps and was just about to head out to the parking lot to look, when he signaled to me he had it. Turns out, someone found it in the parking lot and turned it in to the cashier! Just so happens it was the cashier who's line we were in. AND...that was the 3rd line we went to. First two lines too long, so we changed to that line. Pretty lucky!
Hope his bag turns up for you! :)

Hopefully, someone just found it and has no idea where to return it. Have you contacted the team he played with? Or against? (That's probably a stupid comment. You've probably already done that, right?)
Good luck! :)


Jill said...

Make sure you hit craiglist and ebay just to make sure. Its sad we can't think that way anymore. You hope folks are honest but chance are..........