Tuesday, September 28, 2010

getting rejected left and right!

so my book is done! well, the first version is done. i know i still need to edit, but here's the thing about writing a book- the characters, the story, everything about is SO.PERSONAL. to you as the writer. it's hard to see outside the box anymore. that's why i feel like i need professional help, you know? i need an editor.

i think i have a really good story, with some really amazing and loveable characters. that's the biggest thing... i am IN LOVE with my characters. but i also am not naive enough to think that my story is in the best possible shape it can be in. it can be better. it can probably always be better. but that's where i stop seeing where i can improve it... because i'm too close to it, you know?

even in knowing i need to shape this story up... i've sent out query letters to some literary agents. i'm hoping that someone will be interested enough in my story to want to request some pages. and then i'm hoping that those pages will interest them enough to want to request the whole thing. so far... i've gotten 5 rejections.


i just have to laugh. because if i was an editor, i'd probably reject my query letter too! i mean, for those of you who don't know... a query letter is basically summing up your entire book in 1 paragraph. how are you supposed to sum up an entire book in ONE PARAGRAPH?!?!?! i don't know, but people do it all the time.

my biggest problem i think? while i love love love my characters... and i truly do love the story.. i'm not sure how unique or powerful it is. for me.... i write really honestly and really naturally. i feel like the story i've written is something that could happen in real life. the characters are real.. everything is just .... real-esque? and maybe that's boring? maybe it's not fantastical enough? but it's how i am. i write real. in my opinion, that makes a good story.

but what the fuck do i know?

anyway.... if worse comes to worse and i find that i cannot find an agent, or someone who wants to publish the book, i will end up publishing and selling it myself. self publishing! but in all honesty, i'd prefer to get published.

so that's where i'm at... the corner of rejection blvd and still hopeful circle.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 miles on a beach cruiser?


there were a lot of naysayers.. there were a lot of people giving me ridiculous amounts of shit for attempting to do 40 miles of hills and what not on a beach cruiser.
what these people don't understand is that... my bike? the bike i own? it's a 7 speed raleigh cruiser. and i love it. and it's my bike. and if i'm going to do a bike ride? well, i'm going to do it on my bike. it wasn't a race... it was a ride. so who cares?
ms 028

the night before the race, there was a party. a carbo-loading, drink too much before we ride in 100 degree heat, party. i sort of have awesome friends.
ms 023

ms 018

this party is also where we learned that bike jersey's fit REALLY small and everyone was freaking out about the sizes.
please note that i clearly look like a part of nascar's pit crew. MORE OIL! NEW TIRES! GO GO GO!

the ride itself was challenging on my bike. i definitely had to get off a few times and walk up the grades and hills if they were too long, or too steep. my cruiser isn't made for hills. but it was fine. the rest stops were awesome and were filled with so much food, i didn't ever want to leave. let me mention that orange slices and fruit snacks have NEVER tasted so good. anyway, a lot of you have asked me if it was fun... and i'm not sure that's the appropriate word. ha.. it was different?

this was us at around 7 in the morning.. before the ride.
all happy before the ride

bomber babes ready to ride!

this was us after the ride. we still looked hot.. i think if i had a miserable and unbearable time, i would not have looked this good. ahhahaha
karen and jennster

kerry and jennster AFTER the 40 mile ride!

our team tent was vastly superior to every other tent there (except smiley jack- we loved your tent)... but our tent was better because we WON best team tent AND best team jersey!!!!!
ms 119

winners!!!!  best tent and best team jersey!!!

i will say that every.single.person who passed me on my bike, or who i passed made a comment on how much they loved my bike.. how crazy i was.. how impressed they were with me.. all really positive and nice things. so that was fun for me. :) i am certain if they had a coolest bike award, i would have won dammit!!!!!!

the overall day was fun times, with fun friends.. and new friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

suddenly this is a photo blog

shit, all i do is post pictures anymore.

but that's what i've been doing i guess.. taking lots of pics.
speaking of, i still hate this stupid pos point and shoot. never knew how attached i was to my canon (dur)... i hate being seperated from it. i NEED it. hurry back to me my love, for i am only part a ster without you!!!!!

quick side note- still writing my first fictional novel. it f'n rocks and thank the goddess for a couple of great friends who are reading everything and giving me feedback. i thought i was almost done until i was told "THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!!" and so it's back to writing and making the story great(er)!!!! i also have an idea for a second bood, which i never thought i'd ever have. so all of this writing and storytelling is super exciting and fun.

anyway- back to photo time!!! we went to the beach for a baseball tournament this past weekend... it was overcast and ugly, but still warm, which made me happy. i'd rather be warm than cold any day of the week, but y'all know this already.


we play rockstars on tv
kerry, jackie and ster

moms in santa cruz

waiting for the kids

it was also my gf's bd and so i went out with her and her friends....

rachel is so skinny, she makes me look like i have a fat head. or maybe i really do have a fat head? you can call me that from now on (just not to my face thanks)
rach & ster

the birthday girl, val and meeee
angela, valerie, jennster

dinner (but mostly just drinks)
birthday dinner

fat head signing out..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the evolution of my driver's license pictures!

i just got my new license picture in the mail and so i thought i'd post all my license pictures throughout the years!!!

and i totally want you to do the same! i want to see everyone's drivers license pics! come on, it will be FUN!!!! :)

not to mention super embarassing. whose idea was this anyway??

here i am.. fresh off the driver's license boat (ha).. at 16 years old! woot woot.. good lord. look at those bangs!!! and that face. clearly, i hadn't perfected my amazing picture taking model skills yet!!! (cannot believe i'm posting this shit)

um.. here's the next one. i think i was like 22 in this pic. wtf is going on with my hair? i mean, i'm really asking because i have no clue what i did to it. why the f am i so white?!??!! i was never this white.. .omg, cause i bet this was when i lived in stupid san jose and of course i was white, cause we could never go to the beach. gross.

now we're getting better. this was after i had blake and at least i look more like myself here. at least i think so, although no one else does. i can't even tell you how much crap i get when i go out with this pic- the bouncer never thinks it's me. which is lame, because hello.. CLEARLY that is sooo me. i have the same face, do i not?!?!! anyway, that's why i waited in line for almost 3 hours at the dmv the other week... needed a newer, fresher, jennster pic! i should have totally signed my license as jennster. hahahah

and here it is. my newest pic! i don't love it. i barely like it. i'm half tempted to go yell at the guy who took my pic and told me it was hot. he was either lying, blind or just hated me. i wish you could tell how mother f'n fantastic my eyelashes were this day. argh.

even though this was embarassing, it was still fun. YOUR TURN! come on, don't puss out! just do it!!! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

meet my magical wish wand!!!!

so, when i was in so cal for my birthday i went into a party supply store to look for some stuff.

i saw a glow stick star wand that i just HAD! TO! HAVE!!!!

bd 042

so i bought it. and i named it my magical wish wand!!!

and the world was happy. (or at least i was)


i would ask strangers if they had a wish. and when the said yes, i would make them close their yes... make their wish... and then i made them kiss the wish wand!!!!

and they did it too!!!! everyone i asked to kiss the magical wishing star wand, WOULD DO IT! hahaha.. i really needed to take pictures of the strangers with the wish wand, but i failed. it's cause i hated the camera. lol

but it was so awesome! and so fun!!! i hope that whatever everyone wished for, comes true for them. :) maybe i will be magical after all.


no, that wasn't where the wand was when they kissed it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i broke my mother f'n camera


can we all pause for a moment and just wallow in the fact that i've broken my camera?!?!?!! i was cleaning the lens and this spring thing that controls the focus fell out of the body. i tried to fix it. i even got the thing back on and in there, but it's still not taking pictures properly. :( about 1/3 of the picture is all black.

this happened thursday afternoon. so of course i flipped out because i was heading to so cal for the weekend and i cannot travel without a camera!!!! i hauled ass to the camera store and asked them if they could fix my canon. they said no. (did you know that you have to send everything back to the company now? like no one fixes camera's anymore? sigh) so i bought a point and shoot because like i said.. I CANNOT NOT HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!

let me be very clear when i tell you that i think i hate this camera (not as much as i hated that pos cell phone replacement), but it sucks. i guess i just needed to figure it out and spend more time with it, but i hate the flash. i avoid using the flash whenever possible. but this stupid camera flashed all the time. so all the pics... we all look like oil banks. everyone is shiny, greasy, crappy looking mess. (by everyone, i really just mean myself)

sue, ster, sandi

lol- this is what happens after high school



jenn & sandi

i really need to send my camera back asap, cause i am lost without it. first my ass, now this!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

without my ass, i don't know who i am!!


i am getting thinner. (it's the running people, i told you already).

my legs are getting nicer. which is fine and stuff, but there is a problem here.

my ass.

it is apparently getting SMALLER!!!!!!!!

my sister and i went out and when i made a comment about how my sister was always cold because she weighs 90 pounds, some guy said to me, "well look at yourself."

OH MY GOSH, that fucker just called me skinny!!! he insinuated that i was THIN! thin like my sister (which is a complete and utter ridiculous joke if you have ever seen my sister in real life). and i got all sorts of pissed off.

because i don't want to be SKINNY!!!!!! i mean, i don't want to be fat either, but um.. that is not the point of this blog post.

so then i made some comment about how my ass alone weighs 90 pounds and he looked at my ass in my jeans (which are way too big by the way.. UGH) and said that i don't even have a big ass!!!!!!

i could have dropped dead right then and there.

or punched the guy in the throat.

listen, maybe he was just trying to be cute and coy and sweet and stuff. maybe he stupidly thought that by telling me i didn't have a big ass, that i'd be flattered or something.



if my ass is gone...or disappearing.. i don't know how to be!!!

i have been defined by my ass for as long as i can remember...
I HAVE AN ASS LIKE AN ONION (so fine it makes a grown man cry)!!!!!

this is who i am. it's what i am. my ass needs its own facebook fan page. my ass goes crazy on the dancefloor. it's always been me and my ass against the world!!!!!!!

i feel lost.

i'm going to go eat some donuts.

tell me it's not gone people.


Saturday, September 11, 2010


please visit my older blog posts to read about the tributes i have done to victims of 9/11 (click on their names down below).

never forget.

continue growing, learning, loving and living... but always remember what we lost that day.

in my hearts forever. xoxo

leah e. oliver

salvatore calabro

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the weather's changin'

so it's going from cold.. to colder.
this blog post is coming from my new cell phone (that i am completely in love with by the way).. i am sitting in the dmv waiting to take my new driver's license picture. i look pretty for it. i've been here for 2 hours. i know, i know.. make an appointment, right? but when the appointments are a month away, i'd rather wait. it's not like i have a job or anything.

i am still writing my book.. although i have not written in four days (which is the longest i've gone since i really started writing). i have written 157 pages and there isn't much story left to tell. it is super exciting and i am hoping for lots of positive and really cool things for it!!! you never know. think good thoughts, k? thanks!! :)

i went and saw an old friend and his adorable gf in napa yesterday. it was her birthday and he was drunk. he looked like santa claus, so i sat on his lap and told him i wanted a puppy for christmas. he said i could have one, so now i can't wait til december!!!! pretend santa's don't lie! anyway, i forget how much i truly miss people once i stop seeing them on a daily basis. you know? it was so great to see him, laugh with him, and just spend time together (although it's NEVER enough time). i have a lot of good people in my life who are so enjoyable.
she has the boobs and i have the booty



the boy and i are heading to so cal this weekend for my birthday. i heard the weather is supposed to suck, which makes me want to cry, but it can't suck any worse than the stupid weather here.. so who cares?!?! haha

dear so cal.. i am coming home. prepare yo'selves!!! lol super awesome pictures from that weekend to come, i'm sure!!!

hope y'all are doing well and enjoying life. i do miss you and think of you often! :)