Thursday, August 12, 2010

still soul searching.. with pictures!

it has been such a fantastic past couple of weeks for me. we already talked about how much i loved my trip to the east coast to see my girls.. and how life changing.. or eye opening.. or whatever it was for me. i love when the simplest things can affect me in ways that make me stop and reevaluate what i'm doing in my life. i find myself in a place right now where i just want to really experience and live all that life has to offer. and when i talk about it to people, i know they can't relate to what i'm saying. i know i'm just in a different place then they are. i'm wanting different things and they probably think i'm crazy. who knows, i probably am. but i don't care. there's this part of me that just wants to see things, and do things, experience things and meet people and have it all matter so incredibly much. like i posted about months ago... i'm still looking to be inspired. i want to look back on my life and feel like i really lived it. not the way society tells us too, but the way my soul craves me too. with purpose and meaning.

i was talking to becky and matt when they were here about how freeing it is to get fired from a job in the sense that you suddenly feel like the whole world is open to you again. not that the world was ever closed, but you get so caught up in the rut of working sometimes, that you feel like have no options. you feel stuck. you feel like you can't go do what you want, when you want.. because the money is too important. because if you lose your job, there is this huge list of responsibilities that come crashing down on you all directly correlated to losing your income. it's easy to stop living because you're too busy paying to live. there has to be some balance in there somewhere.

here's to hoping i find it.

but in the meantime... here are some amazing pictures we took from becks & catjacks visit to the ster casa! they're all gone now and my house is so sad. it's quiet and lonely and empty. and i'm sick and feel like shit. we went out dancing and we went to san fran and i took the girls to the coach outlets and they each got a new purse!!!

and we had a photo shoot.
on a boat.
in the street.

i am thankful for my incredible friends. i wish we all lived closer so that these visits were far less rare and so that these photo shoots were far more often. ha





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Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

it was so much fun and thank you again for letting us stay. i wish i could go back RIGHT NOW.

mel said...

I'm so there. I need to be inspired and see things and people. I sooo need a weekend like this. damn.

CAT said...

sooo glad we came. thank you so much for all that you supplied--dinners, beds, fun ass times. LOVED IT AND LOVE YOU GUYS

NancyC said...

I so need a trip likes this. One of these days. I live vicariously through all of you and love it.

Jax said...

I cant see the photos (stupid work server) but glad you had a blast!

And I know about the whole getting fired/inspiration thing. The best thing that EVER happened to me was leaving the law firm. BEST.THING.EVER. It renewed my perspective on pretty much everything. I used to work on every single break from school..I'd never go visit friends in different cities or even take time off! All for a stupid job I didnt really like anyway! All b/c I was planning a future I didnt even really want!

Anyway, since then I've definitely done what you're doing and let my hair down to enjoy the present a lot more! Life is out there and we've only got one chance to live it! :) You go, girl!

Grand Pooba said...

Look at you hotties!