Sunday, July 18, 2010

the post that got ruined because apparently i have a conscience

i had every intention on writing an open letter to californian's who are ripping up their lawns to put in stupid shit like rocks.. mulch.. wood chips.. etc.. and i was going to say something like i realize that it's becoming fashionable (or maybe it's just affordable) to replace your lawn with other things these days. and i was going to admit that while i'll probably never fully love this concept because i really love the way grass looks... (call me crazy, but i just sort of feel like front yards should um... have a yard... with a lawn.. to run on... and fall on.. and play on) i understand the plight of our constant water shortages (even if i may never understand it.. it seems to do nothing but freaking rain up here).. our high water bills.. and the maintenance factor of having a lawn. i get why people are tearing up their pretty green grass and putting rocks down instead. nothing to mow! nothing to water! i get it. truly i do.

and while i guess that this it is acceptable to have nothing but wood chips and weird desert plants in the front of your house, i must draw the line and put my foot down at what i've been seeing lately.

IT IS NOT OKAY TO TEAR UP YOUR LAWN AND START GROWING CORN IN YOUR FRONT YARD. this is not only freaking ridiculous, it's just plain weird. i mean, are you trying to hide your house from the world.. because no one can see your it behind your CORN. IN THE FRONT YARD. are you raising the children of the corn? we're not in iowa okay? plant that shit in your backyard where no one else is forced to look at it. i mean, it's awesome that you are growing food to eat and maybe sell and i think that's cool. but it's just freaking odd to have entire enormous stalks of corn growing in your front lawn area. but then again, maybe it's just me.
or maybe not?

but see.. that? right there? that is where my conscience crept in. because i went and took a picture of said corn growing in the front yard.. and then I FOUND ANOTHER HOUSE GROWING CORN IN THE FRONT YARD... and then i was taking pictures of other things that i thought were totally not okay to put in your front yard instead of grass and then i started to feel fucking terrible about being such a judgemental bitch. (clearly not that terrible, since i still posted one of the pics) but i felt bad about all the pictures i took. and i decided that i couldn't post them all. and i deleted them from my camera, feeling mean and nasty the whole time.

i guess it's one thing to have thoughts and opinions, but it's another to take pictures of people's homes and then totally make fun of them without knowing their personal situation, or anything about them. you know? so yeah.

conscience overload.

but you still shouldn't grow corn in your front yard.


Unknown said...

Sorry sweetie, but as much as I understand the idea that people shouldn't be growing corn to hide their homes in their front yards, I have to side with the corn growers. With how bad the economy is these days and really, we should all learn to be self-sustainable anyway...I'm all for growing your own food and taking advantage of any space you have to make it happen. I like having grass to run and play on but really, how many times a year do YOU play and run on the grass? If it weren't for our stupid HOA rules, I would totally start a garden in the front yard. We've got a humongous yard in the front and the sides of the house (by the garage) that I consider a total waste of space. I'm all about reducing, reusing and recycling too (yes, I'm a green Mama). Owning my own house isn't to please other people and to make sure to keep up with the aesthetics for other people's benefit, I own my home and want to be able to do whatever the hell I want to it without other people judging me for it. I mean, as long as I don't paint my house neon green with purple stripes, I think you SHOULD be able to do whatever you want that is within reasonable means. Sorry, but after living through such a horrible HOA situation here and having to follow all these stupid rules, I can't wait to move somewhere that I CAN grow a garden in the front yard and have noone come knocking on my door because of it.

Ericka said...

huh. you should hear my rants about the ignorant jackasses that decide that they have to have a lawn after moving to the DESERT. and then i move on to rants about what an utter waste of energy grass is and how i refuse to ever waste water on it, or really even mow it... and you don't even want to get me started on golf courses - and water fountains - outside. in the desert. g*dd*mn idiots.

j.sterling said...

meg- clearly you are crazy and should seek medical help. lol i am all for growing your own food and what not, i just think it looks terrible in the front yard. clearly, i'm a yard snob.

ericka- in the desert, it's all about desert plants, rocks, etc.. putting in grass would be a huge waste of time, energy, resources, etc. totally agree. but you could put in TURF!!! lol

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i'm totally siding with you jenn. no way would i freakin grow corn ANYWHERE in my yard, let alone the front. wtf.

Alison said...

If one of my neighbors was growing corn in the front yard, I would have a little fit. Out of respect for your neighbors who have spent a lot of money on their home and care about the look of the neighborhood, the front of the house, yard included, should be maintained and kept neat (grass, rocks, whatever). I do not think this is snobbish at all, but simply showing pride in what I have. If someone wants to grow corn in their FRONT yard, then they should move to a rural area where that is acceptable.

It's possible to be "green" without bringing down the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one Jennster!!
Thank the goddess for county ordinances or I'd be dealing with the same type of freaks. Those who want to grow CORN (in still freaked about this) in their front yards should be in the country! Don't get me wrong, I love when people have gardens..etc...but have some common sense! Jade

judy in ky said...

I guess this trend hasn't come to my part of the world. I haven't seen anyone growing corn in their front yard. But it reminded me of a funny thing my mom did a long time ago. She had a pretty bed of roses by the front porch, and one year a corn plant sprouted up out of the ground in the middle of the roses. She had no idea where it came from. She's one of those zen pacifist types who wouldn't kill a bug; so she just let the corn plant grow rather than kill it. So, she was the talk of the block when she had a big old corn plant growing amidst her rose bed.