Friday, July 09, 2010

my hair might be orange

sometimes i like to spice things up and add a little color to my hair just for fun.

so i bought this crazy ass red to do some streaks. i've done it before, so i know that my hair can't really handle it and normally- the red would fade to some crazy brown after like 4 days.

but this time? lol

this time... my hair is ORANGE.

well it started out more red at first .. see?
i put some red in my hair... but it came out orange.  lol

but within a day.. it became far more orange.
colorful hair ha
see????? it totally looks like i took a crayola marker and just colored my hair with it. HAHAH. but you know what? i don't care. it makes me laugh. and i know it won't last forever. and also, i know i can fix it if i want too.

which i probably will at some point if i realize that HELLO, THIS ORANGE IS NOT FADING! which would so be my luck. so we'll see.

i might have also bought some insane $8 dollar extensions from sally's that are so freaking sick i can barely stand it. i wish my hair would grow as long as these extensions. they are fierce!!!! i love them.

see?? (please note this was my just slapping em in super quick so i could take a picture and it's also not all of them)
my clip in extensions

extensions again
my main question about clip in extensions?? how the hell and what the hell do you store them in??? HELP

clearly i am hair obsessed lately. which has rubbed off on my son because later today... i'm highlighting his hair with navy blue color. lord help us all.


Table4Five said...

Yeah, um, that's orange all right. And dang those extensions are long! You know you look gorgeous no matter what color your hair is though, right? :)

Miss ya!

j.sterling said...

hahaha.. I LOVE THE LENGTH!!!!!! the extensions are crazy long, but they are so fun!!!!!!! i wish my hair would grow that long!

Laurie said...

Jenn, I love the extensions!