Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY front walkway!!! aka my wrist will never be the same

so.. boyfriend and i prepped an area in front of our house probably a freaking year ago to put down some sort of paver stone.
pre walkway
we got grass and turned what was once hideous and gross ugly bushes into a gravel pit, and then the other dead and awful area of the yard into pretty grass.
more outside.. we're cutting it all out folks

because my girlfriends are coming out in like 4 weeks, i have a fire lit under my ass to finally get things done that i've put off for forever. i realize that it's not a great time for me to be spending money, but you know what? this front porch and our walkway NEEDED to be done. and it's been sitting there, looking like embarrassing shit for over a year. not to mention the fact that it was literally a gravel pit for people to attempt to walk on, so i don't care that i probably "shouldn't" have done it now. clearly i wasn't going to do it when i HAD a job, so at least it's done!

i must say that i am a brilliant mother f'n genius and i made the amount of stone i bought work (when it wasn't enough at all) by creating a border around the area of the lawn and the house... and when the amount i bought still wasn't enough? i made the border BIGGER! and then, i was only short literally 2 pieces of stone. so i patted myself on the back.. told myself i rocked.. and then wanted to die because holy crap, doing stone stuff yourself is kinda hard.
and it takes forever.
and you have mini meltdowns because you get hungry.
and then you get thirsty.
and then you see people walk by and stop and stare and make polite conversation but you know the whole time THEY ARE JUDGING YOU and you want to put some stone in a place on their body it can't possibly go. but that's not nice, so you smile and wave and then tell them unless they're about to pick up some stones and get to work, you have to stop chatting with them. that usually gets them to leave because seriously, who wants to help with this shit?!

thankfully, blake wanted to help! he shoveled dirt (after he mowed the lawn ..and weeds.. in the backyard)
dirt helper
and then he worked on chipping away some concrete from our steps
rock helper

we started with a big pile of dirt (also known as a "yard")

and a ton and a half stack of stones.

tacoma does not look entertained
tacoma is super enthralled

so then boyfriend (who was unbelievably amazing and did so much of this job himself because i would have never been so meticulous or organized. don't get me wrong, the stones would have gotten done and they would look pretty, but they would be all wobbly and not level and all of us girls in high heels would fall and break things. so basically, he is amazing.. not to mention SO GOOD at doing stuff like this!!!) put down the border between our stones and the grass- which is another thing that if i was doing this alone, wouldn't have gotten done. "um, what's a grass border and is it REALLY necessary?"
grass border

and then i shoveled so much dirt that my arm is in a ridiculous amount of pain. i assume this is what i dunno, carpel tunnel, or tendinitis must feel like. it is swollen, huge, and just hurting!! i think it's just strained, but it sucks how much i can't twist or move it. i am pretty sure that by tomorrow, my hands won't work anymore. it's been nice knowing you hands. you've been good to me over the years, thanks. this is the last known picture of me with working hands.
ster working

anyway, after we did all this prep work to actually put the stones down, i started freaking out because when you put all the stone down and there is nothing between them but the spaces of air.. they look freaking AWFUL and i was looking at boyfriend thinking "why is it so ugly??? oh my gosh, i spent all this money and this is freaking hideous and awful and i hate it!!!!"
no sand between
but then he reassured me that once it is full of sand in all the cracks (haha) it will look better.
and thank the goddess he was right!!!!!!! well i like it better anyway. and that's all that matters.
first ones done

AND ANOTHER THING- why doesn't anyone tell you that when you're putting together these pieces of stone that clearly are not made to go right next to eachother.. that they all fucking form triangles?!??!?! everything and the way the spaces end up working.. all triangles. triangles!!!!! now you know.

this is the finished front patio area. we still have to get some small stones for the border around the large rocks.. and the sand is still settling, etc... but you get the point!
finished patio

i will admit that i did leave boyfriend for the majority of sunday to do some serious patio furniture shopping and comparison. i didn't intend to be gone for so long and the whole time i was away i was racked with guilt. not that i could have done what he was doing anyway, but i should at least be there for moral support.. or to be his beer wench or something. i don't like it when he's doing work that i wanted done and i don't do it too. it's like having a manager who gives you all the shit jobs and surfs the internet all day. if that is you- you suck and should change cause all your employees hate you. and boyfriend, thank you for all your hard, meticulous, incredible work.

where was i? patio furniture! oh yeah, check it!!!
new furniture

so...was it worth it?
absolutely!!!! i now have a gorgeous walkway and an area where i can sit in the front of the house. and i think this is the first time since we moved in that i can look at my house and not want to burn it down! this is progress people.

would we do it again?
absolutely NOT. i think the first thing boyfriend said after we were done was something like, "we are NOT doing this shit to the backyard."

i heard that.

the rest of our summer days will end something like this


carrie said...

It looks gorgeous! Totally worth the aching wrist. :)

judy in ky said...

You are so cool, I love the way you write. It looks great!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

YES! I can't wait to see it! And it's less than 4 weeks away now. WOOT!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

It looks wonderful. And I'm proud of you for doing that, because I would never fucking do something like that myself, ever!

Katie said...

it turned out awesome!!

NancyC said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous. I love doing projects but it can wreck havoc on your body for sure.

texas math said...

It's really difficult for me not to snicker like a middle school boy when you to say something like "dyi" and "wrist will never be the same"

Unknown said...

Love it! It looks great. :-)

Alison said...

Looks good! We need to do some stuff to our house too. We're starting next week...just minor stuff and end tables, curtains, replacing light fixtures. The fun stuff!

P.S. I got my iPhone today! :)

Armando Codina said...

Its look Great!! I really like your writing style.

LisaK said...

Turned out absolutely awesome!

Vicky92569 said...

Kudos to you, BF and Blake! Outdoor beautification / landscaping is definitely one of my short-comings, so I am envious. Wish I could come out there to Casa Ster to see it in person!