Saturday, July 31, 2010

dear readers

i'm worried.

see, i'm leaving for new york super early and my everyday routine of sitting out on my NEW FRONT PORCH looking at our super cute tree...
outdoor view

and playing with my colorful, bushy porch flowers that remind me of troll dolls (remember those?? my best friend ali and i used to seat belt trolls on our car antennae's. don't ask why.)
porch flowers

and freaking out everytime i see MORE YUMMY STRAWBERRIES on our strawberry plants
ripe berries

is coming to an abrupt halt!!!

because i will be gone until thursday afternoon.

and i'm afraid dear readers..

that boyfriend will forget to water my pretty bushy troll flowers... and my gorgeously delicious strawberry plants. there are so many berries just waiting to berry!!! look at them all!!!!
millions of berries waiting to berry

this pretty flower will be a strawberry soon! that is.. if boyfriend doesn't forget about it and let it die. ha
strawberry blossom

so we have to remind him.

and not let him forget!!!

because if i come home to dead trolls and dead strawberries... well... i'll probably cry a tear or two. or three. and there's no crying in strawberry growing!!!!

so um.. hi boyfriend. please remember to water the plants for me.
and eat the ripe berries!! look how yummy!!!!!
perfect berry

and don't forget to play with our frog!! i haven't seen him in days!
house frog

thank you times infinity!!! :) xoxo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's a good thing i don't have a job

because my social life is through the roof right now. ha

the other weekend my sister came to visit us and it was the first real visit, with actual time spent here since we moved in two and a half years ago. we had!!! i love my sister.. she is awesome! we worked out together.. ate frozen yogurt.. complained about the weather (sorry boyfriend).. ate delicious cheese and honey... and we went out dancing!!!! which was my favorite part definitely. we danced our asses off for over 3 hours. I LIVE FOR THAT!!!! plus, it was just so fun because my sister was married when i was like 13, so this was the first time i've been out with her while she's been single and stuff. which may sound terrible, but it just made it more fun.

this is us right before we headed out for the night.
and the pic where i am a total dork, but you love me anyway

sisters cropped
i know, we look like a couple of fucking jolly rancher candies. suck it.

then last weekend we headed to reno for blake's baseball tournament with my famous bomber babes. which was amazing because i was there with these hot bitches.
brenda, jennster, susan, teri

teri, jackie, brenda, jennster
and my super hot boyfriend
renobomber 152
we did things like hang out at the pool... and drink.. and swim..
bud lite w/lime!
and we played beach volleyball!!!
bomber boys and parents playing volleyball at the pool
and then we had to evacuate the pool area immediately because of the crazy ass lightning and thunder storms in the area. which was awesome cause i never get to see lightning.. and well, it was still hot as hell outside so who cares what the weather is doing if it's still hot out?! ha
storm's a brewin- everyone out of the pool
that weekend was amazing. my mom and her super nice boyfriend (should he be a manfriend if he's a grown up and not really a boy?) was there to watch blake play baseball for the first time ever!!!!
renobomber 148
my sister came too!!! which was awesome cause she hasn't seen him play ball since we moved from so cal 5 years ago.
renobomber 155
and my gf cat who lives in the area showed up too!!!!
catjacks & jennster
blake was so excited to have them come watch him play. blake loves having fans. :) my mom and sister got to see him pitch almost a full game and my mom and my gf cat were there when he hit a homerun!!!
can we just pause for a moment though and mention the fact that i am a complete and total idiot because i forgot to take any pictures of blake and my mom together?!?! who does that?!?!?

anyway... i leave for new york on saturday for almost a week. i got my wish to getaway and visit my gf's!! it's at a cost though- i mean, i must really love my girlfriends if i'm going to fly across the damn country on the big bus in the sky. i hate flying southwest from burbank to oakland, i can't believe i'm flying on it from here to new york. good lord. pray for me. it's going to take me 10 hours to get there. but you know what? it's totally worth it. because the flight was free. and because i get to see some of my closest friends. and i get to go to new york. I LOVE VISITING NEW YORK!!!!!!!!! i super love parts of my life a whole heck of a lot. yay for seeing these crazy ladies who i haven't seen since we took blake to new york in 2008!!!
the girls

i come back from new york on thursday afternoon and my girlfriend cat (from above) will be at my house the next day. and then becks will be at my house the following day. and once they all abandon me on tuesday, it will almost be time for blake to start junior high/middle school!!!! which is super exciting and super scary. i think it's more scary. eeeeeek. and once blake starts school, i feel like i am going to have to get super serious about finding a job. not that i haven't been super serious, but maybe i'll start applying at places i don't really want to work at?? which means maybe i'll apply at taco bell or something. which would suck. i don't know. doesn't this type of stuff work itself out?!

it has been great to have a summer with the boy.. although i feel like all i've done is bitch about the money i don't have and the things we can't do. but it's better than no summer with him at all.
jennster & blakey

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dead skin- on your face. and probably on yours too!

i don't get facials and things like that because the two times i think i have done it, my face has completely freaked out on me and looked beyond wretched for days after. so i don't like them and i tend to steer clear of them.

i have never tried micro-dermabrasian before, so when i was contacted to try this new at home personal microdermabrasian kit.. i said yes immediately. and then i got a little scared. or more than a little scared. because it's MY FACE!!! MY ONE AND ONLY FACE!!! and what if i end up ripping all the skin off of it or something?! or what if it was too tough or hard on my face and i ended up with red blotches and stuff all over? what if my face would never be the same again?!??!!? i mean there is only so much makeup can do!!!!!!!

then i calmed down.

it came in the mail and i thought the packaging was weird. i mean, i liked it, except the part where the plug outlet thing goes into. it had a hole in the bottom so it couldn't stay put with the rest of the product and well.. what the heck man? that was the only part that didn't really make any sense to me. because in theory, i'd like to keep the whole thing together and the plug is a main component (the thing won't work without being plugged in) but i didn't want to HAVE to keep the box. you know? this foam stuff was pretty solid and durable and if i could keep it in that without the box, that would be my preference.
the kit
the kit came with a dvd to watch and i must tell you that before you try this machine.. you NEED/HAVE to watch the dvd (it's also online). it's super helpful and made me a lot less scared about putting what seems essentially like sandpaper all over my face. you can also use this on your hands, chest, elbows, and neck.

i washed and dried my face so there was no makeup or lotion or anything on it. and um.. here was my face pre first microderm. yes, that is me with absolutely nothing on my face. no makeup of any kind. no lotion. no moisturizing creams. nothing. yay.
before first treatment
the tool was super easy to use!! at first it's a little shocking because it sucks at your face and skin like a little vaccuum and i will admit that it does burn a little while it's doing whatever it is that it's doing to your skin. but that could also be because i wasn't moving quick enough and stayed in one area for too long. anyway, as i moved the vaccuum along my face, it made white lines and put lots of white skin (which i am assuming are the dead skin cells) in pretty much a pile at the end of my face. i tried to take a picture of the pile of dead skin on my face, but it wouldn't show the way i wanted it too.

there are 3 different types of discs to choose from to use on your face. i was sent the blue type (sensitive skin and recommended for first time users) and then green (medium coarseness). there is also red for a more coarse use. i used the blue all 3 times i used the machine. but the next time, i'm going to try the green because i think my face can take it.

after i was done, the machine looked like this. .
the machine after face use
all the white dust looking stuff is actually dead skin cells FROM MY FACE. sweet.

so here is my face after the first use. this is still my face with absolutely no makeup, but i did put on lotion. do you see a difference? me either.
after 1st use- no makeup
the whole point though is that with all these dead skin cells on our face that won't get off- our face won't properly absorb any lotions or creams because the dead cells block it from happening. so since this will take the dead skin cells off of your face, your face can absorb moisture the way it should..

it's now been 3 weeks and i've used the product 3 times. i honestly can't say if it's done anything to my face that is extremely noticeable. i don't feel like my wrinkles are lessened or that my face looks better or smoother. BUT i will say this- everytime after using the tool, my skin looks and feels better than it ever has. the lotion goes on in a more moisturizing way. and my makeup looks flawless and super pretty. my skin looks smooth and amazing. i LOVE the way my face looks after using this tool. but that is literally just the day i've used it. i don't feel like that look and feel lasts as each day passes. i do think that my skin tone is evening out and i am looking forward to that happening more with my continued use.

i am going to keep using it, because i'm not sure that 3 uses is enough to make a difference. i might need 6 uses.. or more than that? so i'm just going to keep using it once a week and see what happens!!! which means i'll be buying more replacement discs (only 15 bucks) pretty soon!!! using this tool is fun and i wish i could use it more than once a week.

Monday, July 26, 2010

i want to crush my phone like the pos it is

remember when i had my verizon fiasco? you know, the one where i cried in their store? the one where THEY broke MY perfectly working phone and wouldn't give me a replacement one without a charge of at least $80 dollars out of my own pocket? i'm sure you're as scarred as i am over that one.

i ended up having to call customer service to see what could be done. i was without a phone for 4 days. oooh, how did i live? customer service told me that they could send me a refurbished phone, but it could only have a certain dollar value. the lady on the line sent me the "best" one of her choices.

i can't even begin to describe to you how much i fucking LOATHE.THIS.PHONE. first of all, it is in no way comparable to the phone i had before. the phone verizon broke. it doesn't have the same features. it is a pain in the ass to use. the screen is probably a third of the size, the phone is half the size and it's slower than that commercial where the swim race guys jump into a pool of caramel. i pretty much cannot stand everything about this stupid phone that i swear was made for children and not grown ups.

you have to understand that i am an electronics snob. i LOVE my cell phones. i LOVE my tv's. i love my stereo equipment. i research the hell out of things that i want to buy and once i've decided what will be perfect for me, i want it and nothing else. and i can't be talked out of it. my cell phone is a reflection of me and my taste, style, and preferences. i don't give a shit if you think my cell phone is stupid or there's a better one on the market- the phone i bought is the phone i wanted.. after testing, researching, comparing, reading reviews, blogs, forums, etc.

so the fact that i have to walk around with this phone on me, is not only embarassing, it's infuriating. everytime it rings or beeps for a new text message i want to throw it at the wall. and in all honesty, i have NEVER in my life left a phone, forgotten a phone, don't know where my phone is, more times than i have since this phone has come into my life. case in point, this weekend my sister, mom and girlfriend were all going to meet us at blake's baseball tournament. I LEFT MY PHONE IN OUR HOTEL ROOM SO I COULDN'T GET AHOLD OF ANYONE!!!! i would never normally do something like that. it is because i can't stand this phone so much subconsciously that i am always ditching it.

so while i want to thank verizon for doing what they should of done in the first place, which was issuing me a new phone.. i also want to say thanks a lot... for giving me a phone that is clearly less superior than my previous phone.. that takes me about 10 hours to send a text message because i cannot deal with the keypad thing.. that doesn't have the capability to video things.. and that was literally, made for children with tiny fingers and hands. i mean, why else would the background be a kids bedroom with a lava lamp??? cause the thing was MADE FOR KIDS.

and i also want to thank verizon for having complete and total unhelpful assholes working in their actual stores. thanks for NEVER having your new phones in stock. for telling me that the htc incredible STILL has a 1 month's wait. i don't know how i will go to new york with this stupid phone i currently have. i need my incredible to travel with. i feel like i can't function with this phone i have now. UGH!!!

verizon.. i have never been more mad at you before. i think i feel even more wronged because i have been such a loyal customer for so long. i don't understand why companies don't care about people anymore. they don't care about their employees.. their customers.. as long as they are making money. i feel like i should have been taken care of better. your store should have fixed what THEY broke. they shouldn't have blamed me for what happened- and sided with their employee when he clearly did not divulge certain information. your manager should learn how to manage and take some customer service classes. i feel completely uncared about. i have RARELY complained to you (unless my phone snapped in half or whatnot) in the past.. i have been a customer since you bought my old cell phone company probably like 11 or so years ago. i want to feel like i matter. i want to be treated like you CARE that this happened to my phone. i don't want to be told to pay money. or it's time for me to upgrade, so i should just do that instead. but we don't have the phone you want anyway, so go fuck yourself. i realize i'm just one person in your grand world of many cell phone users and customers. but the thing is- that should matter to you.

and it doesn't.

i'm sick of it.

this world needs to change.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

how i am offended daily by job searching

i look for jobs every single day. all kinds of jobs, in all sorts of locations. i'm still being picky a bit, to the extent that i'm not applying for just anything... i'm applying for types of jobs that i think would actually interest me and that i'd enjoy being a part of. things like working for photographers. and psychics. no really. i totally applied for a job working with a psychic.

anyway... i can't tell you how infuriating it is to come across job postings for things like "executive assistant" and then you read the job description and they are clearly wanting an experienced and seasoned exec assistant who has years upon years of experience assisting high level execs. and then you scroll down to the pay and it says some bullshit like $10 dollars an hour. and it takes everything in me to not respond to the ad and ask them what the fuck their problem is. because who in their right mind looks for an EXECUTIVE (not administrative) assistant with YEARS of experience and then offers them a pay range that is basically like spitting on them?!?!? it's disgusting to me. and completely offensive.

not to mention the fact that $10 dollars an hour is LESS than i make on unemployment. and it's barely more than minimum wage. no one in california can live off of $10 dollars an hour as a grown up. see, i'm a grown up and i need grown up money.

i just don't understand what companies are thinking. and it's not just one listing i've seen. it's been multiple. also the listings for jobs where the responsibilities and job duties you'll have are almost a full page lenth long in list form... and once again, pay range is $10 bucks an hour.

are places doing this right now because people are desperate so they know they can offer no money, but still get quality workers? or are they not getting quality workers? because i'm a complete and total quality and amazing employee who does a fan-fucking-tastic job, but you won't find me at this point in my unemployment even entertaining a job offer that pays $10 bucks an hour. or $12. i'm not in the business of fucking myself. and i'm sure if i was, i'd make a hell of a lot more money.

i just think that if you're looking for quality employees who are knee deep in their careers already, you should pay them what they're worth. pay them for the experience that you're requiring they have. otherwise, you need to advertise for entry level positions and then pay them crappy entry level wages.

i just think it's crappy. and rude. and freaking offensive. at least to me it is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the cost of living...

my neighbor and i had a super long talk yesterday about how expensive it is to live in california. she came from another country and somehow found herself living in one of the most expensive counties in the nation. she isn't quite sure how that happened exactly, but she was wondering why she continued to put up with it. why she continued to CHOOSE to live here. so she started looking at "affordable" places to move too. the kind that were family friendly, with good schools and community...

and that got us both talking about how life is a choice.. and that we choose to live here. we choose to pay ridiculous housing costs that get us very little for our money. and in choosing to live this way, we put ourselves in situations where we HAVE to work. and i was trying to tell her that we pay for what we have- like we pay to live in california. and that is worth it. and then she asked me HOW it's worth it and i started laughing because i was like, "well it's not worth it as much up here, but in southern california, the way of life, the lifestyle.. it's definitely MORE worth it." but i also continued with the theme that maybe we make our life harder by living here. and maybe life doesn't have to be this much of a financial struggle all the time if we lived somewhere else?

and so i started wondering if those other "affordable" places to live in- well if it all balances out somehow. like if you make a third of what you would make here, so while it would still be crazy cheap housing costs (to us californians).. maybe it's not crazy cheap because you don't make enough money to pay for it and so you still feel like you HAVE to work all the time to pay for your house?!?

and so i don't really know and so i'm asking. for those of you who live in other states.. do you feel like the way of life is better and you don't have to work to live? or do you feel like there is a give and take? talk to me people.. tell me what you love and don't love about where you live.

our neighbor and i might be looking to relocate. ha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the post that got ruined because apparently i have a conscience

i had every intention on writing an open letter to californian's who are ripping up their lawns to put in stupid shit like rocks.. mulch.. wood chips.. etc.. and i was going to say something like i realize that it's becoming fashionable (or maybe it's just affordable) to replace your lawn with other things these days. and i was going to admit that while i'll probably never fully love this concept because i really love the way grass looks... (call me crazy, but i just sort of feel like front yards should um... have a yard... with a lawn.. to run on... and fall on.. and play on) i understand the plight of our constant water shortages (even if i may never understand it.. it seems to do nothing but freaking rain up here).. our high water bills.. and the maintenance factor of having a lawn. i get why people are tearing up their pretty green grass and putting rocks down instead. nothing to mow! nothing to water! i get it. truly i do.

and while i guess that this it is acceptable to have nothing but wood chips and weird desert plants in the front of your house, i must draw the line and put my foot down at what i've been seeing lately.

IT IS NOT OKAY TO TEAR UP YOUR LAWN AND START GROWING CORN IN YOUR FRONT YARD. this is not only freaking ridiculous, it's just plain weird. i mean, are you trying to hide your house from the world.. because no one can see your it behind your CORN. IN THE FRONT YARD. are you raising the children of the corn? we're not in iowa okay? plant that shit in your backyard where no one else is forced to look at it. i mean, it's awesome that you are growing food to eat and maybe sell and i think that's cool. but it's just freaking odd to have entire enormous stalks of corn growing in your front lawn area. but then again, maybe it's just me.
or maybe not?

but see.. that? right there? that is where my conscience crept in. because i went and took a picture of said corn growing in the front yard.. and then I FOUND ANOTHER HOUSE GROWING CORN IN THE FRONT YARD... and then i was taking pictures of other things that i thought were totally not okay to put in your front yard instead of grass and then i started to feel fucking terrible about being such a judgemental bitch. (clearly not that terrible, since i still posted one of the pics) but i felt bad about all the pictures i took. and i decided that i couldn't post them all. and i deleted them from my camera, feeling mean and nasty the whole time.

i guess it's one thing to have thoughts and opinions, but it's another to take pictures of people's homes and then totally make fun of them without knowing their personal situation, or anything about them. you know? so yeah.

conscience overload.

but you still shouldn't grow corn in your front yard.

Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY front walkway!!! aka my wrist will never be the same

so.. boyfriend and i prepped an area in front of our house probably a freaking year ago to put down some sort of paver stone.
pre walkway
we got grass and turned what was once hideous and gross ugly bushes into a gravel pit, and then the other dead and awful area of the yard into pretty grass.
more outside.. we're cutting it all out folks

because my girlfriends are coming out in like 4 weeks, i have a fire lit under my ass to finally get things done that i've put off for forever. i realize that it's not a great time for me to be spending money, but you know what? this front porch and our walkway NEEDED to be done. and it's been sitting there, looking like embarrassing shit for over a year. not to mention the fact that it was literally a gravel pit for people to attempt to walk on, so i don't care that i probably "shouldn't" have done it now. clearly i wasn't going to do it when i HAD a job, so at least it's done!

i must say that i am a brilliant mother f'n genius and i made the amount of stone i bought work (when it wasn't enough at all) by creating a border around the area of the lawn and the house... and when the amount i bought still wasn't enough? i made the border BIGGER! and then, i was only short literally 2 pieces of stone. so i patted myself on the back.. told myself i rocked.. and then wanted to die because holy crap, doing stone stuff yourself is kinda hard.
and it takes forever.
and you have mini meltdowns because you get hungry.
and then you get thirsty.
and then you see people walk by and stop and stare and make polite conversation but you know the whole time THEY ARE JUDGING YOU and you want to put some stone in a place on their body it can't possibly go. but that's not nice, so you smile and wave and then tell them unless they're about to pick up some stones and get to work, you have to stop chatting with them. that usually gets them to leave because seriously, who wants to help with this shit?!

thankfully, blake wanted to help! he shoveled dirt (after he mowed the lawn ..and weeds.. in the backyard)
dirt helper
and then he worked on chipping away some concrete from our steps
rock helper

we started with a big pile of dirt (also known as a "yard")

and a ton and a half stack of stones.

tacoma does not look entertained
tacoma is super enthralled

so then boyfriend (who was unbelievably amazing and did so much of this job himself because i would have never been so meticulous or organized. don't get me wrong, the stones would have gotten done and they would look pretty, but they would be all wobbly and not level and all of us girls in high heels would fall and break things. so basically, he is amazing.. not to mention SO GOOD at doing stuff like this!!!) put down the border between our stones and the grass- which is another thing that if i was doing this alone, wouldn't have gotten done. "um, what's a grass border and is it REALLY necessary?"
grass border

and then i shoveled so much dirt that my arm is in a ridiculous amount of pain. i assume this is what i dunno, carpel tunnel, or tendinitis must feel like. it is swollen, huge, and just hurting!! i think it's just strained, but it sucks how much i can't twist or move it. i am pretty sure that by tomorrow, my hands won't work anymore. it's been nice knowing you hands. you've been good to me over the years, thanks. this is the last known picture of me with working hands.
ster working

anyway, after we did all this prep work to actually put the stones down, i started freaking out because when you put all the stone down and there is nothing between them but the spaces of air.. they look freaking AWFUL and i was looking at boyfriend thinking "why is it so ugly??? oh my gosh, i spent all this money and this is freaking hideous and awful and i hate it!!!!"
no sand between
but then he reassured me that once it is full of sand in all the cracks (haha) it will look better.
and thank the goddess he was right!!!!!!! well i like it better anyway. and that's all that matters.
first ones done

AND ANOTHER THING- why doesn't anyone tell you that when you're putting together these pieces of stone that clearly are not made to go right next to eachother.. that they all fucking form triangles?!??!?! everything and the way the spaces end up working.. all triangles. triangles!!!!! now you know.

this is the finished front patio area. we still have to get some small stones for the border around the large rocks.. and the sand is still settling, etc... but you get the point!
finished patio

i will admit that i did leave boyfriend for the majority of sunday to do some serious patio furniture shopping and comparison. i didn't intend to be gone for so long and the whole time i was away i was racked with guilt. not that i could have done what he was doing anyway, but i should at least be there for moral support.. or to be his beer wench or something. i don't like it when he's doing work that i wanted done and i don't do it too. it's like having a manager who gives you all the shit jobs and surfs the internet all day. if that is you- you suck and should change cause all your employees hate you. and boyfriend, thank you for all your hard, meticulous, incredible work.

where was i? patio furniture! oh yeah, check it!!!
new furniture

so...was it worth it?
absolutely!!!! i now have a gorgeous walkway and an area where i can sit in the front of the house. and i think this is the first time since we moved in that i can look at my house and not want to burn it down! this is progress people.

would we do it again?
absolutely NOT. i think the first thing boyfriend said after we were done was something like, "we are NOT doing this shit to the backyard."

i heard that.

the rest of our summer days will end something like this

Friday, July 09, 2010

my hair might be orange

sometimes i like to spice things up and add a little color to my hair just for fun.

so i bought this crazy ass red to do some streaks. i've done it before, so i know that my hair can't really handle it and normally- the red would fade to some crazy brown after like 4 days.

but this time? lol

this time... my hair is ORANGE.

well it started out more red at first .. see?
i put some red in my hair... but it came out orange.  lol

but within a day.. it became far more orange.
colorful hair ha
see????? it totally looks like i took a crayola marker and just colored my hair with it. HAHAH. but you know what? i don't care. it makes me laugh. and i know it won't last forever. and also, i know i can fix it if i want too.

which i probably will at some point if i realize that HELLO, THIS ORANGE IS NOT FADING! which would so be my luck. so we'll see.

i might have also bought some insane $8 dollar extensions from sally's that are so freaking sick i can barely stand it. i wish my hair would grow as long as these extensions. they are fierce!!!! i love them.

see?? (please note this was my just slapping em in super quick so i could take a picture and it's also not all of them)
my clip in extensions

extensions again
my main question about clip in extensions?? how the hell and what the hell do you store them in??? HELP

clearly i am hair obsessed lately. which has rubbed off on my son because later today... i'm highlighting his hair with navy blue color. lord help us all.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

no job = no shopping

and let me tell you that,
#1- i'm not used to having no job... which means no income.. which means i can't buy whatever the hell i want, whenever the hell i want.
#2- i am not digging that part of being unemployed.. AT ALL

because i have a list (a freaking list!!!!) of shit.i.want. and that list- it just keeps growing. so when i get a job and a paycheck, i might celebrate by buying everything on my list the first chance i get.

i want this airbrush machine. yes, i want my own personal airbrush machine. i can have flawless, magazine cover looking skin whenever i freaking want too- and who doesn't want that kind of control over their face?!?!? right, only idiots who don't care about their hotness. i care about my hotness. call me shallow if you want- but it's really more about confidence and working with what you have.. owning it.. and fucking loving it... and then having the ability to make it even more gorgeous at your fingertips!!!! that's right.

i want shoes. sandals. crazy knee high boots. i need to go on a serious shoe shopping spree with no spending limit.



i also want clothes! super cute, bright, fun, crazy summer shirts. that of course are already leaving all the stores so by the time i get a job to buy all my adorable sleeveless, bright, fun, tops... they'll be out of season.

also, i want this freaking cell phone. and i want it NOW. i can't tell you how badly the replacement phone that finally got sent me sucks. it's made for a child i think. or at least someone with no fingers. i have never hated a phone so much before.

and then don't even get me started on the number of home improvement projects i want to get done. and i have friends visiting in a few weeks, and i want some of them done before they get here.. because our house? it embarasses me. for reals. and the thought of them coming here when our house looks the way it does, makes me want to cry. i know they won't give a shit at all what our house looks like.. BUT I CARE. i really need to get some flagstone-esque stones for the front area of our house? (no.. this picture isn't of our house.. it's someone else's i stole off the internet)

and then i need something for the backyard so we can have some sort of sitting area. we currently have nothing going on back there except for a bunch of grass. we need some cement... or stones.. we need a patio area. and then of course i'll need a table and chairs and a brella and a firepit. i am so low maintanance. something like this, but not in red. sorry red lovers.

and vacations? i want to plan them and go on them and do things. if i could just win a little bit from the lottery, that would totally help. i'm not greedy and don't want millions upon millions of dollars. at this point, almost anything over 100,000 would be helpful. ha

i have to stop this post now before i depress the hell outta myself. and start adding things to the list like PUPPIES and dolphins!!!!!
eeeeeeeek, the cuteness!!!!!

okay, okay, i'm stopping!!! but not before i ask you what's on your list?!?!?