Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i can't believe i'm actually saying this about one of the twilight movies

but folks....

this one didn't suck as bad as the other two!!!!!!!!!!

and i'm not kidding! i mean.. normally, the girls and i are in the theatre laughing because the acting is SO hard to watch... and the makeup is SO ridiculous looking.. and bella is SO annoyingly whiny (among other things).

but at last nights midnight eclipse viewing.... THERE WAS NO MAKING FUN OF LAUGHTER DURING THE MOVIE!!!!! i don't think at all. (okay maybe a little at times cause sometimes the acting.. ugh)

i really have to say that this movie was better than all the other movies in almost every way possible. from the moment the movie started, i wasn't sure if we were watching a preview for a new movie coming out, or if our movie had started. and after that scene completed, i already felt like i was watching a whole new series. i turned to my gf sandi and said "um.. that single scene was just better than both the other movies put together."

in all honesty, i think we have the director of this movie to thank. so david slade, whoever the hell you are, THANK YOU. you made this movie watchable. you made it enjoyable. and you made it better than the other two in every way possible.

the makeup on the vampires was a thousand times better than the other ones. they didn't look like freaks in clown makeup. rosalie actually LOOKED like the gorgeous girl she's supposed to be. her hair looked so much better (and those of you who read the books and watched the other 2 movies know what i'm talking about here) in this movie.. more natural. the acting was bearable to watch. there were really good scenes where the actors got to really use their acting ability and it didn't make me want to stab them! this is progress people!!! the way the movie was shot and directed flowed better... it felt better... everything worked and went well together. all the characters got to be more than just background characters- and it made the entire movie more interesting.

now this isn't going to win any academy awards or anything. all i'm saying is that this one made me feel like we were watching an entirely new movie, with actors who flowed more naturally, acted better, and simply WORKED this time around. it made me wish we could go back to the first one and start over- because i feel like this movie has made such a huge difference. this movie felt like a "real" movie... where the other ones felt like (as my gf sandi put it) student films.

so yeah.

i'm excited.

cause this one totally didn't suck as bad as the other 2. and well, that's excitable!!!!! that and the fact that we made new friends in line!!!! HI DRIA! HI JAMES! HI LATANYA!!!! (i have also now named my booty latanya. you're welcome)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

i cried in a verizon wireless store today

normally i freaking sing verizon's praises. i have been a verizon customer since they came into existance and started taking over other cell phone companies. i swear it's been over 10 years. i've made numerous people switch carriers and get verizon so we could have cell to cell chats. i have loved verizon, even when verizon hasn't loved me back.

but now? today? right this instant? i'm beyond pissed off.

all three of our cell phones have sucked ass lately. in all honesty, boyfriend and my lg voyager has always been sub par. everytime we try to connect to the internet, it shuts itself off. it is always screwing up something. but we've sucked it up for TWO years with a shitty phone just waiting until we can upgrade.

i went into a verizon store to ask about the phones... why don't we get service in our home anymore? why does it shut on and off all the time? the guy told me there was a software update available for our phone that would fix the bugs and issues.

so today, we brought all 3 phones in for updates. the guy working asked me if i had the data backup assistant.. i told him that my phone did, but the other 2 didn't. he said that there was a possibility that we could lose "data" during the update. we said okay and then were told to come back about an hour and a half later to pick up the phones.

when we came back into the store, we were told that 2 of the phones took the upgrade, but one of them didn't. of course, it was MY freaking phone. i was totally irritated and annoyed, but said "whatever".. grabbed my phone and headed out the door.

it wasn't until we were driving away that i realized my phone wouldn't turn on anymore. it didn't just NOT take the update... it was broken. so i turned around, went back into the store, and asked what the fuck happened?? and then i was told that the update fried my phone and that I WAS TOLD THAT COULD HAPPEN.

i'm sorry.

what the fuck did you just say to me????

I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THAT COULD HAPPEN! i was told i could lose DATA, not my entire phone.

and you know what they said and did?

the manager took the salespersons side. he said that the salesperson said i could lose data or my phone. i told him (with the salesperson standing there) that he did not say that. and if he DID intend to say something like that, maybe he should word it more clearly. like, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE UPDATE COULD FRY YOUR ENTIRE PHONE AND IT WILL NO LONGER WORK.

i realize that's hard to say.

cause who wants to be held responsible for shit like that?

so they told me that they couldn't do anything for me. i was almost eligible for an upgrade, so did i want to do that right now? i told them i wasn't ready to do that yet. plus, the phone i want isn't available and has like a month wait. so wtf?!? then he went into the back and came out with a used phone and told me he could sell it to me for $80.

this is when i lost it.

i said.. "i came into the store with a phone that worked... and i came back to a phone that won't turn on. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. YOU BROKE MY PHONE and now you want me to PAY MONEY to get a new one?!?!! i didn't do anything to my phone. i didn't break it."

and i started crying. because clearly, i hold it together well.

i was just so upset that they were not trying to help me. they were making this my fault.. my responsibility and that they were telling me that i had to pay for a new phone.

i seriously expect to be treated better.

i am a fucking awesome verizon customer. i really am. and in return, i expect to be treated like an awesome verizon customer.

especially when something like that happens. i'm sorry verizon, but when YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATE results in the loss of an entire phone- why is this MY problem?!?!?!?

i don't know, but apparently it is. and for that, i hope they go fuck themselves.

ps- what does that mean for all of you who text and call me?!??! well you can't. cause i have no phone. and clearly, that is MY fault.

Friday, June 25, 2010

it's so easy to fall in love

last night some girlfriends of mine came over to my neck of the woods and we went out. i love hanging out with these women because we always end up going places i've never been. our first stop was to this restaurant that of course, i'd never been to before. i've seen it a ton of times and boyfriend and i always talk about how we should stop in there for a drink or something... but we never have. and most likely, we probably never would. so we were there for hours. laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

after we were done, we wanted to go dancing. but everywhere was freaking dead. i mean, NO ONE was out. there is this old theatre that has concerts all the time and there was a concert last night. so someone mentioned that we should see how much the tickets were and go watch. after i finagled the tickets to a ridiculous price, we headed in.

none of us had ever heard of brandi carlile before. but i'll tell you something... none of us will ever forget her. holy freaking shit... this chick was amazing. her voice was so strong and powerful- her band was awesome and adorable- and it was great freaking music. i don't know if it was seeing her live... hearing her live.. or what. i guess her music is bluegrass.. or folk.. ?? i'm not sure what category it would fall in, but it was amazing. and all of us freaking loved it.
i might have told the adorable cd selling chick that if the 2 guys who played the fiddle and the cello were for sale, i'd like to purchase them and put them in a corner in my room so they could play me to sleep each night and wake me up every morning. then she told me SHE GETS THAT cause she's on the tour bus with them. HA.. jealous!

but THAT my friends, is what i call living. doing something you wouldn't normally do on a thursday night. paying money to see a band you've never heard of before... and then loving said band!!!! seeing a great show, with great music, great instruments now not only do they have a new fan, but now i have new music to listen too. and a new style of music. and something i wouldn't have normally found out about because i don't think she gets radio airplay or anything like that.

i love everything about that.

and now i have to share her with the world.

world, meet brandi carlile and her band.

this was one of my favorite songs from last night by far...
it's called WHAT CAN I SAY

i don't know.. it's just exciting and fun to find new things.. meet new people.. discover new sounds... new anything- anything that is a break from the boring ole norm. you know?!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my past in boxes

i keep all the things from my past in boxes.....
my past in boxes

it's funny how many times i've gone through them during the years and thrown more stuff out. everytime i go to organize them, i do a huge dump of things i don't deem important enough to keep anymore. sometimes i'll look at something and shake my head thinking, "why the hell did i keep this?!?!?!"

mostly, my boxes are filled with pictures. tons and tons of pictures.

like when i was at cal state fullerton with my roomies and we would go to disneyland all.the.time. see, even then i was never without my camera. i took pics of everything. just ask my old roommates.
old disneyland pics with roomies from csuf

and old pictures of blake from when he was just a mini blake
old school blake

i love my boxes from the past. they are a part of who i am today. it's always fun to go through them and see things that you have completely fogotten about and haven't thought about in years. for example.. apparently i liked to keep the notes that boys wrote me. (which doesn't really surprise me)
old notes from boys
but um, note to all you boys/guys out there..
girls keep EVERYTHING.
just in case you were wondering. that note you wrote her in high school a billion years ago?
she probably still has it.

and then i always find my pen pal letters.
pen pal letters
yes, i had pen pals. it's all my best friend ali's fault (she started it). but the only letters i kept are the ones from my pen pal who died, annie. her mom and i wrote to eachother for a little bit after. she sent me some of her things and she also sent me all the letters i had written. so that's what those are- both of our letters to eachother. it was terribly sad at the time (not that it still isn't). i'm thankful for the letters. and grateful.

then i come across things like this -
newspaper pic of me & melissa at President Nixon's viewing
and i remember that me and my roomies camped out in line overnight to go to president nixon's viewing and that we were all over the news and the newspapers that night and the next morning. i remember that the guy who took this picture of me and meli took about 4 rolls of pictures of us. like a freaking photoshoot. (you know i loved it) but that pic in that paper? it's freaking HUGE.

i laugh when i find my high school yearbooks and read the stupid shit that everyone writes to eachother. and i find some sort of sick comfort in knowing that if i wanted to find or talk to almost anyone from high school, all i have to do is go on facebook (except for john dalton, i swear that kid graduated from high school and disappeared- wtf!?!?)
high school & jr high yearbooks

my boxes hold the keys to my past in journal form. all my dream journals and my regular journals live in there.
i can't really look through and read them though cause they are ridiculously embarassing. i'm not sure why they haven't made it into the trash bin yet. probably because they aren't that old really. but it's hard to go back and read the things i wrote. i read everything and think "you're such an idiot" all the time.

all i know is that i'm a sentimental fuck. i remember people i met for an hour in an airport. or the most adorable couple ever on a garden tour one summer in new orleans. or the old man i had jury duty with who had no wife or kids of his own and i wanted him to adopt me so he could have family. sometimes i feel like i remember people who would never remember me in return. and i wonder if i'm the only one? or if i'm like that cause i'm a girl? or if i'm like that because i feel things so deeply?? or if lots of people remember the people they've met in passing...

i feel like i remember almost everyone i've ever encountered. and i sort of love that. i have loved my life so far. i love everything i have gotten to experience... everyone i've met... everywhere i've been... everything that has helped shape me into the person i am today. i'm thankful and appreciative. but that's just kind of how i am.

so... let's talk about your past. what have you kept and where? or have you thrown everything out.. and if so, why?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

this is why we're perfect for eachother

because when we were shopping for father's day cards today..

i spotted this card -
and said to boyfriend.. "it would be really funny if you bought a card with a black dad and a black kid for your dad..." cause you know, clearly my husband is not black. and either is his dad.

he glanced at it and said "that's perfect.. grab it!!"

and then i said, "oh my gosh, you're totally going to write something about obama on it aren't you???"

and he goes, "no, i'm going to write something about my enormous penis size on it."

and that my friends... is why i love him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i'm a bad grown up

when we were in so cal last week, my nephew got a wild hair up his ass and we went on a mission to find a trampoline.

we wanted to jump and play and have fun.

but tramps are expensive.

anyway... we drove around to a few stores and finally got a suggestion to a store that would carry them. so we called. they put us on hold for literally 10 minutes. during the hold time, we joked that trampolines should come with candy.

or bubbles.

or at least something fun. i mean how fun would it be to jump on a trampoline if skittles rained down on you or bounced around you?! fun, right? right.

so when the lady came on the phone, this was the conversation that ensued:

lady- the trampoline is 14 feet.

nephew- how much is it?

lady- it's $277 dollars

nephew- okay. does it come with candy?

lady- EXCUSE ME?????

nephew- does it come with candy?

lady- it most CERTAINLY does not!!!

nephew- oh, cause that's what i read online.

lady- you shouldn't believe everything you read online. goodbye!

i was cracking up, because the lady on the phone got SO FREAKING MAD.... like he asked if it came with crack or something. lady, it's just candy.

i know i probably shouldn't have encouraged this.. and maybe i shouldn't have laughed.. but it was funny as hell. you can add this to the list of why i shouldn't be allowed around your kids.

how the hell do you stay at home mom's

freaking do it?!??!?!

are your kids easy to entertain or something?? do they leave you alone? do they play by themselves?! or are you just super mom's with lists of fun and exciting things to do everyday???

this whole staying home during the summer, while i have no job and no money, is totally sucky. blake gets bored super easily. i mean, SUPER EASILY. he can't really self entertain. he can occupy himself for maybe 2 hours at the very most, and then he needs me around... or wants me around.. and wants to do things all the time.

it's hard!

and i don't know what to do that doesn't involve money i don't have... and even if i did have the money, there is only so much to do and spend it on everyday. i mean, sheesh!!

how the heck do you do it? what do you do in the summer if you stay home with your kids?? please dear lord, give me ideas and save me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

graduation & shirtless underaged boys

*imagines how many pervs are going to find this blog post now in some gross search for underaged boys. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! and note to pervy types- stop it dude. get some freaking help cause that shit is sick and you know it.*

boyfriend yelled at me last night because i haven't updated my blog SINCE LAST MONDAY!!!!!! it has been a whole week!!!!!! did you die without my updates?? i didn't think so. but i love how he acts like we weren't just out of town. and i love how he also acts like HE WASN'T WITH ME OUT OF TOWN so he clearly knows that i did not blog while we were in southern california!!!

we went down for my nephew's high school graduation.
blurry graduate

my nephew loves me and this is proof (i think)
me & my nephew

he also loves his sister

my sister threw a bbq that had enough food to feed a small country.

it was awesome! doesn't my mom look completely thrilled? ha

my brother & his girlfriend came out from vegas, which was fun! my brother is crazy, hyper and a total spaz. he's also funny as hell. and this is just further proof ladies that guys never stop doing the type of shit that drives us crazy.

isn't he an angel though?

i attempted to convince boyfriend that him and i could save the entire planet just by moving there!!!! and that miracles could and would happen everyday!!! i think we're expecting.

this is my nephew and his super cute girlfriend. adorable, no?

we played volleyball in the backyard
grad 128

grad 130

and then the boys took off their shirts and turned into boy models.


and finally.. we did some jumping!



Monday, June 07, 2010

i think this is when it all starts to change...

in a couple of weeks, my little boy will be 12 years old. all i know is that my child keeps getting older and i just keep getting hotter. thank the goddess. ha

(this is him last week when he graduated/promoted from 6th grade.. it's all funky cause i needed to blur out the random kid standing next to him.. but doesn't he look so cute?!?)

next year he starts junior high school. and i am terrified that this is where i start losing him. his attitude is already changing. he's definitely getting more sassy and snappy and backtalky. i think that junior high is where it all starts going downhill. everything you've tried to keep them from, they find out about. everything you don't want to be around them, will be around them. or at least they'll be exposed to it.

it's scary.

and i think he's going to change. and i don't want him to change. at least i don't want him to change in a negative way, you know? ugh. all of this growing up makes me want to throw up. when is he going to stop wanting to hang out with me? this year, huh?

i can't take it. i want it to be like this forever...
mom & son

can i pay him to like me?

Friday, June 04, 2010

joran van der sloot wants to be my friend

at least that's what twitter tells me.
joran wants to be my friend

you know he just really wants to kill me.

seeing an email in my inbox that said "joran van der sloot has requested to follow you on twitter" gave me the freaks... and made me laugh.

hope you go to jail this time fucker.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

change is in the air

.. it's the shift. the massive spiritual, earthly, whatever you want to call it, shift that is currently going on all around us.

you know you feel it too.

frustration. irritation. confusion. uncertainty. longing for change. the searching and trying to figure out what would make you truly happy. unrest. desire for something to be different. unhappiness in current situations.

it's a weird mix of emotions that's happening to a lot of people right now. and when i hear an enormous amount of people expressing the same types of feelings, i know that there is something bigger going on. something more.

and i'm no exception.

but thankfully, i already feel different than i did last month. it's like i still have no clue what's coming or where i'm headed, but i feel more at peace than before. i feel more settled internally. like a resolution IS on the horizon (i'm totally feeling july here people) i'm just not certain what that resolution is.. or will be.

i'm ready for change. i'm ready for lots of things in my life to be different. i want positive, happy, life changes. i just wish i knew exactly what the hell i wanted so i could make it happen. i guess i'll figure it out at some point, or the right thing will come to me.

the boy is out of school today and thus begins his summer vacation! i'm excited for summer, but it's never been the same since i moved up here. i don't think northern california believes in warm summer nights. and that's what i miss. well that and a backyard to hang out in. and friends to hang out with.

i need to take a solo vacation soon. i know, being unemployed is so stressful that i need to get away. but i want to go visit my gf in jersey who just had her second baby. i haven't seen her since we took blake to new york for his 10th birthday two years ago. i'm used to seeing her every year so i'm not down with this length of time apart.

anyway.. what about you? any unrest or odd emotions going on with you lately? any cool plans for summer that i can be jealous over? :)

**and more importantly.. one of our own has lost one of her own. i'm thinking about katie and her family in this horrendously difficult time. she could use your words of support.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

june 1, 2010

it seems like every memorial day weekend the past few years has been spent at the baseball field (probably because it has). i can't complain though. in all honesty, i really do freaking love it. what more do you need than hot weather, a little baseball game and a cold beer? (i guess the beach would have been the only thing to make it more perfect)

here's the boy pitching at replica yankee. look at all the fans in the outfield! lol
swim 010

we play at these fields that are replica big league stadiums and the kids freaking love that. so we're in the championship game.. it's literally the bottom of the 6th (we play 6 innings in tournament ball) with 2 outs and we're down by 2 runs. blake is up to bat and he has a hurt and bruised thumb. the kid freaking ropes one to right field and it's gone. totally and 100% a home freaking run... but what happens? the ball rolls once it hits the ground.. and on those turf fields, the ball doesn't stop until the kid either grabs it or it hits the wall. it rolled OUT OF PLAY and they ruled the hit a double. blake had to go back to 2nd and the kid who scored had to go back to 3rd.

we ended up losing the game. but man oh man was that hit awesome and what the hell... i'm kinda miffed that the ball could even roll out of play. they have fencing almost the entire length of the field except for maybe a 10 foot section. buy some freaking fencing for that part idiots! yeah, i'm only pissed cause it was my kid, our team, etc. ha.

moving on.

no really.
i'm moving on.
cause i'm clearly totally over it.

today blake had a swim party and bbq with all the other 6th grade schools in his district. basically, it's all the kids he just went to camp with. and well.. crazy diving board jumping ensued. this is my fave pic from the day
jumper blake

tomorrow is graduation.. or promotion.. or whatever. a ceremony saying he did what he was supposed too and passed elementary school. more pics i'm sure cause i just bought him the cutest clothes to wear!

happy june everyone!