Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm sorry i'm never here

it's weird.. i thought that once i "lost" (where is it?!?!?!) my job, i'd have all sorts of time to update my blog everyday, catch up on everyone else's blog posts, post in my message board, upload and edit pictures, etc... but the truth is, it's like i almost feel guilty.

mentally i feel like i'm only allowed to get on the computer to look for jobs and upload my resume and do job searchy stuff. and for reals, that shit takes forever. yesterday i looked for jobs online for 3 hours. THREE HOURS! what the hell man? but once i'm done with that, it's almost like i feel like i'm not allowed to get back on the computer and just screw around all day. (clearly, it's much more acceptable to sit my fat ass on the couch and watch movies). i have so many pictures to upload and edit, but that takes so much time. and i guess i feel like i'll be spending the entire day editing and uploading pics and what the hell did i accomplish?!


and also, i refuse to leave the house. once again, if i'm not going on an interview, or doing something that betters the house, then i can't leave it.

clearly, i have issues.

clearly, i need a job. ha

it's just weird. i'm definitely more focused and better at managing my time when i have a job all day long. i feel like i get more done, am more caught up, and just more balanced. maybe it's because i'm forced too get everything done in a certain time period, otherwise they won't get done?

i dunno. all i do know is that i have a ton of pictures i should really get to uploading. cause there is a PUPPY on there!!!!!!! sadly, not mine.. but still.. PUPPY!!!!

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Alison said...

Why can't you leave the house? Leave the house! Also, get on the computer and update your blog. :)