Friday, May 28, 2010

friday fun in pictures!

you think i've been sucky BLOGGING lately... think about how bad i've been uploading my pictures and editing them?!?! eeeek.

there has been some cupcake baking...
4 dozen mini cupcakes ready to go!

and some dog washing..
dog bath

there has been a bbq with the hot mom's from our travel baseball team, who i don't know how i'd live without at those tournaments.
bomber babes2

there was swimming and jumping off ledges.
may 026
not to mention killing eachother with airsoft guns. it's the first time i'd let the boy play with one. and it was the first time i wasn't freaked out by the whole idea. awww, someone's growing up (i think it's me).

and then there was my four hour drive to see my gf meg. i haven't seen her since my wedding. for those of you keeping track, that's almost 3 years ago. we suck. since the boy was away at camp, i figured it would be the perfect time to take a drive to see her. little did i fucking realize that the whole time i was driving, i would be freaking out. you see, i kept driving further and further away from where the boy was camping. i was totally nervous that if something happened to him- i'd be so far away it would take me forever to get to him. that was the only part about visiting meg that sucked.
ster and meggerz

and there was meeting her daughter for the first time ever in real life. last time i saw her, she was in meg's belly. she is the prettiest freaking thing i've ever seen in my life. and she is sassy and funny. i want her.

but not as much as i want THIS PUPPY!!!!! (no offense crazies, but kids aren't my thing when it comes to puppies!!!!) look at that face!!!!!!!!!!

puppy belly!!!!!
puppy love2

so that's what i've been up to!!! school gets out in like 3 days or some ridiculousness like that! crazy!!!! being unemployed means i have no money to do fun stuff. and that sucks cause i like money. i hate not being able to do whatever i want whenever i want too. i'm so mature.

have a great holiday weekend! i'll be at a baseball tournament with the hotties above! can't wait.. what are you up to?


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i saw those pics on flickr and thought omg that little girl is SO freakin cute. wow. stunning. have fun all weekend. and also, see you in a few mos.

DYING! can't wait :)

Katie said...

puppies are better than kids and cupcakes!

Annie said...

have fun at the tourney!!
the pup and the kiddo are both adorable!!!
glad you have been having lots of fun :)
i'm sure you will enjoy summer hun!

J from Ireland said...

Wow, those pis are brilliant.
Did you make those cupcakes? They look amazing, I want one!! Any chance you would share the recipe??

Jenna said...

Great and the fam are headed to do some strawberry picking at some place in the hicks and then try to figure out something else that is fun/cheap to do. Those cupcakes look amazingly delicious...if they taste as good as they look, i bet you'd make a killing selling those things! Have a good time at the tourney!

Alison said...

We went to TWO memorials today! Happy Memorial Day Weekend, huh? Chris's great-aunt passed away and my Aunt Sharon. :( All the relatives asked about Jenn and of course say hello. :)

For the next two days we'll be at a track meet. Nick ran his first last weekend and placed 1st in the 200m and 2nd in the 100m. I'm bragging. :)

Your cupcakes look fantastic and that puppy (and the little girl) are adorable. Have a fun weekend, Hooch!

erica said...

Heyy girly! I just came across your blog and am absolutely loving it!

You have a new follower!

xo enjoy the rest of your weekend!

sugaredharpy said...

Wait, these are cupcakes that you baked? And decorated?

Why are you not opening a cupcake bakery???? (In St. Louis would really be good for me...)