Friday, May 07, 2010

do your kids read your blog?

i know for a lot of you bloggers out there, your kids are way too young to read your blog and this probably isn't even in your realm of thinking for the moment...

but my kid? my amazingly sweet and sensitive boy? well he's almost 12. and while he doesn't read my blog.... that doesn't mean that he's not getting to the age where he might start? or where his friends might start?!?!!

i mean, does that happen?

i have been thinking a lot about that lately. that blake is getting older. next year he'll be in junior high school and i feel that that is when everything is going to change. and even though blake does and says a lot of stuff that i want to write about here... i don't. i tend to stop myself because i don't think at this point that it's fair to him to write about certain topics without at least asking him.

i know that yvonne asks her kids before writing anything.. at least the older ones, right? so even when there are things she wants to share and write about, she doesn't because they may not want her too.

i think that's the way to go as the kids get older. at least for posts involving them.

BUT.. then that brings me to this next question. what about the shit we write about ourselves?!? the super personal stories, experiences, etc. do we start to censor ourselves as our kids get older because then it's not about what our kids friends read about our kids... it's what our kids friends read about US!! i mean, really.

24 at heart... yoo hooo... do your kids read your blog? do your kids friends read your blog?!

that is where i'm at now. wondering if our kids friends ever read our blogs and then make fun of, or use it against our kids?!?

this growing up thing is hard. what do you think? what do you plan on doing as your kids get older?


Mariah said...

My kids read my blog. Bottom line: It stinks. I used to be funny... but they ruined that for me. My kids are 18,15,13, and 11 so there is VERY little I can hide fomr them. I used to write about the nonsense that they put me through - not anymore. Now I write more about my thoughts and if it's about them it's either cute or funny. They are all in puberty, so I feel like their story is theirs to tell, not mine

Y said...

So funny you wrote about this. I've held back on writing about marriage problems recently, because I don't want my kids to find out mom and dad are having problems (which will totally be fine. Eventually) on their mom's blog. So, yes, I think as the kids have gotten older, I do keep things private that I would have otherwise shared openly.

Bretthead said...

My kids are too young anyway, but I thought that maybe someday I'd have my blog printed and bound so my kids could read it, like maybe when I'm dead! But based on what I have written, I think I'd have to cherry pick!!

In general, I hate writing with any inhibition and once in awhile find myself wondering what so and so will think about what I write. Too much of that and I'm not being true to myself. So I try to limit who in real life even knows about my blog.

Alison said...

In another 5 or so years when the mommy bloggers kids are in middle school, this will be the new bullying....

Hey Dakota, did your mom find her "inner self" yet? :)

This is precisely why I have no blog. My students would find it and it would be all over.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I don't write about my kids. They were teens when I began blogging and they don't want me writing about them. I've respected that. One time I didn't and it ended up embarrassing my son. I still haven't forgiven myself. Their stories are exactly that - theirs. They can tell them if and when they want ... however they want. I will mention "my son was sick" or something in passing .... but I won't talk about them. I've tried to make sure their friends don't know about my blog since I cover adult content sometimes and I don't want it to embarrass my kids or be something they're teased about. I've (so far) been successful. When I began blogging I told my kids not to read it unless they wanted to read about their mom and dad's sex life. The very thought has kept them away. (And no, I have never written about our sex life ... but it is an awesome deterrent!) : ) PS I'm in SANTA BARBARA area for four days right now and it is beautiful and warm and awesome and I keep thinking of you!!

Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

I really don't write anything I shouldn't but my kids, the community and their friends read my blogs so I sometimes try to be careful in that respect. Otherwise, I'm pretty dang open with them so they know what to expect.

Tom said...

Oh man. I am going through that same dilemma right now. (Which is how I found your blog by the way, just googling the question)

My kids are 10 and 9, are just becoming aware that I write. I work very hard to keep my blog separate from "my current life". I keep it vaguely anonymous, and focus on stories about my past. Only my immediate family, and close friends even know I blog. I try hard to keep it secret from casual acquaintances, and anyone from work.

The source of my worry isn't so much my kids - friends reading the blog. It's my kids reading it. It's got me really stuck on how much of my past and my stories to censor. When I started writing these stories it was liberating because for the first time in my life I stopped giving a rip about what "those people" thought about me. I never even considered what my kids would think. It's got me worried to the point I am considering ditching my blog altogether.

Jen Myers said...

At this point, if my Mom is reading my blog, it will probably be fine when my kids are old enough to read it.

I do share a lot about my son and his disabilities, so I'm hoping that if/when he gets to my blog he's not angry, but happy to have his young life chronicled.