Friday, May 28, 2010

friday fun in pictures!

you think i've been sucky BLOGGING lately... think about how bad i've been uploading my pictures and editing them?!?! eeeek.

there has been some cupcake baking...
4 dozen mini cupcakes ready to go!

and some dog washing..
dog bath

there has been a bbq with the hot mom's from our travel baseball team, who i don't know how i'd live without at those tournaments.
bomber babes2

there was swimming and jumping off ledges.
may 026
not to mention killing eachother with airsoft guns. it's the first time i'd let the boy play with one. and it was the first time i wasn't freaked out by the whole idea. awww, someone's growing up (i think it's me).

and then there was my four hour drive to see my gf meg. i haven't seen her since my wedding. for those of you keeping track, that's almost 3 years ago. we suck. since the boy was away at camp, i figured it would be the perfect time to take a drive to see her. little did i fucking realize that the whole time i was driving, i would be freaking out. you see, i kept driving further and further away from where the boy was camping. i was totally nervous that if something happened to him- i'd be so far away it would take me forever to get to him. that was the only part about visiting meg that sucked.
ster and meggerz

and there was meeting her daughter for the first time ever in real life. last time i saw her, she was in meg's belly. she is the prettiest freaking thing i've ever seen in my life. and she is sassy and funny. i want her.

but not as much as i want THIS PUPPY!!!!! (no offense crazies, but kids aren't my thing when it comes to puppies!!!!) look at that face!!!!!!!!!!

puppy belly!!!!!
puppy love2

so that's what i've been up to!!! school gets out in like 3 days or some ridiculousness like that! crazy!!!! being unemployed means i have no money to do fun stuff. and that sucks cause i like money. i hate not being able to do whatever i want whenever i want too. i'm so mature.

have a great holiday weekend! i'll be at a baseball tournament with the hotties above! can't wait.. what are you up to?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm sorry i'm never here

it's weird.. i thought that once i "lost" (where is it?!?!?!) my job, i'd have all sorts of time to update my blog everyday, catch up on everyone else's blog posts, post in my message board, upload and edit pictures, etc... but the truth is, it's like i almost feel guilty.

mentally i feel like i'm only allowed to get on the computer to look for jobs and upload my resume and do job searchy stuff. and for reals, that shit takes forever. yesterday i looked for jobs online for 3 hours. THREE HOURS! what the hell man? but once i'm done with that, it's almost like i feel like i'm not allowed to get back on the computer and just screw around all day. (clearly, it's much more acceptable to sit my fat ass on the couch and watch movies). i have so many pictures to upload and edit, but that takes so much time. and i guess i feel like i'll be spending the entire day editing and uploading pics and what the hell did i accomplish?!


and also, i refuse to leave the house. once again, if i'm not going on an interview, or doing something that betters the house, then i can't leave it.

clearly, i have issues.

clearly, i need a job. ha

it's just weird. i'm definitely more focused and better at managing my time when i have a job all day long. i feel like i get more done, am more caught up, and just more balanced. maybe it's because i'm forced too get everything done in a certain time period, otherwise they won't get done?

i dunno. all i do know is that i have a ton of pictures i should really get to uploading. cause there is a PUPPY on there!!!!!!! sadly, not mine.. but still.. PUPPY!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm a night person

i hate the morning.

but i love the night time. (the night time is the right time, rahr) it's true. and i think you're either one or the other... (unless you're my husband, then you're whatever your work schedule is) i've always been a night person.

i find myself inspired at night. i get so many ideas, thoughts, things i want to do, things i want to write, all sorts of things happen in my mind at night. there are times i have to literally force myself to stay in bed and try to sleep, when all i want to do is get up and fix shit around the house... or grab the computer and start typing.

i'm a weirdo, i know.

but i'm not tired at night. and i love to stay up late.

it's like the nighttime is my magic time. it's when i come alive. when my mind and brain are inspired. i think we all have our moments, or our times of day when we feel the most inspired. or the most motivated. for me, that's night. late at night. maybe it's because the rest of the house is quiet and calm? maybe it's because the world around me is quiet and calm? i don't know..

which one are you?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

seriously taco bell? REALLY??

look, i love taco bell.

love it.

it had been a joke for as long as i can remember that i'd have taco bell cater my wedding. (dammit, why didn't that happen? could you imagine the make your own nacho bell grande line? i'd have never left it!!! heaven! clearly boyfriend hates me and everything i love)

moving on...

now, i understand that the bell has to compete with other fast food joints when it comes to their menu and pricing. which is the only reason why i can assume that their new $2 meal menu has sprung to life. don't get me wrong.. i'm all about a freaking meal at t-bell for 2 bucks, but um.. can someone please explain to me how the hell DORITOS got included in this meal deal thing???!?!

who the hell said it was okay for taco freaking bell to include a bag of chips that are not taco bell nachos, with your meal deal?!?!?!??! who approved this????

and why the hell would anyone want to buy something that you could buy at the freaking grocery store? if those $2 buck deals included regular nacho's that would be one thing.. but a bag of chips? a stupid bag of chips? um, what is this... summer camp?

i just think it's cheap. and crappy. and i honestly don't understand why anyone would possibly go to taco bell to buy some freaking doritos. you don't go to any fast food place to get food you could get at safeway. you go there because the grocery store doesn't sell what they do. if i wanted doritos, i'd go home. i'd pack myself a lunch and call it a day.


clearly i'm all riled up.

over taco freaking bell (and this isn't the first time).

clearly they should offer me a job. this passion i have for them is ridiculous.

Friday, May 14, 2010

6th grade camp

blake leaves for camp on sunday. he goes away for almost an entire week!!! it's pretty exciting and i am super stoked for him. it's also a little weird because i didn't go to camp for a week when i was a 6th grader. but it seems like i'm the only one who didn't.

i'm trying to be super positive and happy for him because i don't want him freaking out at all. a week is a long time to be away from your family, sleeping in the woods with a bunch of camp counselors and all your friends.

actually, writing that out loud sounds all sorts of awesome.

except the sleeping in the woods part. aside from the fact that everything about this camp is like my worst nightmare (hiking, sleeping outdoors, hiking, the woods, sleeping outdoors in the woods).. it's right up blake's alley and i think he's going to have the best time ever.

i was definitely freaking out about this whole camp thing until i went to a meeting about it. going to that meeting calmed all my nerves. seeing where they sleep and seeing the activities they do and stuff- it gave me reality to something i couldn't relate too at all before.. you know, since i had never gone to camp as a kid. so before that meeting, i was like.. this is crazy!!!! he can't go away to camp with strangers for a week!!! how is this safe!?!?! do the girls and boys sleep together?!?!! omg, can they sneak out?!?!! this is madness!!!!!

yeah, i was freaking out.

but now? i'm chillin.

he's not allowed to call us, unless it's an emergency. i think it's probably better that he can't call. and he can write letters if he wants. i told him just to have fun and that i won't care if he writes me or not. i'll write him once probably, but i think that he should just have fun, make friends, and have incredible adventures! i just don't want him to come back a person i don't recognize anymore. eeeeek. i guess i'm still a littler freaked out.

do your kids go away to camp?? did you?? and.. how was it?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

life's a choice

how we choose to see things.

how we start our day... our actions.. our REactions..

they're all a choice.

our choice.

don't ever let someone take that power away from you. you can't control what others do. you can't control what others say. but you can control how you react to it. or how you allow it to affect you... or for how long.

it's a choice.

i choose to be happy...
i choose to smile a lot..
i choose to laugh often (sometimes when it's completely inappropriate)...
i choose to see things and people in the best light until i'm proven otherwise..
i choose to feel positive and try to find good in the things that happen, even when they seem anything but..
i choose to make the best out of my circumstances...
i choose to love...
i choose to be the best person i can be..
i choose to never stop learning...

what do you choose?

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and while we're on the topic of kids invading our personal web space

how do you handle your kids facebook?

do you friend them? or do you just ask for their username and password so you can stalk them appropriately whenever you want too?

i have accepted my son's friendship request. ha. but i don't want to be friends with HIS friends. but all those little shits request me on facebook.

what the hell?? we're not friends. do i need to create a new account to be fake friends with my kids friends? do i really friend them when they're older?

talk to me people.

and if your kids aren't old enough to play online.. they will be someday and so what do you THINK you'll do?!?!

Friday, May 07, 2010

do your kids read your blog?

i know for a lot of you bloggers out there, your kids are way too young to read your blog and this probably isn't even in your realm of thinking for the moment...

but my kid? my amazingly sweet and sensitive boy? well he's almost 12. and while he doesn't read my blog.... that doesn't mean that he's not getting to the age where he might start? or where his friends might start?!?!!

i mean, does that happen?

i have been thinking a lot about that lately. that blake is getting older. next year he'll be in junior high school and i feel that that is when everything is going to change. and even though blake does and says a lot of stuff that i want to write about here... i don't. i tend to stop myself because i don't think at this point that it's fair to him to write about certain topics without at least asking him.

i know that yvonne asks her kids before writing anything.. at least the older ones, right? so even when there are things she wants to share and write about, she doesn't because they may not want her too.

i think that's the way to go as the kids get older. at least for posts involving them.

BUT.. then that brings me to this next question. what about the shit we write about ourselves?!? the super personal stories, experiences, etc. do we start to censor ourselves as our kids get older because then it's not about what our kids friends read about our kids... it's what our kids friends read about US!! i mean, really.

24 at heart... yoo hooo... do your kids read your blog? do your kids friends read your blog?!

that is where i'm at now. wondering if our kids friends ever read our blogs and then make fun of, or use it against our kids?!?

this growing up thing is hard. what do you think? what do you plan on doing as your kids get older?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

britney airbrushing pics

first of all.. check out the pics i'm posting below.

then, let's discuss.


she looks freaking amazing in her un-airbrushed picture, does she not (and just for the record in case you are male, or idiotic, it's the one on the left)?!?! and the more i look at the 2 pics side by side, the more absolutely unrealistic her entire body looks in the airbrushed picture. but this is the shit we sell. this is the shit we love to look at. this idea of "perfection".. that doesn't freaking exist! it isn't freaking real!!!!!

the saddest part? i guarantee that if candy's had used the unairbrushed version of britney's picture, douchebags like perez hilton and other assholes would be circling her "cellulite" and her "imperfections" and making fun of them... as if they don't have imperfections themselves. as if they could ever look that good naturally.

i'm convinced it will never end. ever.

it's a sickness and we, as a society, perpetuate every ounce of it.

i for one, think britney's un-airbrushed body is fucking amazing and i wish i looked that good. i'd take her body any day of the week. it's too bad the rest of us wouldn't.