Tuesday, April 13, 2010

looking for inspiration

i was on the phone with my mom today when the words came out of my mouth.. "i think i'd be happy spending the entire day in the metaphysical section of a bookstore. i want to be inspired."
my mom responded the way moms usually do.. something to the affect of, "wouldn't that be nice dear?"

but you know what? it's completely and totally true.

ever since i got "let go" from work, i've looked through and read relevant passages from all my old spiritual books "many lives, many masters" ... "your soul's purpose" and more recently "spirited" are all a hand gesture away at all times. it's as if i'm searching for something. looking for the right information that will speak to me. i'm trying to learn more and more about myself. reawaken my true soul's desire. (i know i've lost half of you by now, per usual)

if you know me at all, you know by now that i believe in spirits, spirit guides, soulmates, past lives, that we all have the ability to be pyschic, destiny, our lives have a path and purpose, etc. my belief in all of those things- INSPIRE me.

that's why i'm looking for more. i am going to take that day and spend it in the bookstore. i'm going to find multiple books that speak to me and inspire me and make me feel good inside. i believe that my spiritual and mental health are a huge part of the rest of my happiness. finding inner peace and strength from letting go of the things you can't control...... i live for that awareness.

so here's where you come in. do you have any books that inspired you? anything you can recommend that you think would inspire me? and thank you!!!!


Vicky92569 said...

Though I usually shy away from anything instructive, I highly recommend 'Writing Down the Bones' by Natalie Goldberg as I truly hope that you continue with your writing now that you have a bit more time to do so.

Katie said...

I like going into a bookstore and looking at all of the pointless things you can buy, like bookmarks and book bags and magnets - weird? perhaps.

SUEB0B said...

A Course in Miracles. The first 10 lessons in the workbook are the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. And the rest of it requires a good teacher to help with.

Anonymous said...

Eat Pray Love.... Love that book.

Annie said...

i have never read books like that but i should...i want to.

Jason, as himself said...

"Wouldn't that be nice dear?"

So funny.

And no, I'm afraid I don't have any inspirational books to offer. Except maybe on little book called "Nose Etiquette".

judy in ky said...

Look for "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarrisa Pinkola Estes.

Anonymous said...

Definitely read The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Schinn. best book ever.