Thursday, April 15, 2010

body wraps?! they're a little crazy

FYI- i was NOT paid for this. i was not given this wrap for free. i paid my hard non earned money for this wrap.

body wrap tweet

i had my first ever body wrap today from simply beautiful in northern california!!! i honestly had no idea what to expect or what the hell was going to happen to me... so let me just fill you in eh?

first of all, i wore my bikini to get wrapped in. which is kind of what they recommend (i think). the first thing they do is weigh you and give you the options of having before and after measurements. i totally did that!!! after you're all marked up with pen marks (so they can measure you in the same places after the hour is over), they start the wrap. it's basically ace bandages soaked in some sort of minerals and whatnot. they start at your feet and wrap you super tightly all the way up the entire length of your body. if i counted correctly (cause who knows, the oxygen could have been cut off from my brain at this point) they wrap your body with 12 seperate bandages. then there is 1 additional one for your head and chin. you are wrapped up so tight and the only thing not wrapped is the front of your face.. think eyes, nose and mouth. i looked HILARIOUS and wished so badly that i could take a picture of the madness.

it was honestly a little hard to breathe at first because of how tight it was wrapped in the ribcage area. but that doesn't last long. after you're all wrapped, they put a poncho on you. i asked her why in god's name was she putting me in a poncho and why she would hide the gorgeousness that was my ridiculously large ass in ace bandages? she said that it gets cold... and i would want the poncho.

i thought she was weird.

but she was right.

so i'm all wrapped up. and we're talking tight as hell.... that you can barely walk because you can't really bend. i walked over to this area where she sprayed warm solution through the bandages and then directed me to a gizelle glder thing. you have to move on that for an entire hour. they said the movement helps with the circulation and getting the minerals absorbed in the body better.

before i knew it.. i was freezing. no joke.

so every 20 minutes my girl would check on me.. make me stop gliding and she would respray me with the stuff on my bandages. oh yeah, you have plastic bags tied to your feet and hands and they um... fill up with water, or juice, or shit coming out of your body and skin. it totally sloshes around while you're gliding on the glider thing. which is all sorts of wrong, but whatever. did i mention that at one point i felt like i was going to pass out because i was suddenly STARVING! and i mean, so dang hungry. it was odd. but it passed, i didn't die and i kept on gliding and sloshing around.

okay, after the hour is done- you get unwrapped and remeasured. and that part is kind of exciting because you get to find out if you lost anything! i lost over 10 and 1/2 inches total in this one visit! but let's be clear.. those inches are from ALL over my body. i'm talking the CHIN area (who the hell loses inches in their chin?!?! apparently me).. arms... various parts of my legs and hips.. my waist... my stomach.. they all combine to make the total inch loss.

i think the most interesting part is how i feel now... tonight. i feel worked. tired. like something happened, or is happening in my body. i don't know what it is, but it's hard to explain.

i do think that if you continued to do these wraps on a consistant basis you would lose real significant inches. but it's not cheap. and i really don't understand how or why it works at all.

but it was fun to do this one time. not sure i'd ever do it again... but maybe that will change after the weekend. they said the inch loss should continue for 2 days. that would be awesome and i'll report back if it's true!!!!

but yeah. i think the wrap has gone to my brain, zapped all my funny and made me have to pee a lot.

any questions, just ask. i might be smart enough to answer them. lol


Anonymous said...

And you are just the person that I wanted to review this craziness. I've thought about doing them as I thought you laid there being fed grapes and shit. I didn't know you had to work the whole time - they should pay you, no??
I would totally have to leave town to do this since I'm sure I would act the fool and probably be asked to leave - with the bandages still on....

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

man alive. i don't know if i'd wanna be on some glider thing for an hour. i'd feel way worked too. let me know if you keep losing inches or you know, like 2 pants sizes. then i'd totally pay to do it!

j.sterling said...

betsy.. i wish you were fed grapes and shit. well not shit. but i thought i'd be able to read. then i felt like a jackass.. i mean you're wrapped down to your fingers, of course you can't read.
the moving was cool...... i felt like i got my workout and wrapped at once! woot woot. this morning.. still feel weird

j.sterling said...

becks... they don't want you to work up a sweat or anything.. thye just want you to move and the glider is an all over body movement. they said you tend to lose inches ALL over your entire body when you keep the circulation up. my chin is ever so thankful.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this sounds so neat! I'd love to know how much it costs... so cool that you had it done. And do tell if you keep losing inches!

Lisa said...

So you can still scratch your nose but it sounds like its really difficult to do so...

It def didn't take away your funny or sassiness. Which, yeay!

And how much is it?

Shelley said...

I've considered doing a body wrap before, but I've never known anyone who has done it and didn't know if it actually works. I'd be pissed if I spent a lot of money and I couldn't tell any difference. Please continue to update how u feel, overall satisfaction and was it worth the $ spent?

Alison said...

I've never even heard of such a thing! I'm picturing you walking around like a mermaid, all Donna-Martin-like. :)

Do you feel icky-weird or good-weird?

norcalgirl28 said...

Okay, I have a question. Did they say the inches would stay off? I mean was it water weight inches that came off or real inches? If it stays off I may be interested in this inch loss thing you speak of.... :)

Ericka said...

this is sounding... not at all good for you. have you talked to your doctor about this? seriously. don't hurt yourself - you're already beautiful.

j.sterling said...

okay everyone.. it was a little over a hundred bucks, but of course they have all sorts of various wraps and whatnot that cost more.
i can STILL feel what i was talking about that i felt on thursday after doing the wrap. i'm not sure what it is. but it's something. it doesn't feel bad per se, but it doesn't feel
"right.." you know?
the weight and inches are not water inches or weight and are supposed to stay off. you aren't sweating out the stuff, so it isn't like a sauna or whatever where you drop water weight... i do not think now, 4 days later that the inches have come back. it was interesting for sure.

carrie said...

I'm glad you did that so that now I don't have to! Made me usual!