Monday, February 22, 2010

skin care

i've asked you guys more than once before just what the heck you wash your face with. i've been on a search for quite some time now to find products that simply... work for me. i used proactive for years and not because i ever had super bad skin or anything, but because i liked having "amazing" skin. but i started getting scared and wondering things like, how harsh is proactive on my FACE??? i still don't know the answer, but a product like that can't be gentle, right? and this is my face people. it's the only one i've got and i can't cover it with clothes and stuff when it starts to look bad.

so i've been wanting to find a replacement... something obviously not as harsh, but works just as well. the last thing i want is to turn into some zit freak, when i never was one before. at the persistence of a friend who started to sell arbonne, i tried multiple products of theirs. i didn't like any of them. the RE9 line way too moisturizing and heavy of a product for my combination skin. and the FC5 products just did not agree with me.

so it was back to the drawing board... and back to proactive... (can we pause really quickly and talk about the fact that proactive bleaches the hell out of everything? towels. washcloths. pillow cases. why doesn't anyone ever talk about that?!?!?!) so i've been using bleach face about twice a week, and this other over the counter face wash the other days. i feel like i have to substitute the proactive, otherwise i will suddenly sprout zits. and i can't have that. i refuse to have that.

this post is getting long.

someone offered to send me these products (the M2 sensitive skin collection bundle). yes, for free. and since i've been in such a skin care dilemma, i accepted. when they arrived, i noticed that they were designed really cute and differently than other products (the refinish twists up and down and the moisture lotion has a lid thing you press down on and the yellow goop comes up out of the middle of it). yes i notice everything. also, i like to read the stuff that is printed on the things i'm using. you know.. like the directions and the ingredients. but the writing on all of these bottles is way too light and blends in with the color of the product, making it extremely hard to read... especially in light (because the light ends up reflecting off the bottle itself). that was annoying, because i was already freaking exhausted after trying to read the damn bottles.

anyway... the products were different. the exfoliating cleanser didn't feel like it was cleaning my face intensely. but i think i'm also used to my face feeling like i'm scrubbing it off everynight, so i'm not sure i'm such a good judge on how a product is truly cleaning your face or not. time will tell. the skin refinish is supposed to get rid of all my fine lines (yay!!!) and even out skin tone, which should be fun since i'm freckly and stuff. it's kind of sticky. not in a super glue way, just in a ... tacky kind of way. my skin had a sticky feel to it after it had dried. i thought that was weird. the skin recovery moisturizer had that funky top that i talked about earlier and i was seriously confused on how to get it to work. i mean, i kept pressing it up and down.. up and down.. up and down.. until FINALLY, scary yellow looking goop came out. the color is weird. and it doesn't feel super moisturizing. although i'm starting to wonder if all the other lotions i've used feel moisurizing because they have sunscreen in them? this product doesn't. but it's weird to think that something could possibly be moisturizing your face when it doesn't FEEL moisturizing. i even had boyfriend feel my face before bed because it didn't feel soft (i like soft)... and he said it felt like leather. haha

but when i woke up the next morning, my face definitely looked different. i'm not sure WHAT exactly it is..... but it looks better. it looks softer. it looks prettier. and this was just day 1.

day 3.. this stuff is making my face very dry (either the stuff is leaving a super thin layer of crap that flakes off my face when i rub it, or it's my actual skin flaking off). i understand why because all 3 products have those acid's in them.. and nothing FEELS moisturizing. i think i'm going to have to modify things. i might stop using the 3rd step altogether and use my regular moisturizer. hopefully that will help. (update- it is step 2 that dries the hell out of your skin)

day 6.. i use the face wash everynight. i use the skin refinish stuff once every 3 days. .and i've stopped using the moisturizer completely. not sure if it's changing the way my skin looks or not. i haven't broken out at all which is awesome. maybe i'll use the moisturizer stuff like once a week or something?

day 30-something or other.. i have been using the face wash everynight. and i use the other 2 products like once a week i think. not sure the wrinkles are lightening at all. they are still there and still noticeable and i don't think they're fading. (maybe i should stop smiling) but my skin is pretty awesome. i break out slightly right before i start my p, which is to be expected. and then the rest of the month i'm pretty much clear skinned, with some exceptions that i haven't quite figured out yet. i think it might be because i started forgetting to use the other 2 products. once i start using them, my skin repairs itself and sends those zits packin! i haven't touched my pro-active since i started using these products. they are still sticky. they are still weird. but they work and i like feeling like i'm not putting something on my face that bleaches my freaking towels.

i do however want to try some kinerase moisturizing products- for wrinkles and stuff. but for face wash, i'm totally sticking with these products until they run out.

then you know what?

i'll buy them.


agirlnamedmel said...

haha. I've been arguing with my bf about how Proactive must be filled with chemicals because of the bleaching, etc. I'm sooo printing this out. So you would really buy this other stuff?

j.sterling said...

i would... I THINK. it's weird. i can't explain it. the products are STICKY. S T I C K Y. and i can't use the whole set everyday or my face gets super dry and then i think i get MORE zitty. i use the face wash everyday and i like it a lot. it's the other 2 products that i DO have to use... but just like 2 times a week. i would definitely buy the face wash again cause i do think it works.. it is just not what i'm used too.

and hell yes, proactive bleaches the hell out of EVERYTHING!! so annoying!

Unknown said...

Proactiv is the only thing that really works for me, but the bleaching is a huge effing bummer (so much for the nice towels we got as wedding presents.) They do have a gentler proactiv now that uses salicylic acid instead of the peroxide, maybe that would help? That being said I only use the proactiv at night and if I feel like I need exfoliation I use my Clarisonic. And yeah this comment is way too long.

Grand Pooba said...

I have been trying to figure out what to use on my face too. In fact, I wrote a post on it. But still haven't figured out what to use. I heard this stuff is really good:

Epicuren Discovery
but it's hella expensive!

Other than that everyone raved about Mary Kay and Proactiv. Go figure.

Um yeah, still haven't done anything so maybe I should try your shit out.

Alison said...

Just use old-fashioned soap and water. Dove, white. It's moisturizing, so your skin doesn't dry out...which causes zits.

Candy Dye said...

My 15 year old son (6'3") has very bad acne. He was given a one month sample of Apriori Beauty's new Acne Skin Care products to try as a clinical trial. His skin cleared completely up in 3 weeks, and was fresh and healthy looking. It will not be availiable to purchase for a couple more months, but if anyone is interested in trying it when it comes out, please send me your contact info. Apriori Beauty also has a home beauty gadget (Derma Firm Illuminator) with Galvanic, Far Infrared light, Ultrasound and Vibration, that will heal acne scarring. Email me at to receive more information when it is available - the line will be called Prodermalin, and will also have products for rosacea, eczema and psoraisis. I am a nurse practitioner and love the healthy ingredients and incredible results!

debstj said...

Okay, I know this is totally something you would not expect from me, but I use the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty line of products. You be the judge... do I look 46?

I found out about it from an infomercial one night quite late when I was, uh, slightly compromised.

Unknown said...

are they really worth the $101 price tag? Its hard to convince my college budget that its worth a try

debstj said...

Hey Parp-
They have a 30 day trial kit for 29.95. But, you do have to be careful as they kind of operate on a subscription type basis. So, once mine came I made sure to call before 30 days was up to cancel any future orders. Can't hurt to try it out!

sugaredharpy said...

Jennster, the sticky and the being able to use it and it being a set would make me never want to buy this. But I have weird sensory issues!

I LOVE Philosophy. Love it. My zits are GONE. I use On A Clear Day face wash for the zitty face and either Hope in a Bottle (it has a little salicylic acid in it) moisturizer or Hope in a Jar (has a little peroxide) depending on my mood, not my needs. My skin is soft, not dry, and not zitty. My chin used to be a mess and my nose and forehead were gross. Now, 800 times better.

And the face washes they have wash clean and the moisturizers are so light and blend right in. Never heavy, but you always feel good. My skin has NEVER been this good or this soft. I get it at I get my teenage kids the Purity face wash in a big bottle and their teenage acne clears right up..and it's not even FOR acne.

j.sterling said...

omg, i think i want to try the philosophy stuff after all this. LOL

i never stop.

sugaredharpy said...


If you have a Sephora store near you, well then, head over and TEST out how it feels before you buy anything. And it's super fun there.

j.sterling said...

of course i have a sephora! i don't live in a cave! LOL.. i love love love sephora~ i'll get samples soon!