Wednesday, January 20, 2010

pics from az

i'm so annoyed because i forgot that i took more pics of ryan doing things with my cell phone and i didn't upload them for the other post!!! (i didn't always have my camera with me) did you know that ryan shopped for valentine's day presents? he also rode an escalator without holding onto the rails (he's such a big boy)... AND i caught him reading mominatrix's new book in the EROTICA section of the bookstore!!!!!!

anyway, lots of stuff going on. things that of course in the long run will be positive, but are really fucking hard right now. and it sucks. and i'm beat down, man. a girl can only take so much before she literally.fucking.breaks.

but pictures are always fun! right? right!

everyday we went to this fro-yo place called mojo's. i kept saying "mojo jojo" in my head everytime we went there. you know, from the powerpuff girls? no? whatever.
well this is us.
eating fro yo.
for like the 3rd day in a row.
it is also THEM..
letting me put my arm in a completely ridiculous way so i look all wacked out and like i have transformer body parts in this picture.
why do you let me put my arm like that? wtf, it looks freaky

we went shopping.
and um, this perfectly coifed mannie had no head.
we each gave her ours. (except for susan cause she was on the phone selling herself for money or something)



the ladies forced me to go hiking because they hate me and want me to die.
not really. i love you.
it was pretty for the first 5 or so minutes, but then really? i'm sorry people, but all those stupid rocks look the same. so we hiked like 2 and a half miles to the end of this switchbacky trail. and then there was nowhere to go!!!! we had to turn around and walk back the entire way. i was trying to channel a helicopter, or use my mental powers of persuasion to get some golfer to offroad his golf cart and be my savior.

didn't happen.

but what did happen was me getting enormous blisters on my feet.
oh yeah, and i saw some rocks.
stupid rocks.

pinnacle peak

and really, what is up with cactus'? they look like giant hard ons and they make me laugh. i took a picture of this one's ball. ha.ha.
prickly ball.  haha

our last night out we went to this ridiculously amazing dinner. i might have almost cried when the bill came i realized that the tiniest glass of reisling cost $42. we're talking about 2 inches worth of wine here people. wtf?!?! anyway, we looked hot so who cares.
black & white hotness

our last night out! wah

and then we had to leave. and although we don't look sad in this picture, we were. and we were tired. and we pretended to be famous. and in my mind, we already are.
at the phoeniz airport. too cool for non celebrities

bonus pic.... the sunset one evening..
sunset at city north

the end. :)


Katie said...

you 4 do look famous in that last pic, I would have asked for an autograph...

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. You ladies look like fun.

Lara said...

MOJO JOJO! Yeah, Powerpuff Girls!

Also, you're gorgeous. But somehow, Mojo Jojo was what really stayed with me from this post. :)

A said...

The mannequin pictures are toooo funnny!! :D Luv it!

Reminds me...I used to pose next to the store mannequins when I was little, and mimic their poses. Hee!


p.s. Nope, I didn't end up being a model, even with all that practice! Ha ha! (in case you wondered?)