Monday, December 28, 2009

winter time!

click over to see the new winter theme! and when you hover, the snow falls!!! i think this is exciting for me, cause i don't live where it snows (thank the goddess)... but all you snow bound people are probably like, "screw you jennster!!! i don't need to see the stupid falling snow and freezing ass theme on your blog.. i can just look out my window fuckyouverymuch."



why did everyone get puppies for christmas except me??? is it because i told everyone i hoped they got puppies on my blog and on facebook??

i think it is.

i am totally magical.

like harry potter, but way hotter.

it's almost new years!! i freaking love new years! it's one of my most favorite days because it's so exciting.... it's all new feeling and fresh and you get to start over- or at least that's what you tell yourself cause it's way more fun that way.

i love big parties and super huge crowds, but since i married mean-nasty, we don't do anything fun like that. which is a bummer and always makes me super sad every.single.year. i was having a blast for awhile there.. new years in tahoe, new york, vegas, la of course, san diego... every year was somewhere new. i loved it! but no more. *le sigh*

anyway, i'm excited for the new year! i'm really looking forward to some changes. i know they're coming, i just don't think they're going to be easy at all, so it's a little scary. i don't mind change, it's just the difficult, painful change i'm not too fond of. easy change is all good. HA

happy noodles everyone (that's what my niece used to say for new years)!!! i hope it's FUN, happy, filled with friends and love, and lots of dancing!!!!!!! (i'm not giving anymore of you fuckers puppies!!!)


Mocha said...

Happy Noodles to you, too. I love your new wintry theme even though I am living it already. Aren't you jealous, you little magical puppy bestower?

Rusti said...

there's no snow for me, but I don't mind... I looked out the office window a little while ago and it looked like a blizzard. fan.fricken.tastic. Happy New Year to you :)

A said...

About the getting puppies for Christmas? Um. My puppy is tall with a long, fluffy tail and a horn sticking out from it's forehead. Wait a minute, I didn't get a puppy....I got a UNICORN! Thanks, magical Jennster! hee! :D

(Happy Noodles...that's cute! On an slightly unrelated note, my niece always said 'yellow' as 'lellow')

Happy New Year! Hope your 2010 is great!! :)


Annie said...

okay, we got snow for can flippin have it all! ha! if i could bottle it up and ship it to you, i would ;) i know, i live in the wrong state.
i hope you had a wonderful christmas sweets!!! XOXO

Katie said...

I wish I got a puppy. LAME!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok Miss Magical, will you hope for me to get these really cute boots I'm itchin for?

Thanks so much.

Oh, I almost forgot

"Screw you jennster!!! i don't need to see the stupid falling snow and freezing ass theme on your blog.. i can just look out my window fuckyouverymuch."

BFFs? :o)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday mother, no snow no puppies only coach purses...hahaha, bring your husband to my house and he and I will be boring together and you can out on the strip...whoaaa!

Wants to know said...

Which will anyone here say?

2010: two thousand and ten


2010: twenty ten

Just wondered.... :)

Either way, Happy New Year!

P.S. I've been saying it as two thousand and ten.

j.sterling said...

wants to know.. so funny, i have been thinking about the same thing! i am all over TWENTY-TEN. hahahaha

Ericka said...

it's six fucking degrees, not including the wind chill, and i do not have a puppy. thanks for the snow falling on the computer. THAT helped. :-P

happy noodles to you too.