Friday, December 11, 2009

some new blogs

remember i talked not too long ago about finding and loving new blogs? and how it always surprises me that i don't know like, EVERY SINGLE BLOG OUT THERE? haha.. some of you asked me to share my list of new to me blogs that i am loving on.

so i thought i would.
cause if i love them, most likely you will too!!!

most of them are young.. and fun.. and just loving and enjoying life. they write about their friends and their days and what matters to them. have i mentioned how freaking hot they are? well .... they are all gorgeous!!!! i came for the looks. i stayed for the personality. i'm like the perfect guy. lol

i met katie when i was shopping and buying coach purses! and now we read eachother's blogs religiously. she's awesome and super sweet. and hello, she works for coach! (i honestly think that it was through katie's blog that i found all of these other amazingly hot and young women. which makes sense cause um.. katie's younger than i am, so of course she's rolling with these chicks!)

annie from chapters of our life is too freaking cute for words. i have a total girl crush on her. click over and you'll see why. :)

it ain't easy being cheesy cracks me the hell up. i will never see that stache again and not think of her! she's silly and fun and adorable!

love meagan is a freaking gorgeous LA girl. i know, how cliche. :) i don't know why i love her blog so much.. i mean, i'd never in a million years make any of the DIY shit she posts (cause i'm too lazy and totally not that stylish)... but i love all her outfit pictures and i appreciate her style and total hotness. also, THE HAIR!!!!! i can't get over her amazing hair!!!! i covet. and lovet.

aubrey from made you blush is simply stunning. she is clever and honest and i've really enjoyed finding and reading her. you will too. :)

i honestly can't remember how i found pooba (don't think it was through katie).. but OH.MY.GOSH. am i ever happy i did! i freaking LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!! she is hilarious, and crazy and i totally want to be real life friends with her. :)

and jax from the roaring twenties... we both went to st lucia on our honeymoon. no, not together. not even the same year. so what. i love her so i want to draw similiarities between our lives so she will see we're meant to be friends forevah!!! we're both blonde. we're both crazy. we both have hot husbands. see? totally meant to be.

that's it for now! i hope you visit and love these amazing and gorgeous chica's as much as i do!!! :)


Jenna said...

thanks for all the new blogs to read! I started checking them out and I like! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to read each and every one! I think.

Katie said...

HOLLA! I love your blog too! And I will never forget that fateful day that we met! The day you got two purses!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't gotten to all the blogs you posted yet, but the ones I've seen so far are great! Thanks for the links.

And, not pertaining to this topic at all, but don't know where else to post it....
I love all the cool pictures you're always posting on your blog. My question, how do you get yourself in pictures? Do you ask? Insist? Or does everyone just ask to take pictures of your awesomeness? :) I'm only asking, because I need advice on how to get myself in pictures. I'm usually the one taking the photos. And I end up not being in any of them! Not to seem vain, but I would like to be in some of the pictures. And I feel weird asking: take my picture. include me in a photo.
Can you help? (This sounds like I'm writing to an advice column! Dear Jennster, Can you help me? LOL!)

P.S. Sorry for the loonng comment!

j.sterling said...

anon- i totally ask people to take pics of me with friends and stuff. I HAVE TO BE IN PICTURES BECAUSE I LOVE MYSELF! lol. boyfriend HATES having his picture taken, so he's super easy to shove the camera at and be like "good, then you're the photographer!!!" he doesn't complain about taking the pics half as much as he does about being in them. :)

but yes.. you have to ask people to take a pic. tHEY TOTALLY WILL! i always see people taking pics of eachother and not in them together and i will stop and ask tehm if they want me to take one of them together.. they are always so thankful. just ask someone- they will do it! :)

Annie said...

I love your blog too!!! You are so sweet for pointing out some of us ladies ;)

I am so behind on blogging! Boo :( going to check out your party that wasn't pics! ;)