Wednesday, December 02, 2009

new moon madness (in pictures)

once upon a time, a bunch of co-workers (who are also friends) decided to go see new moon at midnight.

it's not like we were the only freaks wanting to do this- hence, the FULL notes next to all the midnight showings.
sold out

and you know... the hordes of people waiting in line.

even david archuletta was there. but he didn't sing.
david a

there were girls with homemade t-shirts. yes, i took pictures of underage strange girls. i totally felt like a child molestor asking them if i could take their picture, but LOOK at their shirts!!! SO cute and the girls freaking loved it! they were like "YEAH YOU CAN!!!!!" and started posing and stuff. so see, as long as they're willing, it's all okay. heh.
homemade tees


can i just mention though how many "team jacob" shirts there were this time compared to last year? it's like everyone just jumped edward's ship because the stupid wolf gained 30 pounds in muscle. listen, i appreciate what the kid has done to his abs, but that doesn't mean i'm on team jacob.
and this always pissed me off about the books too (you know, while i'm on the subject)... you can't try and make this into some insanely soulful, time doesn't matter, i've waited for you for 108 years, intense love story- and then have her just love someone else too. that shit doesn't work!!!!! either that stupid bella loves edward in a way that CAN NOT COMPARE TO ANY OTHER LOVE, or she doesn't. she can't have both. you don't love someone with the fire of a thousand suns, only to be like "well i love jacob too" the next day. it's either true fucking deep love, or it's not. stupid stephanie meyer. i hate you.

moving on.

good lord.


julie brought in these cupcakes for us to munch in while we were waiting for HOURS before the movie started. aren't they pretty?
cupcakes by julie!

then this guy was like "YOU CAN'T BRING THOSE IN!!!!" all pissy and yelling at us like we were 12. we could have been that fucker's mom. i mean, if we were dirty sluts when we were 11 or something, but still. he was slightly stressed- i mean, look how fast he's walking! maybe he's part vampire with anger issues?
meanie worker face

we talked and possibly chuckled at someone dressed from head to toe in pink. someone may have forced me to take a picture of her, but i refuse to put it up here... cause... it's mean. and she's young. and what if she found this blog with this picture of her on it and i was making fun of her? i mean, really? i just look like the total bitch. which apparently i am. but i won't put her pic up.
not putting up the pic of the pink energizer bunny girl.
won't do it.
did i mention she had pink hair too?
no? well, she did.

the end.

no really.

i have no more pictures.

so that's it.

story is over.

thanks for coming.


Anonymous said...

I like the mean guy! HA

Kelly Miller said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!

When I went to see New Moon at 10 am the next morning, the moms had their Team shirts on, too. Somethings you don't grow out of.

Bella doesn't love Jacob. She's a user/loser who needs to always have a boyfriend/drama. I am so anti-Bella. Also, TEAM JACOB!

Anonymous said...

I'm the last woman on the planet who has not read any of the Twilight books, nor have I seen the movies. I tried to read the first book and I was bored. Sad but true.

Grand Pooba said...

Hahaha! I am so bummed you didn't post the pink girl. Com'on you could've blurred out her face. And of course there are more team Jacobs then team Edwards, it looks like the world is getting smarter.

I was not priviledged to see it on the opening night but it sure felt like it was with all the giddy girls in their t-shirts and screaming and squealing and screaming.

For that one night, I felt like a 12 year old. Not sure how I feel about that.

Peggy said...

Hey Jen -
Long time no see! :)

I have to tell you in advance, I've never read any of the books and I saw Twilight when I was pretty buzzed so I don't recall most of it.

Last night, I saw New Moon. A friend and I went for fun and it was SO much fun! Team Edward. End of story!

The funniest scene to me was when Bella met the "wolf girl" with the scars...I was laughing so loud which was ok cuz there were about 4 other people in the theater.

And we couldn't get over the fact that Bella couldn't even get into a full on makeout session with either of the dudes! Talk about frustrating... all in all it's cheesy, hilarious and all around great entertainment!

Jax said...

hahaha! Love the analysis of Bella/Jacob b/c I SO thought the same thing when I was reading. I'm just pumped to see Eclipse is coming out in JUNE instead of a whole other year! I think they're rushing through filming so Kristen and Robert dont hit splitsville and therefore ruin the movie before it comes out.. haha..

this new place said...

we are so far behind. Twilight just came in the Netflix mail today. So we will start with that. I know, we're so far behind the times...