Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday's with the fam damily

since marrying boyfriend, we have to switch things up on the holiday's. for christmas one year we'll go to his 'rents... and then the next year we go to mine. we do the same with thanksgiving. it's totally fair and i'm completely fine with it. i dig the back and forth.

but this year.... my mom decided she wanted to come to us because she didn't want to be alone. which means that my mom is coming to boyfriend's family's christmas dinner. and um, now my sister is coming up too. which i think is awesome, but also a little crazy.

not that my family and boyfriend's don't get along.... it's just that the way we do holiday dinners couldn't be more different. boyfriend's family likes everything to be perfect and super nice, which is awesome and i appreciate. but it's just that sometimes that can create a super stressful atmosphere (don't get me wrong, they have a ton of people come over and if i had to cook for that many people, i'd probably flip my fucking lid). my family is just way more laid back and well.. we obviously don't care about eachother as much. haha

maybe this year will be different because for the first time, everyone has to bring a dish! i'm excited about this just because i hope it will make everything easier and less stressful. which means, it will be more fun and relaxing for the people who normally spend the entire day in the kitchen cooking!!!! yay!!!

what do i get to make you ask? the potatoes. the delicious, amazing, cheesy, potatoes. they might make it to the dinner table.... if i don't eat them all first. which is a very real possibility. wish me luck.

do you have to bring a dish, or does someone else do all the cooking where you go? and.. WHERE do you go for christmas? that is, if you celebrate it. :)


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

we go to hubs dad's and step mom's cmas eve and then go his moms cmas morning for breakfast. i usually bring a side. the main stuff is always ready for us :)

Jax said...

I feel ya on the family minglingness. E's family is larger than mine and therefore a lot different.. but definitely fun! Mom and I are content to sit around in our pjs all day drinking egg nog and eating fatty foods.. haha.. nothing formal about that. But, fun.. yes. :)

And as for a dish.. not really bringing anything.. vino all the way for me, but I'll take some of those cheesy potatoes, please!! :)

Karen said...

I go to my aunt and uncles on Christmas Eve and then family comes to my house on Christmas Day. I bring wine and liquor to my uncles and I do all the cooking at my house. But it is easy.

Grand Pooba said...

You and your man's situation is the same as mine. We switch off families each year with Thanksgiving and Christmas so we don't have to worry about visiting both families each holiday. It's way nicer that way!

However...this year is my parent's turn (well really my mom's turn but my dad comes over too) and my other sibs don't do the switching off thing, they have to visit all their divorced inlaws too.

Sooo...this year we're having Christmas Eve dinner a day early. We are celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. (Which I think is ridiculous because that means my hub and I will have to drive back Christmas day where as before we would just sleep over Christmas Eve)

Ok, like you care about any of that..I just had to let out my frustration.

My sister and I are also working on "Project Champagne" this year. My mom doesn't drink and has never had alchohol at dinner before (My bros an alcoholic so she despises the stuff however has never tried it herself) So my sis and I are determined to bring champagne for the christmas eve eve dinner, you know like regular people do.


Andie said...

we alternate christmas/christmas eves with my IL's and my family. It has worked out well.

and we always do the "bring a dish" thing to make it simpler and more laid back.

This year I'm making potatoes and salad for my family christmas and then scott is making oyster dressing for his family's.

Should be easy peasy!

have a merry christmas, Jenn!

Alison said...

We are headed to Chris's grandparents for Christmas dinner. I'm bringing a birthday cake because it is also Grandma's birthday. The rest of the turkey dinner will be made by Grandma herself. :)

We're doing Christmas Eve here. I'm doing a pot roast to keep it simple. I hate being the one in charge of the big dinner because then I stress and that's no fun.

Tell Mom and Sue Merry Merry! :)

Thanksgiving AND Christmas together :) said...

Lucky enough that the sibs all live close by. One set's in-laws are out of state and the other set's in-laws live nearby (they split the day). Usually all the sibs do Thanksgiving AND Christmas together each year. :) I'm glad, 'cause it's always fun seeing the little kiddos at Christmas time! :)

J from Ireland said...

We usually have Christmas dinner at home with the kids and alternate years my brother and his husband. My in laws and my parents usually come for breakfast in the morning and then later on Christmas evening, my parents have a party, which is always a great time. As my father in law died in September, my mother in law wants all the family to have dinner together, so we are all heading to my sister in laws huge house. This is not something I look forward to. Anyway I will be bringing prawn cocktail for starters and some cauliflower and brocolli cheese bake, chocolate brownies and cookies. Oh and Christmas Eve I have to go to 2 friends homes, Mass and still do a few bits of shopping. I have never been as unorganized but also never been as chilled about it. Have a lovely times Jen.

norcalgirl28 said...

We do something so cool, I think. We go down to my parents every year because trying to fly to New York on stand by at Christmas is just nuts. We decided a long time ago, when the kids were younger, that Christmas is not the time to worry about washing the silver, setting a table, et al, it is about being with family and letting the kids play and just RELAXING after the stress of the past few weeks. So we all make finger food. Frank and I usually bring a big spiral cut ham so people can make sandwiches and then a bunch of snacky stuff, meatballs, dip, veggies, et al. It is so much more relaxing than the formal stuff we used to do.

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