Monday, December 14, 2009

the holiday party that wasn't

boyfriend and i got all dolled up on saturday night to head to my work's holiday party. yes, getting dressed in all black equals dolled up. i had been sick all week, so i didn't have time to shop for anything to wear... which annoyed me all day long. i had to wear old clothes. boooo
leaving the house!

we weren't in the party 20 minutes (isn't the lighting pretty?) ....

giancarlo working the ladies

when the POWER WENT OUT!!!!!!


okay, there were some candles, but that was it.

and when total blackness occurs... pictures like this happen.

you know, where peoples heads get cut off...
gregg and jenn


and only half of someone's body is in the shot
angela marie & jenn to the ster

or nothing but a cup is there.
apparently i don't take pictures well in the dark

and you kind of think it's funny to blind people with your camera flash, so you just flash it constantly.
flashes are blinding!

and when they complain, it makes you want to keep doing it more. cause you're all sorts of considerate and stuff.

at some point you get used to being in the dark (even though they've asked you to leave at least 5 times already) and your pictures get better!
michelish, jennster, trishalish

and eventually you do leave cause you notice it's starting to get really fucking cold in there with no power. and you also realize that you're starving. and it's still dark. and this isn't that fun in the dark without power cause hello, that means, NO MUSIC!!!!

so you attempt to take one more girly group shot before you leave.
the girls

and then you walk outside and see what all the commotion is about.
oh hi, water! you look awful high!
hi, there was a flood.

so you walk around to where your car is parked and you see firemen literally taking buckets of water out of a car for the owner. then you see your car. and you are so happy you have a gas guzzling, environment hating, suv. (woot woot) cause the water didn't get high enough to get IN your car. but boyfriend still had to take off his shoes and socks to wade through the wetness to get the car. he is amazing.
boyfriend getting the car

the end. :)


Anne said...

Oh that's sweet of him! Glad you got out OK... what happened, was there a water main break? Are they rescheduling the party?

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

you looked bad ass though!

CJ said...

Wow, you really know how to do a party, girl!

Annie said...

you looked smokin hot even in "old" clothes!! And at least you got some fun pics hun!! ;)

Heather@WHMB said...

You look HAWT!

The rest of it - not so much. Thank goodness for the gas guzzling SUV though.

Katie said...

1. You look SMOKIN' hot!
2. That SUCKS that the party had the power go out, but at least you got some great pictures out of it!
3. The other day a lady came in to Coach who went to the Halloween Party at lucasfilm and they were in the top 3 of the costume contest (the simpsons family, maybe you recall seeing them?)
4. thank god for SUV's! that would have SUCKED balls if your car was full of water.
5. I just didn't want to stop at 4, so here is number 5

J from Ireland said...

Firstly, you look amazing!! What happened? This is the scenes of distruction in half of Ireland at the moment, with flooding from the high rainfall. I seriously doubt thats the same reason over there, so what the fuck happened? Was there much damage?

NGS said...

You are hot. That is all.

j.sterling said...

J- some water main thing broke and shot out of the street!!! it flooded out 8 blocks of san francisco i think... that's what happened. :) AND it was raining. lol

Mbdiamond said...

Wow! I'm just amazed that he could wade through the water to the car... and it could still GO. (and there's a holiday story to remember!)

Last time a water main broke here in Dec, the cars were frozen solid to the street in a block of ice up to the doors.

California looks nice from here! ;)

Andie said...

was your party in new orleans? LOL because we had the exact same weather here in New Orleans on Saturday night! LOL

Jason, as himself said...

Yowza! What a fun time! Except that last part. Not fun at all.

Loves Pictures! said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this topic (well, it kinda does. there's pictures posted.), but.....
Do you bring your camera with you always? Is it easy to carry, or hard to lug around? Do you use a flash?
Your pictures here are always so great, so I just wondered. :)

-Nosy photo-bug!

j.sterling said...

picture love... YES, i bring my camera with us everywhere. and YES, it is a pain in the ass because it's fucking BIG.. with a big ass lens and it's HEAVY. that's why i got a purse that the camera can fit in- makes it easier, but really.... when we're at a party or something, i'm always holding it. the thing is, i probably wouldn't bring it, if i had a point and shoot that i loved. there are so many amazing and high quality point and shoot camera's out there now- i just need to get one. they're much easier and take superb pictures!! i would save my enormous heavy camera for trips and places where i truly needed what that camera could do. know what i mean? and no, i never shoot with the flash, although in all of those pictures i had too because there was NO light! HAHAHHAHAHA

thank you! :)