Friday, December 18, 2009

happy HO HO

just a quick note...

1st- thank you so much for reading and responding to a fellow blogger in the post below. she needed to hear it all, and appreciates it so much. so do i.

2nd- happy holidays everyone!!!!!!!! i love love love this time of year, but also realize that i think i like it the most when we're going to my moms over christmas. see, it snows where she lives. and while i have absolutely zero (i cannot stress that enough) desire to EVER live where it snows.... there is something completely magical about a white christmas. so ever since she moved up there, it's been fun to have white merry ho ho days with blake. if there's ever a time to have snow.... it's on christmas. i don't know why, it's just a requirement or something. you know, like lap sitting.

have you finished your shopping? i'm almost done. for the most part done. but then i think about who i still haven't bought for and i realize that i'm not done. at all. and that i'm running out of time. EEEEEEEEK. and that of course i haven't bought anything for certain people cause i have no clue what to get them! the easiest to shop for gets their gifts bought first! ha

so what about you? are you done????


Katie said...

Where does your mom live? My grandma lives "up" near Placerville in Camino, and we are going there this year. I love have snow on x-mas, but no thanks to living in it haha.

Good luck finishing your Christmas shopping! I still have some to do, but I will be a slave to Coach every day until x-mas eve, so I hope I can finish it.

CJ said...

I'm done. I did the kids. ONLY the kids this year. I'm done!! Well, I found out two days ago I'm hosting this year's events. So I'm almost done. Ugh!

Sonia (formerly ddm) said...

Done as I'm gonna get. We are having a VERY light Christmas, I lost my job very unexpectedly, with no notice.
We too, go to the snow for Christmas. It just doesn't get any more magical than that. :) Happy Holidays!!

Alison said...

I'll make it easy for you. I'd like:

1. U Is For Undertow by Sue Grafton
2. a cute, fun, colorful scarf
3. warm pajamas

Just kidding! :) I'm done with my shopping. We did all of ours over Thanksgiving break. And I wrapped them then too! I know, I am a freak.

Merry Christmas, Hooch!!

A said...

Not done. Not even close. Looks like it'll be a last-minute Christmas again, this year. :(

Oh, to be like Alison and have it all done. And BEFORE December even started? That's what I wanted to do this year! But it didn't happen. :(

Oh well.....I'll try to do better NEXT year!

Merry Christmas to all! :)


J from Ireland said...

I still have a few bits to get. I love Christmas, loads of food and drink. Starting tonight, I am having a girls night tonight in my house. We are all going to get locked and be silly, I can't wait!!

NGS said...

I'm finished, but I'll be downtown on Monday, so I guess I'll probably stop by Macy's because I can't resist the lure of department store ornaments. Oh, and I have one gift purchased that is on order and NEEDS to get here by Tuesday or I will be mortified.

AND I made two batches of cookies today - sugar and molasses. I feel wifely and virtuous.

Annie said...

i'm not done with my shopping yet either BUT once i finally decide to shower and get ready for the day i'll be heading out to finish up! ha! i
i hope you are getting yours all finished up this weekend too :)
hope you are having a great weekend!
happy holidays sweet girl!! XO!!

Jenna said...

I'm almost done...heading out today to hopefully finish up. I was ahead of the game and did a lot of it during black friday, but then I just stopped and the packages started arriving and then I realized that I actually hadn't finished. I don't want to go out there!