Thursday, December 31, 2009

twenty - ten


that shit is just crazy.

i remember when it turned 2000 like it was yesterday... can't believe THAT night was 10 years ago. CRAZY i tell you.

anyway, just a quick note-

i appreciate every single one of you who chooses to read my words whenever you choose to do so.. whether it's daily, monthly, or once a year. thank you. thank you for giving me an outlet in which to express every single thing i could ever want too (okay, not every single thing) and for always being there for me. the friendships formed from having this blog and this community are real. and i am so very thankful for every one of them. for every one of you.

i just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. how much this space means to me. how much the way that we come together for eachother, means to me. we are an amazing group of caring, wonderful, thoughtful, giving people, us bloggers. and it's magical. just like tonight is.

so happy new year (happy noodles) everyone! i know it's been an uphill battle for a lot of us lately. battling with things like depression, feeling unsure about where our lives are headed, what's coming next, feeling frustrated and longing for change. all of this is part of what's to come. we have to trudge through the crap to get to the gold. i guess it wouldn't be any fun if the gold just sprouted down from the clouds and onto our heads. that's what i tell myself anyway. all your hard work will be worth the reward.

just hang in there.

it's going to get better.

love you guys!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

healing #2 for anissa!

at the request of anissa's loving and caring husband, we're ready for the second healing session for our dear blog friend anissa! :)



TIME: 4:00pm pst... 7:00pm est

peter posted a recent picture of anissa, and we both think it's the picture we should all focus on during this healing.
we should concentrate on sending her healing and positive thoughts, as well as focusing as hard as we can on the right side of her body. she needs extra help there right now, so if we focus and send light and healing energy to the right side of her body, it might help!

please help spread the word because as you know, the MORE energy the better!

feel free to link to this post in twitter, facebook, your blog, etc. let's make this BIG! and POSITIVE! and AWESOME (cause you know she'd do it for you)!!

and thank you in advance... thank you so much.

ps- i will be on twitter before the healing officially begins to count down and pimp it out.... if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to either email me, send me a twat (ha) or post a comment here and i'll do my best to answer before we begin.

pss- this healing session is being done with the full support of anissa's husband. i think it's important that you know how involved he is and that we are doing this with his blessing and hopeful heart. thank you again.

ppss- peter just posted ways that you can help on the blog! go here.

all these ps's are getting crazy, but SO WHAT..

people are asking "how" to heal someone.. what do you do? do you just think thoughts? do you concentrate? and the short answer is.. YES! you think with your mind.. and you send with your mind.. and you do what feels right to you. since the left side of the brain "controls" the right side of the body, i will personally be talking to that side of the brain and sending yellow healing light there. i'll also be looking at her picture and focusing on her right arm and sending yellow light there as well. i know it sounds weird.. or odd.. but like i said, each person does what feels right to them. you can pray. or just think positive, encouraging sayings and say them over and over in your head while looking at anissa's picture. you can talk to her with your mind. anything that feels good to you. do it!

why am i sending yellow light you ask?

Healing properties:
Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent color for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles. Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains)

Life-force, vitality, change, progress, contact, communication, trade, commerce, to persuade with confidence, joy, cheerfulness, learning, knowledge, mental clarity, concentration, memorizing, tests, speaking and writing, traveling, affirmation, visualization.

Preference for yellow: The color of the sun, life-force, vividity, vitality and energy. The color of cheerfulness, curiosity, alternation, flexibility, progress, amusement, contact through traveling and communication, learning and practical knowledge. A feeling for writing and speaking.

Monday, December 28, 2009

winter time!

click over to see the new winter theme! and when you hover, the snow falls!!! i think this is exciting for me, cause i don't live where it snows (thank the goddess)... but all you snow bound people are probably like, "screw you jennster!!! i don't need to see the stupid falling snow and freezing ass theme on your blog.. i can just look out my window fuckyouverymuch."



why did everyone get puppies for christmas except me??? is it because i told everyone i hoped they got puppies on my blog and on facebook??

i think it is.

i am totally magical.

like harry potter, but way hotter.

it's almost new years!! i freaking love new years! it's one of my most favorite days because it's so exciting.... it's all new feeling and fresh and you get to start over- or at least that's what you tell yourself cause it's way more fun that way.

i love big parties and super huge crowds, but since i married mean-nasty, we don't do anything fun like that. which is a bummer and always makes me super sad every.single.year. i was having a blast for awhile there.. new years in tahoe, new york, vegas, la of course, san diego... every year was somewhere new. i loved it! but no more. *le sigh*

anyway, i'm excited for the new year! i'm really looking forward to some changes. i know they're coming, i just don't think they're going to be easy at all, so it's a little scary. i don't mind change, it's just the difficult, painful change i'm not too fond of. easy change is all good. HA

happy noodles everyone (that's what my niece used to say for new years)!!! i hope it's FUN, happy, filled with friends and love, and lots of dancing!!!!!!! (i'm not giving anymore of you fuckers puppies!!!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday goodness

how come no one ever told me how fucking delish dark chocolate covered pretzels were??? i realize this is something i should probably already know, so the only thing i can think of is that maybe i've always been told to try milk chocolate covered pretzels. and i'm not a big fan of milk chocolate at all. even less so as i get older. milk chocolate drools... dark chocolate rules. another thought about this whole travesty? maybe i always tried those tiny little ass knot pretzels... so you probably can't even taste the salt on those... which i think is part of the whole point of these treats. salt + sweet = heaven (right now somewhere boyfriend is saying "i've got something sweet and salty for you.").

my point?

are these.
dark choco pretzies

and these
white pretzels

and hello, do you realize how freaking good they are?!?!! well someone's wife from work makes them every year and i about died and couldn't stop eating them. so i decided to try to make them to bring to christmas dinner tomorrow. and i modified with the white chocolate cause i had some white chocolate chips hanging around.

and i think i just found my new favorite thing to make over the holidays. good lord.

speaking of crap and eating it. i feel like i'm about to bust out of my jeans. it's a little frustrating because while i have been eating more crappy than usual, i've also been conscientious about eating well during the other times and i am continuing to work out. but um... i've gained 3 pounds. i know that doesn't sound like a lot, but i just freaking lost 7 or whatever. so i'm not all excited to gain half of it back.

stupid pretzels.

did you see my twitter about the aisles and aisles of VALENTINE candy out already? of course you didn't cause it didn't twat. stupid twitter (except for @babitosdad and @TheCaffeinatrix cause they said i'm their sexiest twitter follower. damn straight fuckers).

have a great christmas tomorrow if you celebrate! have a super merry everything.. i hope you get everything you want, and things you didn't even realize you wanted.. like PUPPIES! and unicorns! hahaha


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday's with the fam damily

since marrying boyfriend, we have to switch things up on the holiday's. for christmas one year we'll go to his 'rents... and then the next year we go to mine. we do the same with thanksgiving. it's totally fair and i'm completely fine with it. i dig the back and forth.

but this year.... my mom decided she wanted to come to us because she didn't want to be alone. which means that my mom is coming to boyfriend's family's christmas dinner. and um, now my sister is coming up too. which i think is awesome, but also a little crazy.

not that my family and boyfriend's don't get along.... it's just that the way we do holiday dinners couldn't be more different. boyfriend's family likes everything to be perfect and super nice, which is awesome and i appreciate. but it's just that sometimes that can create a super stressful atmosphere (don't get me wrong, they have a ton of people come over and if i had to cook for that many people, i'd probably flip my fucking lid). my family is just way more laid back and well.. we obviously don't care about eachother as much. haha

maybe this year will be different because for the first time, everyone has to bring a dish! i'm excited about this just because i hope it will make everything easier and less stressful. which means, it will be more fun and relaxing for the people who normally spend the entire day in the kitchen cooking!!!! yay!!!

what do i get to make you ask? the potatoes. the delicious, amazing, cheesy, potatoes. they might make it to the dinner table.... if i don't eat them all first. which is a very real possibility. wish me luck.

do you have to bring a dish, or does someone else do all the cooking where you go? and.. WHERE do you go for christmas? that is, if you celebrate it. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

happy HO HO

just a quick note...

1st- thank you so much for reading and responding to a fellow blogger in the post below. she needed to hear it all, and appreciates it so much. so do i.

2nd- happy holidays everyone!!!!!!!! i love love love this time of year, but also realize that i think i like it the most when we're going to my moms over christmas. see, it snows where she lives. and while i have absolutely zero (i cannot stress that enough) desire to EVER live where it snows.... there is something completely magical about a white christmas. so ever since she moved up there, it's been fun to have white merry ho ho days with blake. if there's ever a time to have snow.... it's on christmas. i don't know why, it's just a requirement or something. you know, like lap sitting.

have you finished your shopping? i'm almost done. for the most part done. but then i think about who i still haven't bought for and i realize that i'm not done. at all. and that i'm running out of time. EEEEEEEEK. and that of course i haven't bought anything for certain people cause i have no clue what to get them! the easiest to shop for gets their gifts bought first! ha

so what about you? are you done????

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

guest post....

all too often as bloggers, we find that too many people we care about know about our blogs. and read them. so while we love and adore our blogs for the outlets they provide, there are times when we can't write what we truly want too. because what we want to say might be read by the person we're talking about..... that's when we go to someone else's blog to vent.. express.. ask for help or opinions.

and that's where this post comes from. she just needed to get it all out. obviously, since her original draft was written over 2 years ago... she is truly wanting everyone's opinions. she will be reading the comments... so thank you in advance for talking to her.

I need to get something off my chest.

I drafted a post a long time ago. I was scared to hit the publish button. Worried about how I might make someone feel. These feelings are still here, and I just need to put them out there in hopes that it will help me with the situation and the anxiety that it is causing me over a friendship that is no more.

In May of 2007, I wrote this:

“Her and I had a falling out once I became pregnant with my first child. And once my first child was born, I became nonexistent to her. But, of course, there was always the odd chance we would see each other, maybe 5 times over the last 2 1/2 years.

At those times, she showered my daughter(s) with gifts. She would tell me how great her career was going (how much money she was making, constantly getting promoted, etc.). She would constantly play up how great her career was going and her life was going. Why did this make me feel so incredibly small? Like being a mother (even though I also work outside of the home) meant so much less than making a ton of money. She made me feel like I wasn’t as smart.

I was told by others that this wasn't about me. It was about her. I was then reminded that she decided the day she was going to get married was the same exact day of the year I was married (my wedding was four years earlier), and that she used the same flowers I did, that her bachelorette party was in the same location as mine, and the copying goes on and on. The mere fact that I mentioned that we were going to start looking at buying a house led her to make an offer on a house the next week - when they hadn't even thought about doing it before. I have been told many times that she is a follower, not a leader, but why must someone copy me like this or treat our friendship so competitively.

She would never call me. Never email me. I had to make all the effort. And I was told by others that it isn't about me. Everything always has to be about her all the time.

I tried to let her know how I felt and that I didn’t like the competition it seemed we had between us. The response I got was nothing like the one I wanted. She mentioned how mad at me she was for missing her birthday party (granted there were many other people there). I told her I could not find a sitter. She didn't understand. How could she? She was the important one.

I don't even know where I am going with this anymore. It's just one thing after another. I mean, I really do truly believe that you don't know what it is like after having kids until you have them yourself. This friend is planning to get pregnant soon, and have her first child at 31, because she once told me when I was pregnant with my first that "31 is a good year to have your first child." And you probably already guessed it. I was having my first child at 31.

I'm stumped. I'm tired of thinking about this and getting mad every time I think about her. I just want it to end. Be over. Good riddance.”

That’s the end of what I wrote and I never really finished it, but it really and truly wasn’t the end until now, two and a half years later. We hadn’t written or spoken to each other since this last June, when she had very not discreetly placed my husband and I on her 2nd tier list of friends. When you are invited somewhere to be with a group, you kind of expect to be around that group and hang out with them. Instead, it was like we were a joke, and we were told there wasn’t enough accommodations, and you’ll have to stay away from the group somewhere else. I think that was the last straw. We stopped talking after this, but our husbands still remain the best of friends and do things together.

About a month ago, she was planning her baby’s first birthday party. She invited us, and I didn’t want to go and hadn’t responded to the invitation. I received an email on my birthday (of all days) from her after not speaking with her since June, asking if we would be attending and oh, she missed me, and happy birthday. She also mentioned that it had been weird that we hadn’t spoken in so long and if there was something that she did that upset me that she was sorry (did she already know what she did?). I was mad she sent this to me on my birthday because it ate at me all day, so I responded to her the next day. I thought that was a selfish thing to do, but what do I know? I reiterated the situation that hurt me, and that it wasn’t the first time (because there has been a lot of these situations over the years), and how it really upset me. I also told her that I hoped we could get past it and start over. So, what happened? I received no response. The fact that I actually held out hope that we could work it out makes me feel even worse, so now I am left wondering why I cared so much? Because I look back at some of this older stuff, and I had almost forgotten how long I’ve been going through this. Now it’s all very clear to me. What makes things even harder is that I can pretty much get along with anyone, so was that friendship just not meant to be? And because my husband and her husband are close friends, how can I make it easier for them? Because of their friendship, this makes for a sticky situation that I will always be attached to, and I think that is why I am having a hard time letting it go.

I don’t plan to ever see her again and will not do anything with them as a couple and that is the way I want it.

Writing about this makes me feel a lot better. Thanks for listening. If anyone else has been through this situation, it would be so helpful to me to find out how you’ve handled it and hear some advice.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the holiday party that wasn't

boyfriend and i got all dolled up on saturday night to head to my work's holiday party. yes, getting dressed in all black equals dolled up. i had been sick all week, so i didn't have time to shop for anything to wear... which annoyed me all day long. i had to wear old clothes. boooo
leaving the house!

we weren't in the party 20 minutes (isn't the lighting pretty?) ....

giancarlo working the ladies

when the POWER WENT OUT!!!!!!


okay, there were some candles, but that was it.

and when total blackness occurs... pictures like this happen.

you know, where peoples heads get cut off...
gregg and jenn


and only half of someone's body is in the shot
angela marie & jenn to the ster

or nothing but a cup is there.
apparently i don't take pictures well in the dark

and you kind of think it's funny to blind people with your camera flash, so you just flash it constantly.
flashes are blinding!

and when they complain, it makes you want to keep doing it more. cause you're all sorts of considerate and stuff.

at some point you get used to being in the dark (even though they've asked you to leave at least 5 times already) and your pictures get better!
michelish, jennster, trishalish

and eventually you do leave cause you notice it's starting to get really fucking cold in there with no power. and you also realize that you're starving. and it's still dark. and this isn't that fun in the dark without power cause hello, that means, NO MUSIC!!!!

so you attempt to take one more girly group shot before you leave.
the girls

and then you walk outside and see what all the commotion is about.
oh hi, water! you look awful high!
hi, there was a flood.

so you walk around to where your car is parked and you see firemen literally taking buckets of water out of a car for the owner. then you see your car. and you are so happy you have a gas guzzling, environment hating, suv. (woot woot) cause the water didn't get high enough to get IN your car. but boyfriend still had to take off his shoes and socks to wade through the wetness to get the car. he is amazing.
boyfriend getting the car

the end. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

some new blogs

remember i talked not too long ago about finding and loving new blogs? and how it always surprises me that i don't know like, EVERY SINGLE BLOG OUT THERE? haha.. some of you asked me to share my list of new to me blogs that i am loving on.

so i thought i would.
cause if i love them, most likely you will too!!!

most of them are young.. and fun.. and just loving and enjoying life. they write about their friends and their days and what matters to them. have i mentioned how freaking hot they are? well .... they are all gorgeous!!!! i came for the looks. i stayed for the personality. i'm like the perfect guy. lol

i met katie when i was shopping and buying coach purses! and now we read eachother's blogs religiously. she's awesome and super sweet. and hello, she works for coach! (i honestly think that it was through katie's blog that i found all of these other amazingly hot and young women. which makes sense cause um.. katie's younger than i am, so of course she's rolling with these chicks!)

annie from chapters of our life is too freaking cute for words. i have a total girl crush on her. click over and you'll see why. :)

it ain't easy being cheesy cracks me the hell up. i will never see that stache again and not think of her! she's silly and fun and adorable!

love meagan is a freaking gorgeous LA girl. i know, how cliche. :) i don't know why i love her blog so much.. i mean, i'd never in a million years make any of the DIY shit she posts (cause i'm too lazy and totally not that stylish)... but i love all her outfit pictures and i appreciate her style and total hotness. also, THE HAIR!!!!! i can't get over her amazing hair!!!! i covet. and lovet.

aubrey from made you blush is simply stunning. she is clever and honest and i've really enjoyed finding and reading her. you will too. :)

i honestly can't remember how i found pooba (don't think it was through katie).. but OH.MY.GOSH. am i ever happy i did! i freaking LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!! she is hilarious, and crazy and i totally want to be real life friends with her. :)

and jax from the roaring twenties... we both went to st lucia on our honeymoon. no, not together. not even the same year. so what. i love her so i want to draw similiarities between our lives so she will see we're meant to be friends forevah!!! we're both blonde. we're both crazy. we both have hot husbands. see? totally meant to be.

that's it for now! i hope you visit and love these amazing and gorgeous chica's as much as i do!!! :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

aaand my day yesterday was a little crazy

first of all, i feel fucking terrible. i hate being sick. or moreso, i hate FEELING sick. i'd rather be sick and feel fine, then be sick and feel sick. ha.

even worse? traveling while you're sick. even though my flights were super quick, it still sucks to fly at all when you don't feel well.

have i mentioned it's flipping cold in this state? oh yeah, i have. here was my view from the plane- almost in so cal!
brrr, it's cold down there!
nor cal to so cal flight!

anyway, so i'm feeling terrible and i'm at the studio and of course.. when i feel and look like complete shit, i get to see and meet all sorts of awesome people.
mm tweet
(do you have kids? if so, ask them who he is. if not, watch hannah montana- hee). yes, i realize i just said awesome and mitchel musso in the same sentence.. but hear me out! he was super, super nice.. totally friendly, super chatty.. and just a really, really cool guy. he WAS awesome, so there! i guess i like to give props because people (especially younger talent who have been in the public eye for so long) aren't always so friendly and nice. hell, no one has to be friendly and nice to a stranger... but he totally was. and not just kind of nice, he was like ridiculously awesomely nice. so yeah. he sort of rules. :)

but to top that (sorry mitchel, but... come on!!!!!) i got to see THIS GUY from the hangover movie!

if you haven't seen the movie then 1- WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?? and 2- this won't make any sense to you (*cough*CAT*cough*)

he walked past me and i said "i loved the pictures of you in the elevator" and he stopped dead in his tracks. turned his head super quick. looked at me. got confused for about 2 seconds then he goes "HAHHA! i've never heard it said like that before! that was funny!!" and he cracked up and walked out the door.

i'm awesome.

but still sick.

which is all sorts of UNawesome.

Monday, December 07, 2009

holy crap it's cold!

i spent the entire weekend sitting outside at a baseball tournament. it was 35 degrees (give or take). i was stressing out before we left about how the hell i was possibly going to stay warm. i was thinking over all my warm weather clothes *insert fits of laughter here*.... how was ONE SWEATSHIRT going to keep me warm all day and night long?!?!?!

listen, i like to do things like ice skate and snowboard in the snow and cold. but otherwise, i don't sit outside for hours on end in the freezing flipping cold doing absolutely nothing. at least not on purpose. so i'm not prepared for stuff like this.

thank the goddess i have a boyfriend who is insane. and believes in warm weather gear. and actually owns things like.. jackets! and gloves! because without him.. and this amazing jacket he let me wear all weekend, i probably would have died. just like i said in my twitter.

twitter cold

then the wind kicked in. and while i was super happy to have that amazing coat thing.. i was still freezing my ass off. everywhere that coat wasn't, was cold. i don't like being cold. at.all.

i also had a brilliant realization while at these games
winter fugly

this is what a cold ster looks like. thank god for boyfriends jacket

ster was not made to be all covered up and in layers. ster was made to be free.. in tank tops and happy clothes. winter clothes are not happy clothes!

so um.. is it cold where you are?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

daddy issues.. got em?

for most of my life i grew up thinking that my family was pretty standard. i mean, aside from the previous marriages (for both my mom and my dad) and having a brother i've still never met (he lives in germany).... i just always thought that my family was ... well..


you know, no real drama. nothing too crazy. everyone got along. parents were still married. normal.

i was 19 when i learned the first time that we were definitely not normal. every illusion i had had about what kind of family we were... what kind of people my family members were.. was broken. jagged bits of pieces stuck out of me everywhere and i tried desperately to put myself back together.

everything i thought i knew... every ounce of feeling safe.. every ounce of feeling anything normal... it was all gone. certain people wanted it all swept back under the rug it had just come from. rebury what was just unearthed. but this time, bury it further away. and deeper. and make sure that it never comes back to the surface. let's pretend it didn't happen. but mostly, let's never speak of it again. not even to eachother.

i wasn't sure i'd ever get past what i had learned. i wasn't sure things could ever go back to being.. normal again. how could it? how could things ever be the same, when nothing was the same anymore?

but time is a funny thing. what was once so blatantly screaming at you in the face for 24 hours a day... starts to stop. with time, that scream becomes a whisper. until you no longer hear it on a daily basis. you can't ever completely undo what has already been done. but apparently, this thing you've discovered.. this thing that changed everything you thought you knew about your family.. it grows quiet with time.

i was 30 when i learned again that our family wasn't normal. or wait, maybe we were. or at least maybe he was. typical male behavior. cheating. leaving. more broken shattered pieces of people left scattered on the pavement below.

for someone who never felt like she had daddy issues growing up... i sure have them now. to say what my father has done to my family hasn't affected me as a grown woman, would be a complete lie. i am affected. and it's all sorts of fucked up to think that you're going to be one of the rare ones who doesn't have parental issues.... like you got away unscathed. and you think you're in the clear- 30 years old.. if you weren't going to have parent issues by now, you weren't going to have them. BZZZZZZZZ! wrong ster!

so that brings me to this: it seems like almost every woman i know has some sort of daddy issue. their dad did something that screwed them all up. or affected them in ways they can't "fix." and so that begs the question... are all dads fucked up? can men just not get it right? or are all daughters looking for excuses for their messed up behaviors? do the women grow up and realize they can pin certain things on the men in their lives, so they point fingers at their dads?

i'm curious if you have daddy issues... or maybe mom issues. talk to me about them. get to spilling in the comments.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

new moon madness (in pictures)

once upon a time, a bunch of co-workers (who are also friends) decided to go see new moon at midnight.

it's not like we were the only freaks wanting to do this- hence, the FULL notes next to all the midnight showings.
sold out

and you know... the hordes of people waiting in line.

even david archuletta was there. but he didn't sing.
david a

there were girls with homemade t-shirts. yes, i took pictures of underage strange girls. i totally felt like a child molestor asking them if i could take their picture, but LOOK at their shirts!!! SO cute and the girls freaking loved it! they were like "YEAH YOU CAN!!!!!" and started posing and stuff. so see, as long as they're willing, it's all okay. heh.
homemade tees


can i just mention though how many "team jacob" shirts there were this time compared to last year? it's like everyone just jumped edward's ship because the stupid wolf gained 30 pounds in muscle. listen, i appreciate what the kid has done to his abs, but that doesn't mean i'm on team jacob.
and this always pissed me off about the books too (you know, while i'm on the subject)... you can't try and make this into some insanely soulful, time doesn't matter, i've waited for you for 108 years, intense love story- and then have her just love someone else too. that shit doesn't work!!!!! either that stupid bella loves edward in a way that CAN NOT COMPARE TO ANY OTHER LOVE, or she doesn't. she can't have both. you don't love someone with the fire of a thousand suns, only to be like "well i love jacob too" the next day. it's either true fucking deep love, or it's not. stupid stephanie meyer. i hate you.

moving on.

good lord.


julie brought in these cupcakes for us to munch in while we were waiting for HOURS before the movie started. aren't they pretty?
cupcakes by julie!

then this guy was like "YOU CAN'T BRING THOSE IN!!!!" all pissy and yelling at us like we were 12. we could have been that fucker's mom. i mean, if we were dirty sluts when we were 11 or something, but still. he was slightly stressed- i mean, look how fast he's walking! maybe he's part vampire with anger issues?
meanie worker face

we talked and possibly chuckled at someone dressed from head to toe in pink. someone may have forced me to take a picture of her, but i refuse to put it up here... cause... it's mean. and she's young. and what if she found this blog with this picture of her on it and i was making fun of her? i mean, really? i just look like the total bitch. which apparently i am. but i won't put her pic up.
not putting up the pic of the pink energizer bunny girl.
won't do it.
did i mention she had pink hair too?
no? well, she did.

the end.

no really.

i have no more pictures.

so that's it.

story is over.

thanks for coming.