Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i'm trying to read new moon again

before the movie comes out and i see it at MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY! **insert girly squeels here**

but the thing is?

it's REALLY pissing me off.

making these books into a movie has really fucked with my head. i have no idea WHO edward and bella were in my mind when i read the books the first time... but they sure as shit were not kristen "i hate my life. why is being a celebrity SO hard!!! i never smile because i'm not happy. what the hell do i have to be happy about?? would YOU be happy if you were me?" stewart, or robert "thank god for my teeth, cause even though they're all fucked up, they're about the only thing that's hot on me.. well them and my unwashed, unkept hair" pattinson.

but now.

i am TRYING to read this book.

and i am trying to read it the same way i read it before there were casting decisions made and those people were put on the big screen.


all i keep seeing in my mind when i read the lines, or imagine the scene, are kristen and robert. i see THEIR edward. and THEIR bella.

and it's kind of ruining everything.

**disclaimer- the edward casting doesn't bother me nearly as much as the bella casting. i think it's because she seems so unlikeable as a person. and even though bella is a whiney and annoying character in the book, kristen really brings it to life by being the same way. so while it may be brilliant casting, it's also stupid because aren't you supposed to LIKE the main character and not wish death upon her in every scene? please don't get me started on her voice or the way in which she speaks. *shoves hot pokers in ears* and yes, i'll feel like a bitch when our paths inevitably cross (because that shit always happens to me) and then i'll write some post taking it all back and i'll understand why she is the way she is. and i'll like her a lot in person and i will have been wrong. and sometimes i'm really judgemental because it's easy to judge and talk shit about people you don't know, and think you'll never know.. or run into. but really, I SHOULD KNOW BETTER! because i do end up running into these people, or having mutual friends, or working with them, etc. but does it stop me? obviously not. fuck. kristen, i'm sorry. let's be friends. end disclaimer**


Katie said...

I haven't read the books or seen the movie, but she still pisses me off.

Kelly Miller said...

Bella is the worst main character in recent history. I haven't re-read the series since before the Twilight movie came out so I haven't encountered this problem.

However, I decided against re-reading because the movies are so different from the books. I don't want it to be glaringly fresh in my mind when I see it on Friday morning because I'M A LOSER WHO CAN'T STAY OUT THAT LATE.

Unknown said...

I AGREE!! My husband said "You aren't even reading it" as I sat there flipping through the pages last night. My response "F off"javascript:void(0)

Ben Moreno said...

Oh, so I get it. These actors are acting this way on purpose to go along with how the characters in the book as supposed to be?